Imlie starlife update Thursday 16 February 2023


Imlie 16 February 2023: Arpita asks Narmada if she saw Imlie as she is missing and will miss her ex-husband’s wedding. Aryan hears them and says Imlie is not so weak. Arpita says she has seen pain n Imlie’s eyes. Narmada says a small girl suffered so much in such a tender age. Arpita continues her sympathy for Imlie and seeing Imlie’s mobile in Aryan’s hand asks how did he get it. He remembers the incident. Arpita asks him to search Imlie while she informs Arpita. Aryan thinks he and Imlie need to be strong. Imlie continues knocking car windows and pleads to get her out. She then tries to start car with her hair pin and fails. Aryan searches her in whole house and thinks where she must have gone. Imlie then hits window with her bare hand and gets injured.

Anu consoles Malini to stop crying and tries to clear her eyebrows. Malini says this stain will go away, but what about the stain in her heart which she got by doing evil deeds to get Adi. She then asks about Imlie. Anu says she locked her in a car, they should go and inform T family what their son did. Imlie says she is worried for her marriage now and is sure Adi will get irritated when Imlie will not return to him and will return to mandap for sure as he fulfills all his responsibilities and she and her baby are his most important responsibilities after Imlie. Aditya reaches a temple and searches for Imlie remembering messaging her to meet him at a temple.

Malini walks towards mandap. Dev stops her and requests to think of Imlie and not get adamant to marry Adi. Malini says she thought her father loves his both daughters, but he loves only his younger daughter and didn’t even think of his elder daughter one. Dev says Imlie married Aditya first. Malini says she didn’t know about it, neither they both, Aditya and Imlie kept her in dark and ruined her life. She asks if he wants her to deliver another illegitimate child like Imlie and make it ruin other’s lives. Dev asks her to think again once. Malini say she has and walks to mandap. Aditya continues waiting for Imlie. Pandit says its time to close the temple. He says he is waiting for someone.

Pandit asks him to call her. Adi calls Imlie, but her phone is not reachable. At mandap, Pandit asks bride to call the groom. Malini says Aditya will come before muhurat ends in 10 minutes.Adi walks out of temple remembering Imlie’s growing proximity to Aryan and fighting with Adi instead. Pandit starts mantras. Imlie tries her best to open car door and thinks she will not let Malini betray Aditya again and shouts someone get her out. Pandit informs that muhurat time has passed. Camera focuses on T family’s faces who feel happy. Dev taunts Anu that this marriage will not happen again and Malini has to start afresh. Rupali taunts Anu that she should help her daughter get out of mandap and asks Nishat to switch off the lights as the wedding is called off.

Aditya says wedding is not called off and walks to mandap while Aparna tries her best to stop him. He asks Panditji to start chanting mantras. Aparna says it would be inauspicious as muhurat has passed. He says he doesn’t care and will marry Malini for sure. Malini asks panditji to start mantras for pheras. Aditya stops panditji and calls Imlie and Aryan. Aryan passes by Imlie’s car and notices her inside it.Aditya asks panditji to start mantras for pheras. Aparna requests him not to do this mistake. Adi says he will not listen to anyone. Adi calls Imlie and Aryan and asks if they got business in their personal task that they forgot their professional task.


Employee says they both are missing. Adi asks Panditji to start pheras. Aryan notices Imlie unconscious inside car, breaks window glass, and when he is unable to open a door breaks it and gets Imlie out. Adi and Malini’s pheras start. Dev walks away saying he doesn’t want to be part of this sin. Imlie panics and pleads Aryan to let her go as she cannot let Adi marry someone else. Aryan thinks why she wants to return to a person who never valued her. He leaves her hand thinking its her life and only she has right to take its decision. Imlie runs towards mandap, slips and falls down. She gets up runs again and stands shocked seeing Adi already applying sindhoor on Malini’s hairline.

Imlie shatters seeing that. Adi tries to walk out of mandap but stops seeing gathbandhan. Imlie walks into mandap and ties gathbandhan more tightly and says they need to take care of it as they were careless last time. Malini taunts her back that she will not let Imlie break her house again. Imlie replies back that she knows what all Malini can do and comments on Adi that one who is betrayed once will sip even a cold milk carefully, but he dipped into a hot bowl of milk. Adi says why is she bothered as she betrayed him and Malini always was loyal to him. She says they have a new relationship of jija-sali now.

She asks videographer to continue recording as she will perform footwear stealing ritual. She asks Adi she needs something in return of his footwear. Adi says she already took a lot, what she needs now. She says she wants her 1 year of loyalty to him, those moments when he betrayed her but she was loyal to him, those 365 days when she loved him immensely, etc. He shows his empty hands and says she got all her love in return with interest and walks away with Malini, leaving her senseless in mandap.

Guests discuss that a full on drama is going here, don’t know who is marrying whom and how many times who is marrying. Pankaj asks them not to bother about their family and please leave. Anu stops guests and asks when guests haven’t come on his invitation, why will they go on his insistence; party has just started, she will distribute return gifts for guests, dance with them, and then see them off. She offers gift to Aparna first. Aparna throws away gift and shouts they are in sorrow, but Anu is celebrating. Anu says its her son’s marriage. Aparna says her son loves only Imlie and he won’t be happy his whole life now, even Malini won’t be happy. Anu says she took revenge from servant junior and senior and is very happy.

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