Imlie starlife update Wednesday 15 February 2023


Imlie 15 February 2023: Anu calls Imlie and Aryan to come fast. Anu rushes to her and asks what happened. Anu asks her to click lehanga pic and show it to even her mother as they both wouldn’t have seen a 15 lakh rs expensive lehanga in life. She asks Malini to wear this lehanga and get ready for her pheras. Salesman says this lehanga is for Imlie. Anu asks if he is crazy, she ordered this lehanga for her daughter. Another salesman bring Anu’s ordered lehanga. Malini says that lehanga’s dupatta is more beautiful than bridal one. Imlie says there must be some misunderstanding as she cannot afford it. Anu says she is right and orders to take it back. Aryan stops salesman and says he ordered it for Imlie and she will wear it today. Imlie says she cannot wear this expensive lehanga.

Anu asks her to stop her drama and says her plan is to trap rich man and increase her standards. Arpita supports Imlie and says Imlie never sought anything from anyone. Anu says she creates a situation were men themselves get ready to shower money on her. Aryan says his team should always be ready, his reporter’s dress was torn and hence he bought her a new dress. Anu asks why such an expensive lehanga only for Imlie, this looks more like a personal issue than personal. She taunts servant Imlie that she upgraded herself from village to a 15 lakh lehanga so soon. Aryan replies that she acts cheap by price tagging her daughter’s bridal lehanga, he doesn’t speak to cheap people. He orders Imlie to go and change. Imlie walks away.

Imlie blabbers venting out her frustration on Aryan. Aryan walks in front of her and asks to stop blabbering, change her dress, and get back to work. She asks if he is her school principal or mother that she should obey his order and wear whatever he orders, he wasted money, she doesn’t need it, etc. He warns her to shut up, she is neither her client nor business partner, that lehanga is a big designer’s design copy and not that expensive. She denies to wear it. He asks why she takes Anu’s words so seriously. Narmada with Arpita walks to them and tells Imlie that Aryan cannot understand Imlie’s problem, but she does; she should wear that lehanga as her and Arpital’s gift. Imlie agrees.

Malini gets ready in her bridal dress and smiles. Anu asks reason. Malini says Aryan provokes Adi more by giving that lehanga to Imlie; her fight is not for lehanga, she wants to win Adi back and will win him today; Imlie stooped so low to snatch her happiness and its end of her day today. Anu says her happiness would double if servant senior can watch her marriage. Dev walks in and criticizes that they both are doing mistakes by competing with Imlie and Mithi. Anu tells Malini that her father betrayed her for a villager and then villager again, he is a habitual betrayer. Malini asks Dev if he will not attend her wedding. He says he will when she will realize her mistake and walks away. Anu asks her not to bother about her father’s bitter words and cheer up for her wedding.

Adi notices Imlie in Aryan’s gifted lehanga and remembers Aryan’s words. Malini walks to him and asks how is she looking. He looking at Imlie says beautiful. She clicks selfie with him. Imlie feels disheartened seeing them and clashes with Aryan. Aryan scolds her to watch out. She yells lehanga is so heavy that she cannot concentrate. Their nok jhok starts. Her dupatta gets stuck in his cuff. He frees it and walks away yelling junglee. Arpita notices them and thinks he will be a fool always. She then walks to Sundar. Sundar imagines a duet song with her as usual and then getting out of imagination asks her to leave. She asks him to go and asks what is he doing in kitchen. He touches her and says he thought she is his imagination. She says she is Arpita. He asks why she looks tensed. She says they both/Imlie and Aryan are so adamant.


Their discussion continues. Pankaj asks Sundar if he saw Adi. He says no and thinks Adi must have gone to commit suicide. Imlie walks on bridal path. Guests praise her beauty. Anu pushes Imlie away yelling she made his pathway for her daughter and not a servant. Imlie remembers her wedding with Adi and thinks its a funeral of her love and not mandap, she shouldn’t be here.

Imlie gets disheartened seeing wedding mandap and remembering her and Aditya’s wedding. She thinks this mandap is a funeral of her relationship with Aditya, so she shouldn’t stay here. She runs from there. Aparna stops her and requests her to stop this wedding. Pankaj walks to Adi and says he is crying as if its his vidayi/farewell. He says he thought his son would correct his mistake and learn from it, but he doesn’t seem so; he should listen to his heart at least if not his parents as its a last chance for him. Imlie says Adi doesn’t love her. Aparna requests her to express her love for Adi and stop him from doing a mistake. Imlie runs away from there.

Adi notices Malini and says he wants to talk to her. Malini asks if there is any issue as they are about to marry. He says he cannot marry her as he doesn’t love her and cannot use her for his benefit, he will always support her as a friend but not as a husband. Malini says she should apologize Imlie instead as she always blamed Imlie while it was both Imlie and Aditya’s mistake; she blindly loved Aditya and thought he loves her, he married her while he is already married to Imlie and loved Imlie instead of her, he again acted as marrying her and broke her trust again now as his mood changed again. He says he did whatever he thought right at that time.

She asks him to stop his justification as he loved his work and she loved him, she prayed him and thought he is always right, but he repeatedly makes mistakes without repenting; he doesn’t know how many hurdles she crossed to reach here; she frees him from all the bonding and he should go and do whatever he feels right. He walks away. She thinks he should do whatever he feels right and she will do whatever she feels right.Aditya asks Sundar about Imlie. Sundar says she must have gone. Adi calls Imlie and messages her to meet her at temple. Aryan picks Imlie’s mobile. Imlie continues running and realizes Aryan took away her phone.

Aryan thinks he should return phone to Imlie as Adi wants to sort out his problems with Imlie. He then remembers all the recent events and thinks if its right if Adi sorts out his problems with Imlie. Adi gets message read notification. Aryan thinks he will not let Adi play with Imlie’s emotions again. Imlie runs back home. Anu gets Imlie abducted and locks her in car. Imlie tries her best to open the door and pleads for help. Aparna tells Pankaj that they need to stop this wedding as Adi loves only Imlie and 3 lives will be ruined. Radha says whatever she says when Imlie doesn’t want to, why she is bothered. Rupali says Adi and Imlie are confused and don’t want to reconcile their differences. Radha says marriage is not a joke, Malini is carrying Adi’s baby, they should notice Adi’s sorrows, Anu will not let them cancel this wedding and will recover each penny.

Pankaj says he will sell their house and return Anu’s money. Harish gets tensed and says is not that easy. Pandit calls bride and groom for rituals. Malini cries remembering Aditya’s words.

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