My desire update Thursday 16 February 2023

My desire 16 February 2023: Venky acts as getting severe headache to divert everyone’s attention and burn his medical reports. Vasu asks if he is fine now. He says he has a bit of headache left and thinks Rudra thought he would expose him by showing his medical reports to everyone and remembers Dr. Radha’s assistant calling him and informing that Rudra took away his original reports and then burning reports by diverting everyone’s attention. Vasu finds Venky not having his medicines. Rudra says he will call Dr. Radha for Venky’s checkup. Venky insists not to call Radha. Rudra says its just a routine checkup as they want to make sure he enjoys wedding functions tension-free. Dr. Radha comes and checks Venky.

My desire 15 February 2023

Rudra takes her aside and informs how Venky bribed her assistant to change original reports. Radha calls her assistants, finds him on leave, and tells she will retest Venky and make sure she is personally present there. Venky notices them chatting and thinks what must be Rudra’s plan.Mishka asks Preesha to select a sandal for her sangeet ceremony. She selects one. Mishka likes it. Venky notices sandals. Preesha and Mishka then Ekta Kapoor’s clothing brand Ek. After sometime, Preesha gets ready for sangeet function. Rudra records her video and says he will watch her video in her absence.

Preesha says she will be with him always. He says she goes to clinic everyday and tries to hug her when Saransh enters and asks them to stop fighting and let him record their video. He takes Rudra’s mobile and asks him to get ready for the function. Rudra gets ready in a sherwani. Saransh records everyone’s video and goes to record Rudra and Preesha’s video. Rudra tries to get intimate with Preesha again. She tries to walk away and he tries to pull her by her blouse strap and it tears. She hurriedly hides her modesty pinning herself to a wall and scolds Rudra. Rudra thanks god for giving him an opportunity to hug Preesha and hugs her. He then takes her to room holding her from behind. Saransh records their video.

Venky enters Mishka’s room, breaks her sandal, refixes it with a light glue, and thinks once Mishka walks on stage and falls down, he will feel immense pleasure and take revenge from her. Sangeet ceremony starts. Saransh and Vidhi host the event and announce Rudra and Preesha’s dance performance. Rudra and Preesha perform on Wah Wah Ramji.. song. GPS, Vasu, and Sharda perform next on Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyar Hum.. song. They then announce Param and Mishka’s performance.

Rudra follows Venky. Venky notices him following him and thinks of misleading him. Saransh and Devika continue hosting sangeet ceremony and announces Param and Mishka’s dance performance. Mishka’s sandals breaks during dance and she falls down. Everyone rushes to her. Rudra also hears her shouting and rushes to her. Mishka writhes in leg pain. Preesha removes her sandal and asks how did it break down as it was fine when she selected it. Mishka says its a new sandal. Venky returns and acts as worried for Mishka and tells Rudra that someone’s evil eyes fell on Mishka. Rudra checks sandal and noticing glue on broken heel thinks someone purposefully did it and doubts Venky.

He remembers previous incidents and thinks something definitely has happened between Mishka and Venky that Venky is troubling Mishka. He needs to find out. Mishka gets ankle sprain and is unable to stand. Preesha suggests her to postpone her wedding, but Mishka denies and insists to continue wedding tomorrow. Rudra gets suspicious on even her.At night, Rudra wakes up Mishka and asks what is a connection between her and Venky. She gets nervous. He asks her not to hide anything as he feels Venky is behind problems in her wedding functions. Misha says her one past mistake is haunting her present and reveals how she wrongly alleged Venky with molestation charges during their college days.

Rudra asks if she is the one who ruined Venky’s life. She says it was 10 years ago and she was an immature college student then, she cannot be punished for her past, in fact Venky forgave her wholeheartedly when he apologized her. Rudra thinks Venky didn’t forgive Mishka and is taking revenge from her, he will definitely do something during wedding and should be stopped. He thinks of informing Preesha about it, but thinks Preesha will not trust him without proof. He walks to Preesha and asks her to take care of other arrangements while he will be Mishka and convinces her.

Saransh notices Rudra and says he recorded his and mamma’s romantic video and shows it to him. Rudra notices Venky’s hands breaking Mishka’s sandal. He takes phone to Venky and confronts him for breaking Mishka’s sandal. Venky denies. Rudra shows video and says he will expose him. Venky says he can see only hands. Rudra says only Venky wears bracelet and even Preesha knows about it. Venky accepts that he wants to take revenge from Mishka for ruining his life with wrong allegations. Rudra asks him forgive Mishka and move on. He asks if he will forgive Mishka if he was in his place being called a molester, fighting for life on bed for 10 years, his parents being humiliated, him committing suicide trying to protect his parents, etc.; he wants to strangulate Mishka for her sins, but his parent’s good morales stop him.

Rudra says whatever it is, if he tries to trouble Mishka, he will expose him. Venky pleads not to do that. Rudra walks away to inform Mishka. Venky cross legs him and makes him fall trying to stop him. Phone falls down. Rudra calls Preesha.

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