Imlie starlife update Thursday 15 December 2022

Imlie 15 December 2022: Imlie prays Seeta maiya and questions about her family. She then prays to end Adi’s problems, end Nishant’s illness, end Malini’s problems, and make Aparna accept her soon as Adi is struggling to convince his family. She says she dreams of family accepting her as bahu and love and trust her like before, etc. Malini hears her prayers and thinks Imlie is actively fighting, even she should have fought and should have tried to win Adi’s love; thinks if she follows mom’s advice, will really Adi accept her. She nervously gets into Adi’s room and sleeps next to him on his bed while his sound asleep following her mother’s advice. Next morning, Imlie cracks jokes in front of Sundar while he is cooking and hopes she cheers up Malini with her jokes.

Sundar says she will bore Malini with her jokes. She scolds him and takes breakfast to Malini’s room, doesn’t find her there, and seeing Adi’s room door locked thinks he will be late to office again and hence gets in to wake him up. She drops breakfast tray in shock seeing Malini sleeping next to Adi. Adi wakes up hearing sound and stands in shock seeing Malini sleeping next to him and asks what is she doing here. Malini nervosly says she had woken up to drink water and don’t know how she came here. Adi nervously asks Imlie to say something. Imlie says they need not worry as she trusts them both. Malini thinks even she trusted Imlie, but she hid the truth and misused her trust and hence even she will do same. Imlie asks them to freshen up and come out for breakfast.

Adi tells Malini that she shouldn’t have slept on his bed. She says she came here maybe due to medicine effect and as she used to stay in this room, promises to never enter his room again. He says she can come and rest here if she feels peace here, but should inform him beforehand as they cannot sleep in same room again. She says she will remember it, gets Kunal’s call and walks away. Adi thinks something must have happened between Malini and Kunal that she is ignoring him, he should meet Kunal and find out.

In kitchen, Aparna tells Radha that she saw Malini and Adi chatting in their room yesterday night and felt good. Radha says they have a relationship since years and hopes they rebond again. Aparna says she performed their nazar from outside. Imlie hearing their conversation cuts her finger with a broken saucer. Radha asks if truth hurt her. Rupali asks why is this happening to her, her husband Pranav’s girlfriend is staying in his house now. Radha curses Pranav and his girlfriend. Rupali says its same with Imlie and Adi and Malini can never be Adi’s wife, so they should accept Imlie. Radha says Imlie is Adi’s second wife here. Rupali argues that Adi married Imlie first.

Aparna says a forceful marriage at gunpoint can never be accepted and only the one performed in front of a society is accepted, so for her only Malini is her bahu. Rupali says its waste to talk to them and takes Imlie from there to first-aid her wound. She asks Imlie she saw Malini coming out of Adi’s room and asks what is happening. Imlie says she trusts Malini. Rupali says she should not trust Malini. Imlie says Malini is her sister and if she had problem, she wouldn’t have given her right to her and left the home. Rupali asks why did she return here then. Imlie says its good she came here as they all know how Anu is.

Malini enters meets Kunal and explains her plan. Kunal says Imlie is her sister and she cannot do this to her. Malini says Imlie hid the truth and snatched her happiness. Kunal says who has influenced her to do wrong. Malini says she gave up her right to others easily and didn’t fight back at all, its her mistake and mom made her realize it, she will not give up this time and wants to be happy with Adi. Kunal says she is wrongly influenced by her mother and is on a wrong path. Malini says even she deserves happiness and nobody cares about her happiness at all. Adi walks in and says sorry he came to talk to Kunal and didn’t know Malini is here, he came here to inform Kunal about Malini’s condition.

Kunal says he knows Malini’s condition and Malini herself doesn’t know what she is to him. Adi asks then why was he not present in the hospital. Kunal says there is nothing between him and Malini and reveals that he met Malini for the first time with Adi and Imlie and Malini didn’t even know who he was before that and just lied to Adi with a random name which became true later. He explains the whole story and walks away. Malini sits down senselessly after her truth is out. Adi says she lied to him so that he doesn’t feel guilty, Imlie knew that Malini can never love anyone, his and her family alleged her and she kept quiet just because of Imlie and him. Malini thinks she lied to him to hear truth from him, she wanted him to be with Imlie, but now she feels its only their story and there is no place for Imlie in it.

Aditya thinks of Malini’s sacrifices and thinks he couldn’t see. Malini calls Aditya and says she needs a favor from him and asks if he can come to pick her up, as she has some weakness. Aditya says ofcourse, I can help. Malini thinks everything is happening as Mom said. Imlie comes there and asks how is she? Malini says I am fine. Imlie says she wants to talk to you and asks if you was angry with me when babusaheb was kidnapped. Malini asks if everyone is praising you, you must be happy. She says it was your stupid act and tells that it is coincidence that Aditya and you have come safely. She says if anything wrong had happened. Imlie asks her to think good and tells that they shall go home together.

Malini thinks she has called Aditya and tells that she has some work. Imlie says I will sit with you and read here silently. Malini asks if she will spy on her and talks rudely to her, asking if she sit in the staff room. Imlie says sorry and thinks she shall wait for her outside and will sit here.Aparna tells Rupali that she has bought something for Malini for bringing positivity with Aroma therapy. Rupali says then Imlie shall get it as there is negative energy around her. Radha blames Imlie for the bad things happenings. Rupali says what is Imlie’s mistake, she has saved Aditya bhaiya from terrorist.

Aparna tells that Malini is her bahu now. Pankaj says their bahu will be the one who is with Aditya and asks her to accept Imlie, else they might lose their son. Aparna tells that she is ready to pay the price and tells that she never thought that she will not get her husbna’support. She goes.Aditya is waiting outside the college and calls Malini. Malini says I will come. She goes out. Imlie sees her going and follows her. Malini comes out and says hi to Aditya. Aditya asks how is she feeling? Malini says fine. Aditya asks if Imlie is in classroom. Malini says she must have left, as her classes was over.

Aditya says she left you and went. Imlie sees them going on bike. Aditya asks if she didn’t know that you are unwell. Imlie runs behind the bike and they leave. Malini thinks Aditya might be thinking about Imlie. She asks why are you silent. Aditya says you lied so that our love can move on, says sorry to her. He asks do you still love me? Malini says yes, I love you Aditya very much, just as a friend. She says this feeling will not go away from my heart. He says I will be with you as friend. He says I can just stand with you as a friend, and just loves Imlie. Malini says I know. She thinks to make Imlie fall down from his eyes.

Dev comes home and finds Anu throwing property papers on him. She asks for whom he has bought the property. Dev says for my daughter. She says she is your illegitimate daughter and asks if he don’t feel ashamed for breaking his daughter’s home. She says Malini told me everything. He says he feels ashamed on her as she is trying to ruin her and tells that he will convince her. Anu says Imlie has snatched Aditya and you and tells that she won’t let her win. Dev says Imlie made the relations with love, and you can’t snatch anything from her. Anu says you don’t know what I can do, if needed then I can take her life too.

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