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Imlie 16 December 2022: Aditya with Malini returns home. Aparna greets them in. Rupali asks Adi if he came with Malini. Adi says Malini was feeling unwell, so he brought her home. Aparna asks if she needs medicine. Malini says she is fine now. Rupali asks what about Imlie, she didn’t return home yet. Adi says he thought she would have returned by now. Malini says she spoke Imlie long ago, maybe she has gone for some sightseeing. Aparna says there is no need for this long discussion, when Imlie can forcefully marry, she can also come back home herself. Adi says even Imlie was forcefully married, she is not familiar with Delhi streets and he is worried for his wife; asks Malini when did Imlie leave college.

Imlie returns home. Adi asks where was she, Malini told she left college long ago. Malini fears that Imlie must have seen her noticing Imlie running behind the bike. Imlie says she hid and was watching Malini. Adi says when Imle is there, Malini need not worry and doesn’t need his help. Aparna takes Malini in. Imlie thinks Malini denied to accompany her home, why did she call Adi.Adi says Imlie tells Adi that she is sure there is no one in Malini’s life. Adi says he tired of listening same thing repeatedly, Malini herself told that he is just her friend and she lied so that his and Imlie’s relationship could move ahead, she is very sensitive and he cannot leave her with Anu, he cleared his doubt and is feeling guilty after questioning Kunal.

She says she understands him, but feels Malini has changed and there is something going in her mind. He says maybe its possible, but it may not regarding them. She insists that when she still loves him and wants to stay away from him, they should speak to her once and clear their doubts. He says he doesn’t want to. She walks away angrily. Malini hears their conversation standing near door and knocking tells Adi that she was passing by and saw him and Imlie fighting, she will leave from here if she is the reason for their fight. He says its just an argument and Imlie is still worried for her, so she should clear Imlie’s doubt when she comes to her.

She says he is having headache and it happens when he is tensed. He says she understands him because they were together for long, but he will take Imlie’s help.Malini returns to her room and fumes that even now Adi is chanting only Imlie’s mantra. Imlie walks to her and emotionally showing her paper drawing says she was feeling alone, then she got Malini and she thought Malini will never leave her alone and she need not worry, but if she tries to leave her world, who will support her. She says she heard Kunal is not with her now and hence she will be always with her, she knows whole Tripathi family is angry on her and if she also gets angry on her, she will feel lonely. Malini thinks makes her feel guilty always.

Imlie asks her to discuss her sorrows with her as she is her younger sister. Malini says she is actually. Anu walks in and warns Imlie to keep away her dark shadow from Malini at least for sometime, she must be sad that Malini escaped death again and came here to emotionally blackmail Malini. Imlie says Malini is her elder sister and why would she want her death, gives their paper cutouts to Malini, and leaves. Anu tells Malini that she would have been easily manipulated by Imlie if she not come. Malini says Imlie is her sister. Anu fixes paper cutouts on mirror and says she should remember that Imlie is her sautan who snatched her husband and her papa and she should fight back for her right. Malini says she will do whatever she says.

Imlie heads oil for Adi’s head massage thinking Adi will feel better with it. Adi eagerly waits for Imlie. Malini oil massages Adi’s scalp. Adi with closed eyes says she came late. Malini thinks she came late, but forever. Adi says she used to rougly massage his scalp before and now is very genle. Imlie sees oil missing and walking to Adi’s room asks if she took the oil. Adi gets alert and asks Malini why is she taking the trouble. Malini says she thought of helping Adi. Imlie with frowning face puts neem leaves in oil and asks Malini to apply it now. Adi stops her and asks Malini to go and rest as Imlie will scalp massage him. Malini walks away. Imlie vents out anger on Adi. Adi makes her sit and oil massages her scalp. She gets happy.

Their nok jhok starts. Malini watches hiding near the door, returns to her room, and remembering earlier incidents where Imlie always used to barge into Adi and her privacy and thinks Imlie was manipulating her since then. She angrily tears paper cutouts and thinks mom is right that Imlie is her sautan and is snatching her right, but she will not let her succeed.Sundar prepares kadhi/curry and seeks Imlie’s help. Imlie helps him. Radha with Aparna walks in and scolds Sundar why did he take Imlie’s help and throws kadhi in sink. Aparna orders Sundar to take family member’s help and not outsider’s. Malini walks into kitchen. Aparna asks if she remembers preparing her type kadhi.


Malini says as she had taught her. Adi walks in and says he wants to invite 12-13 colleagues home for party. Aparna says he can call as many people as he can as she and Malini will manage. Adi asks why she insults Imlie in everything, he is giving party after his safe return and wants to introduce his wife because of whom he returned home safely. Aparna says he cannot see anyone except his wife, he and his wife should manage then and not trouble others. Adi says its better he doesn’t argue wit her at all and walks away. Imlie tries to walk behind him to give him tiffin. Malini stops her and walking to Adi offers him tiffin, asks him to calm down or else he will have headache. He says don’t know why maa behaves like this. Malini asks not to worry as she will handle maa and even will make her attend his party. Adi thanks her and says she understands him better as a friend.

She thinks friendship is the base of a successful marriage and she will prove that only she knows to handle his family and they love only her.Imlie walks to Aparna’s room in lieu of cleaning her room and tries to cheer her up and convince her to attend Adi’s party. Aparna asks what will Adi’s colleagues think seeing a servant as his wife. Imlie says she shouldn’t miss her son’s party. Aparna orders her to concentrate on her work and not pester her. Malini walks in and asks Aparna if she will accompany her for a movie tonight. Aparna says she should be here to attend Adi’s colleagues as she doesn’t want to introduce a servant as her bahu. Imlie walks away hearing that.

Malini says her relationship with Adi is tarnished, but she doesn’t want Aparna’s relationship to be tarnished with her son and hence wants Aparna to attend her son’s party. Aparna after much conviction agrees.Pallavi shows saris to Imlie and asks her to select one to wear for the party. Malini says sari’s color is shouting. Rupali joins and asks what does she mean. Imlie says she means its color is loud and she will some old shalwar suit. Rupali laughs and says she should look best as Adi has invited his colleagues to introduce them to his wife. Imlie says if knew about it, she would have bought a new sari. Door bell rings. Rupali says Adi must have come and walks to call him.

Adi brings grocery. Malini informs him that maa agreed to attend his party. Rupali takes him to Imlie and asks him to select a sari for Imlie. He hesitates. She insists and walks away. Imlie says she doesn’t know how will his colleagues react seeing a servant as his wife as they have seen her earlier as his servant. He says she doesn’t know what she is to her and selecting a sari asks her to wear it. Malini watching their conversation walks to Imlie once Adi leaves and insists to perform her make up as she is Imlie Adi Tripathi now and Adi’s name is linked to her. She reminds that when Imlie did her makeup, she told that she will perform Imlie’s makeup, she didn’t know then that Imlie is already married to her own husband, anyways she will perform her make up for sure. Imlie agrees.

Malini says its time for her medicines and asks her to bring water for her. Imlie leaves. Malini picks Imlie’s sari.Pallavi cries looking at a letter. Imlie walks in and asks reason. Pallavi says its her credit card bill. Imlie picks envelope and says its not her cred card bill. Pallavi says she got a course call from a prestigious university in Australia, but she doesn’t want to leave Nishant alone. Imlie says Nishant is like Adi who risked his life to take her to the exam venue and hence will understand her situation, there are all there anyways to take care of Nishant in her absence and she need not worry. Pallavi thanks her and leaves. Adi hears their conversation and walking to Imlie says he is eager to hold her hand and introduce her to his colleagues.

She remembering Malini’s offer to do her make up says she will look most beautiful today. Malini wears Imlie’s sari remembering Adi praising Imlie. Adi walks to her and says she is looking beautiful and only she can be his life partner and no one else. Malini says she will not let anyone else between them. Imlie opens door and stands shocked seeing Malini wearing her sari. Malini gets out of imagination and doesn’t find Adi there.

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