Imlie starlife update Wednesday 14 December 2022

Imlie 14 December 2022: Malini suffocates after Anu poisons her food and pleads Anu to call a doctor. Anu says everything will be fine. Malini collapses. Anu holds her in her lap and says she couldn’t see her dying each day, so she had to do this; Aditya and servant Imlie were ruining her life and she will teach them a lesson now and not let Imlie stay in Tripathi House. Adi closes windows seeing heaving rain. Landline rings. Imlie walks towards it. Aparna stops her and says family is here to pick it. She picks and panics and informs family that Malini tried to commit suicide again and is in a hospital. Other family members get concerned. Adi asks them to wait till morning and goes to hospital. Imlie walks behind him. Aparna stops her and says she snatched everything from Malini and wants to snatch her life now.

Malini gets conscious after treatment. Doctor scolds her for trying to commit suicide again. Malini tries to speak. Anu rushes in and stops her. Malini realizing Anu poisoned her asks why did she do this to her. Anu sends doctor out and says she brought her to hospital on time. Malini asks what is she trying to do. Anu says everything which Malini couldn’t do alone; she tried to commit suicide last time and gained nothing as she lied that she loves someone and gave Adi and servant Imlie an open license of infidelity, but this time Adi will be forced to return to her. Malini says Adi will never return to her. Adi enters and asks doctor about Malini’s room. Doctor identifies him as Malini’s husband. Adi says they have separated.

Doctor says he is the reason for Malini’s attempt at suicide again and tongue lashes him. Adi warns him not to allege him without knowing the exact reason, their divorce is with a mutual consent and a woman can have many other reasons to take a divorce. Doctor says he cannot let him meet Malini as only the people who care for Malini can meet her.Imlie pleads Aparna to let her meet her sister Malini. Aparna says she is Malini is sautan and her husband’s mistress. Radha says she snatched Malini’s husband and wants to go to hospital to spy on Adi and Malini.

Pankaj says Imlie considers Malini as her elder sister from before. Harish says a sister doesn’t steal her sister’s husband and warns Pankaj not to argue with him. Rupali backs Imlie and tongue lashes Tripathi that Imlie had sacrificed her right for Malini and hid her and Adi’s relationship for long. Radha warns her to shut up. Nishant asks Aparna to stop alleging Imlie and pray for Malini as they don’t know why she committed suicide.

In hospital, Malini tells Anu that Adi came to hospital but didn’t come to her room. Anu says he will come. Malini says Imlie will also be with him. Anu says for only some time. Malini asks what does she mean, Imlie is Aditya’s wife. Anu says that is because she gave up her right to Imlie and if she had not let Tripathi house, she would have been a Tripathi bahu. Malini says only her address would have changed and not her fate, she would be in Adi’s house and not in heart. She says when her decisions are firm, she can get back Adi with; she is still Adi’s wife and should claim back her wife, Adi is obsessed with Imlie like boys get obsessed with bikes and cars. Malini says Adi is not like that.

Rupali shouts at Radha to stop venting out her anger on Imlie.Harish says let us speak to Adi and find out about Malini’s condition. Nishant calls Adi and asks about Malini’s condition. Adi asks him to give phone to Imlie. Malini tells Anu that Adi is asking for Malini even now. Anu acts and shouts that she always takes a wrong decision. Adi disconnects call. Imlie picks call blabbering babu saheb and gets concerned when he disconnects call. Adi asks Anu to stop shouting at Malini. Anu says Malini knows she will not get him back, even then she loves and cares for his family and wants to stay with them not knowing that she doesn’t have a place for her in his house. Adi shouts she is a bad person. She says she is tired of Malini’s drama and wants to get rid off her, so Adi should take her home and keep her there until she changes her decision.

Dev returns home calling Malini and asks Anu where is Malini after returning from hospital. Anu says Malini is where she should be. Adi takes Malini to Tripathi House. Imlie opens door, emotionally hugs her and asks if she is fine and why did she try to commit suicide again after promising not to. Aparna and Radha noticing Malini emotionally hug her. Harish asks how is she now. Malini nods she is fine now. Rupali asks why did she come here instead of going to her parent’s house. Dev tells Anu that Malini is their responsibility and she needs their love and support. Anu says Malini needs Adi’s lost most and went to his house, Tripathis like Malini and soon Malini will be inside house and Devi’s illegitimate child Imlie will be out.

Adi informs family that Malini will stay with them until she gets well and asks Imlie if she doesn’t have any problem. Imie asks why is asking this. Aparna says why is he taking Imlie’s permission. Adi says he is asking his wife’s opinion as her comfortability is important to him. Harish asks why didn’t he take Malini’s permission when he brought Imlie home or took her permission before marrying Imlie. Adi says he was forcefully married to Imlie at gunpoint, he should have informed Malini then itself and made a mistake, he doesn’t want to make a same mistake again. He takes Malini in.

Anu tells Dev that she wants Adi to correct his mistake and is worried for his daughter’s happiness, but doesn’t know what Dev wants for his illegitimate daughter. Dev shouts that she will not get a mother of the year award by doing this; he agrees that whatever happened with Malini was wrong and she was trying to move on, but she pushed Malini back in the past even after hating Tripathis. Anu says she hates Tripathis, but what she can do when her daughter loves middle-class people. Dev shouts that she is just using Malini to take revenge from Mithi and Imlie, but he will fail all her plans and will prove a good father for Imlie. Imlie takes Malini towards guest room and says she will keep her happy and take immense care of her. Adi backs her looking at her.

Malini remembers Adi bringing Imlie home and entering like how new bride and groom does and thinks she didn’t know that Imlie is Adi’s first wife, mom is right that she didn’t fight for her right and thinks if she will get back Adi if she follows mom’s advice. She feels drowsy. Adi runs and holds her and offers his hand.Rupali fumes in front of Nishant and Pallavi and says he doesn’t know why Adi brought Malini here. Nishant says maybe Adi thought she would be better cared here. Pallavi says even she felt weird before, but now thinks like Nishant.

Rupali says she doesn’t know why Anu sent her here, she doesn’t have problem with Malini’s presence but is worried that Aparna’s expectations will increase and she will try to sideline Imlie more. Imlie sees Aparna preparing tea for Malini and hoping Imlie will be out once Malini settles here. Adi takes Malini to guest room. Malini says she became a burden on him. He says she is his friend. Aparna with Radha brings tea for Malini. Radha says she felt good seeing them together again. Adi warns her to stop remembering the past when he and Malini have moved on and asks about Imlie. Aparna says she doesn’t care where she is. Adi tongue lashes even her.

Malini over phone informs Anu that Adi took care of her after a long time and she is feeling good, Anu’s idea worked and she will follow her advice. Imlie walks in and says she will sleep in her room if she doesn’t mind to take care of her. Malini asks not to interfere in her privacy and to sleep in her room. Once Imlie leaves, Anu asks Malini where is she staying. Malini says guest room. Anu asks why not in Adi’s room as she is still Adi’s wife and should let Imlie snatch her right like Mithi snatched my right. Malini asks how is it possible. Anu explains her plan. Malini walks into Adi’s room and asks about Imlie. Adi says Imlie is adamant and wants family to accept her as bahu and took oath not to stay in his room untill then.

Malini looks at wall and says it looks empty as their wedding photo was fixed earlier there. Adi says he will change the room totally and will fix his and Imlie’s photo there, will create a book shelf for Imlie in other wall, will make a temple in one corner for Imlie, and shows his and Imlie’s wedding sketch made by Imlie. Malini says he is talking only about Imlie even without her presence. He says she will come here some day for sure and will win family’s heart. Malini thinks Imlie has created a place in Adi’s heart, so mom’s plan will fail and she will not regain Adi’s love.

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