Titli Starlife update Wednesday 24 April 2024

Paresh looking for Titli. Garv asks Titli to accept him. He says I hope you choose the right person, you choose me. Paresh sees Sanket. Sanket greets him. Paresh asks Sanket why did you say that. Sanket thinks of Garv. He says I will meet you later, I will go. Maina and Koel check all the things. Koel says Garv isn’t at home.

Alpa taunts Maina. She says you have just given birth to children, Koel raised them, you were enjoying your life. Koel calls Garv. Garv comes home. Koel asks where were you. She asks how did your hand get burnt. She worries for him. Maina asks Garv to sit. He says I have imp work. Koel gets the first aid. She thinks what happened to Garv now.

Titli decorates the temple. She says I don’t understand anything, I knew what to do in my life, since Garv came in my life, I got confused, tell me what to do. Titli prays. Garv comes and asks her to think from her heart. He says just listen to your heart. He makes her wear garland. He smiles and goes. She asks God to show her the way. Manikant speaks to his friend on video call. He says my wife is busy in work. Koel comes. The man greets her. Koel asks are you fine, can you hear me. She embarrasses Manikant.

She spills the tea on the laptop. Manikant starts shouting on her. Maina comes. Manikant says I got embarrassed, I was going to talk to my friend Shashi for his daughter and Garv’s marriage, she is suitable for Garv. He taunts Koel. Maina says your decision will be right. He says I m not like my dad. He asks Maina to see the laptop. Koel says Manikant is right, its better alliance than Titli. Titli says we will play Radha and Krishna’s pics on the projector, and this will increase the people’s devotion.

Garv and Titli’s families come to the temple. Dhrishti insults Jaishri and Dadi. Dadi says values can’t be bought by money. Koel asks did Garv answer the call. Maina says no. Manikant says don’t know where is Garv. They get shocked seeing Garv sweeping the floor. Manikant stops him and says I will get insulted if you do this. Garv says I m doing a service here to get what money can’t buy. Koel thinks why is Garv doing this. Everyone likes the arrangements and praises Titli. Hiral sees Garv and says Garv Sir is also here. Garv prays for Titli. Koel says Titli has come here also. Garv goes on call.

The man asks everyone to come and see Radha Krishna pics on the projector. Sanket asks Paresh to see. He thinks see how I show you the picture, you both can’t show your face to anyone. Titli gets shocked seeing Garv and her video. Sanket recalls making their video. Koel says I will not leave this girl. Manikant says Garv is doing this here, so he isn’t going to office. Dadi scolds Titli and asks her to switch it off. Sanket says let them see how you are enjoying with your lover here, are you ashamed. Titli shouts shut up, stay in your limits, I know you have done this to take revenge on me. Koel says you are taking revenge on my son, you are trapping him. She scolds Titli. Dadi argues. Maina stops Koel.

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