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If you were not there 14 July 2023: Abhimanyu is sleeping in his bed, Niyati standing in front of the bed calls him as her joker, she starts looking at the room when she sees the harmonium which he always had and would keep playing, she thinks how he said the connection which is between then as she is a nurse while he is her patient, she turns to see him starts smiling thinking about all the past moments, Abhimanyu starts regaining consciousness, Niyati seeing him thinks he would be having a headache so she immediately takes out the medicine and starts helping him, he exclaims excuse me, she asks what is going on when he exclaims his head is hurting a lot, she says that it would be hurting a lot because of the shock therapy and especially the last one, Abhimanyu is in shock, he tries to ask what is going on when she exclaims that he would feel really fine when he takes his medicine, she is requesting him to sit down when they both struggle and fall on each other, Abhimanyu getting tensed pushes her, she falls on the ground exclaiming he is joking even in such a condition, she says he pushed her a lot and she hurt her hand, Abhimanyu questions what is she doing in her bedroom, he questions how did he reach Lucknow because the last thing he remembers is that he was in Mumbai and it was raining heavily when he was trying to search for a hotel, but he is not able to recall what happened afterwards, Niyati tries to request him to calm down and take the medicine, she asks if he really doesnot remember anything, he asks if he should write it on a piece of paper that he doesnot know her, he starts calling his mother when she tries to stop him but he leaves the room closing the door behind him.

Niyati is crying in the room thinking how Dr Aanad said that all the other treatments have not had any effect and the shock therapy is the last option which they have of treating Abhimanyu, Niyati tries calling him but he is sitting in his house, drinking, Aanad sees the phone ringing but he after finding out that it is Niyati turns off the phone.The entire family is enjoying when Kinkar seeing his wife asks her to stop otherwise she might hurt herself but she says she is still young, Abhimanyu is walking calling his mother, he thinks he was in Mumbai till yesterday, he tries to wonder who is this girl in his room so goes to see what is going on, he is shocked to see the decorations in the house and how everyone is really rejoicing. Niyati in the room is trying to call Aanad but he is not answering.

Abhimanyu walks downstairs when everyone coming to him asks him to dance, he exclaims that he wants to talk with Maa however everyone is asking him to come and dance, even Kinkar says that he has not gotten weak, this angers Abhimanyu who shouts exclaiming that no one would speak.Niyati is constantly trying to call Abhimanyu when he answering it exclaims that she has gotten married to Abhimanyu and become his wife, so has she called him to celebrate his happiness, Niyati explains that Abhimanyu doesnot remember anything, they reached Lucknow just a few hours ago and after he woke up he is not a recalling anything, Aanad exclaims that she is amazing as she called him even after what she did to him, he would still help her because of the oath, so he explains that the conditions seem like that off Amnesia, this would be the side effect of the shock therapy as the burden of her wedding proved to be way stronger then his mental threshold so he suffered partial amnesia which means he has retained the long term memories but forgot the short term events which caused pain, he exclaims this is Karma since she left him for that Abhimanyu and now he forgot her.

Manaoroma asks Abhimanyu what has happened, he questions how did he reach Lucknow and who brought him here, everyone is shocked to hear this, Manaroma says they brought him here, he replies he refused ton come back and how did they find him in such a big city, he says that there is a girl in bridal clothes in his room so what is going on, Abhimanyu questions what is going on as the entire house is decorated, Manaroma questions what is he talking about, Abhimanyu replies that she was trying to give him medicine so how did she knew about his mental condition, Manaroma asks if he doesnot know her, he asks how would he know when he has never seen her before in his life.

Niyati drops the phone recalling how Aanad exclaimed their connection was so weak that he forgot her, Aanad exclaims he is feeling sorry for her since he also loves her and this is what happened with him, how would she be able to live with her when he has forgotten her, she is crying when he ends the call.Manaroma questions what is he saying since he knows her, Abhimanyu asks why are they looking at him like this questioning if something wrong has happened because he tried to kill Karan and this is why he ran away, Abhimanyu asks why are they all looking at him like this, Mr Panday exclaims she is his Niyati, he replies he doesnot know any Niyati so what is she doing in his house, Abhimanyu once again suffers the same attack, he starts thrashing the decorations when Manaroma tries to stop him but he pushes her away, Karan calls the workers so stops Abhimanyu, Mr Panday exclaims she is his wife however he refuses to believe that he has any relation with her, Mr Panday keeps on saying that she is his wife when he doesnot believe it, Niyati n the room is taking off her jewellery.

Mr Panday exclaims she is the one who took care of him for the last two months and placed each and every relation she had on the line just for him, the entire family is shocked to see Niyati standing in the clothes of nurse, they all see her and are stunned.Abhimanyu brings a rod warning them all to stand back, Niyati calls him saying that she will make him remember the truth.Niyati starts walking closer to Abhimanyum, he warsn her to stop and not come near him questioning what sort of behaviour ius this because she is eit her dressed as a bride or nurse, he questions what she wants from him, Niyati says even if he doesnot remember anything then he would remember this mouth whistler, she requests him to try as she knows he plays it really well. Mami jee whispers to Vidhi that she is sure something wrong has happened to Abhimanyu ever since Niyati came into this house so she is sure something wrong has happened, Karan comes infront of Niyati as Abhimanyu is about to hit her, however Niyati exclaims that she knows how calm him down as she has done it before, karan looks to Manaroma and even she signals him to stop.

The guests question what is going on since there was supposed to be a function but what is going on, one of them explains that when the fate is ruined then it causes destruction and what can be more wrong that the only child doesnot remember his own wife.Niyati once again requests Abhimanyu to take the whistler, Abhimanyu taking it in his hand tries to play it but is not able to, Amma jee questions what has happened as he knew how to play it really well, Abhimanyu throws the whistler exclaiming that he doesnot know how to play it, he blames Niyati asking what is she trying to do with him, Niyati explains that she is his nurse and her name is Niyati Mishra, hearing this everyone including Karan is shocked.

Aanad in his house is getting ready, Lata stops him questioning where is he trying to go, he replies he is going to the house of Niyati as he is now going to share the news withy her parents that Abhimanyu has forgotten her, Lata requests him to not go when Aanad exclaims that he is going to share with them the pain which their daughter inflicted on him, he says Niyati felt really proud because of the relationship with Abhimanyu, she left him for that mad man but now he feels as there is once again a chance for him, he is going to talk with Ram uncle, Lata exclaims she is the wife of Abhimanyu, Aanad replies and she is his desire which he would not leave so easily and will fulfil it under any circumstance so she should not come in his way, he leaves pushing her after which Lata starts crying.

Niyati explains she knows how he is feeling and these are the side effects of shock therapy, known as partial amnesia, because of which he has forgotten some part of his life, she recalls how he met her in Mumbai, Abhimanyu questions what did she say, asking if she gave him shock therapy, Niyati explains it was part of his treatment but she will always stay beside him to take care so he might remember his forgotten past and what he did in Mumbai including her, Mr Panday gets really worried, Niyati explains but for this he needs to stay calm and listen to what she is saying, she turns to look at the whistle blower which she once again picks it up, exclaiming that when they first met he was playing it, she remembers their first meeting, Niyati starts playing the same tune which Abhimanyu was playing at the time of their first meeting, she is crying when he slowly starts calming down, Mr Panday along with the family are able to see the difference, Niyati stops playing and takes out the injection, Abhimanyu immediately stops her pointing to it, Niyati assures that he would feel nice from it, he hugs her exclaiming that he is feeling really scared, Niyati injects him with it while he is constantly requesting them to not leave his side, they all make him lie down on the sofa.

Aanad exclaims he neither needed to talk with her nor come to their house but whatever Niyati did to him should not ruin their relation, he still respects Ram a lot which is why he thought of telling him the truth, he mentions the decision which Niyati took after saying that it was her debt from the past will soon take a turn for the worse making it into a storm, Aanad mentions that they are the ones who have to protect her so he requests Ram if he will go with him to bring back Niyati, Ram turning to Aanad asks Sulochana to see that this is love as Aanad is still ready to accept Niyati even after all that has happened but Niyati went after that person who has forgotten her, he advised her to not perform the Gouna but she herself has sent her daughter to a burning fire and everything that is going to happen with Niyati is going to be the fault of Sulochana, Ram exclaims he told Niyati that she would one day have to come back but she was not even able to live for a single day and has ruined the reputation of both the families.

Niyati requests Kinkar to take Abhimanyu into the room as he needs rest, Manaroma asks Niyati what is happening as they thought that after her marriage with Abhimanyu everything would be sorted but what is happening, Manaroma says she prayed for her son at every doorstep, Niyati mentions that she must not cry because Niyati has seen a lot of patients forget their loved ones, Abhimanyu has suffered partial memory loss, which has two stages of which the first they have seen and the second is that he might suffer complete mental disorder after which they will loose him, Niyati however explains thy cannot lose hope and must work together with a strong will, she says they must never try to make him face any sort of high pressure moment as if he faces them then might not be able to process any of them, she questions if anyone told him about the truth, Mr Panday says that he has told him, Niyati informs there is nothing to be worried about since he does not remember anything from the attack but for now she will live in this house as the nurse of Abhimanyu and not his wife, she explains she is now going to check on him.

Niyati walks into the room, closing the door she sits on the ground wondering what has happened, Niyati thinks how he left her with Aanad and then Ram predicted that she will soon get tired from Abhimanyu because of his mental condition and hence will come back, she starts weeping but is forced to calm herself for the sake of Abhimanyu.

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