Imlie starlife update Friday 14 July 2023

Imlie 14 July 2023: Imlie requests Atharva not to say anything to guests. Peter walks to them and rudely asks Imlie about his wife. Imlie says she is in washroom. Nina returns and says her dress needs dry cleaning. Peter rudely asks her to return home instead of embarrassing her. Akash continues to please Peter and says Nina can wear Keya’s clothes. Peter says she has eaten a lot and Keya’s dress wouldn’t fit. Chini says they will buy a new party dress for Nina. Peter says they are very kind people, but Neena always embarrasses them. Imlie says he doesn’t have to and shows Nina wearing traditional Indian sari and jewelry. Peter gets impressed and says Neena is looking very beautiful and asks if she would go out with her tomorrow. Rudra says only Imlie can do this.

Imlie says Nina will not go anywhere. Akash, Shivani, and Divya get angry and warns Imlie to stop insulting their guest. Rudra shuts their mouth. Imlie in a hilarious way says Nina is not Peter’s trophy, a toy, or his maid, she is his better half instead and without her, he is nothing. She describes how even gods are incomplete without their wives, he is just a human. Akash asks Rudra to stop Imlie or else they will lose their crores worth deal. Rudra says they already did a mistake by not informing who Imlie is. Peter shouts how dare a servant is to insult him. Imlie describes the importance of servants in their lives and how servants serve them tirelessly. Peter angrily pushes her away. Family stands watching silently except Rudra. Imlie falls on Atharva.

Atharva warns him to dare not touch Imlie again or else he will raise his hand. He says Imlie likes serving everyone, he wouldn’t tolerate even a servant’s insult, Imlie is his wife. Peter is shocked to hear that. Atharva says he should remember Imlie’s taught lesson always. Nina thanks Imlie for teaching her to take a stand for herself and says Rudra is lucky to have a DIL like Imlie. Rudra says Imlie is his daughter. Nina says she is happy to see Atharva standing out for his wife and says for the firs time in life she will choose herself and will leave Peter. Peter apologizes Nima and requests Imlie to convince Nina not to leave him. Imlie signals Nina to forgive Peter. Nina nods okay. Peter hugs her and thanks both her and Imlie.

Peter and Rudra sign a business deal and congratulate each other. Nina thanks Imlie and hugs her and asks Atharva to take good care of Imlie. Rudra goes to drop them out. Keya comments that they got a deal because of Imlie’s drama. Imlie says she could have handled the situation alone, but is thankful that Atharva supported her. Atharva smiles and says its okay. Chini stands fuming seeing that. Back to her room, she calls Anu and explains what happened. Anu suggests her to impress Ranas. Chini says she can’t run around Ranas like Imlie, but can make Imlie look bad in front of Ranas. Anu says that’s like her girl. Imlie walks in and tells Chini that she is happy that the deal is cracked with Atharva’s help. Chini says she should do something for her in-laws. Imlie asks what shall she do. Chini says she can take them on picnic tomorrow. Imlie says everyone must have slept by now, she will plan a picnic at home itself.

Devika tells Rudra that all is well that ends well, Imlie handled the situation well and she is confident that she will handle Atharva’s life well. Rudra says he fears Chini will ruin Imlie’s life. Devika asks him not to worry as Chini is alone, but they all and god are with Imlie. Imlie tells Chini that she will note down the grocery list. Chini thinks she wrote a disaster in Imlie’s fate, there will be a surprise for Imlie tomorrow. Next morning, family notices decoration and asks what is all this. Imlie says its a surprise family picnic. Divya says for the first time Imlie didn’t upset her. Shivani yells at Imlie and asks if she asked everyone if they are ready for the picnic. Atharva says he is followed by other family members, leaving Shivani alone. Atharva thanks Imlie for her unique idea.

Imlie organizes a terrace picnic for Rana family. Everyone enjoys picnic. Rudra notices Chini click selfie with Atharva in the background and asks Imlie click pic with Imlie. Rajeev says Divya is looking beautiful and he will click her photo. Rudra says let us have a family photo. Chini stands in between Atharva and Imlie. Rudra asks her to click their family photo and Atharva to get closer to Imlie. Chini clicks pics. Rudra says Chini looks fine now with Imlie’s care, so she should return home now to Arpita. Chini acts as feeling weak, leaving Rudra fuming.

Imlie plays a balloon game with all youngsters while elders cheer them up. She and Atharva play in the end while others lose. Atharva enjoys spending time with family and gives credit to Imlie. Chini gets jealous seeing them and thinking of creating a fire accident. Chini gets jealous seeing them and sets a balloon on fire. Helium balloons start bursting. She herself gets stuck between fire and pleads for help. Imlie asks Atharva to go and save Chini. Atharva saves her. Devika gets suck next and calls Atharva. Atharva runs to rescue her. Rudra panics seeing Devika’s situation. Imlie brings water pipe and sets off fire and rescues Devika. Akash says he saw a similar grade 2 balloon fire accident on internet and asks who brought these balloons. Chini grins hearing that.

Sundar shows Imlie’s party pics to Arpita and Rupali. Arpita describes Imlie’s childhood balloon games and says even Chini is looking happy. Rupali checks photo and thinks Chini is playing games over there and says they should call Chini back home. Rana family blames Imlie for bringing grade 2 balloons home and risking family’s lives. Imlie says she order kid’s balloons and didn’t order grade 2 balloons. Chini asks her not get defensive as they are trying to find a culprit. Rudra says if the shopkeeper has sent wrong balloons, he will file a case on him and shut his business. Keya asks him to call the shopkeeper and find out. Rudra calls shopkeeper who informs that first grade 1 balloons were ordered, then immediately after 5 minutes grade 2 balloons.

Keya, Shivani, Divya continue to accuse Imlie. Atharva calls shopkeeper and asks if both calls were from his wife. Shopkeeper says 1st one was from his wife and 2nd one was from another woman. Atharva says he will send voice samples, shopkeeper can identify the voice and reply him back. Keya and others oppose, but agree on Rudra’s order. Chini thinks everyone were blaming Imlie, but Atharva ruined her plan. Atharva records everyone’s voice samples. Balloons fall on a lamp near Chini and expels gas. Chini starts coughing. Imlie leaves recording midway and rushes to help Chini. Blame game continues. Shopkeeper walks in and listens to whole family’s voice notes and says it was Imlie’s voice.

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