Imlie starlife update Sunday 4 February 2024

Imlie 4 February 2024: Imlie gets disappointed when Atharva fails to propose her and tries to leave. Atharva holds Imlie’s hand and says he can forget to breathe but can’t forget her I love you. Imlie feels shy and tells family that she is getting shameless today in front of them.

Atharva kneels down and apologizes Imlie for betraying her during their first marriage for Chini; the second time, they took oaths again and she followed them, but he never followed them. He says Shivani told they complete each other, but the truth is he needs Imlie and Imlie doesn’t need him.

He describes how he wants to spend his life with her, taking care of her and Kairi, how important she is to him, etc., and asks what she wants. Imlie says she wants him the way he is with mistakes and true to himself and agrees to marry him. They both hug each other tightly. Family claps and shower flowers on them. Shayad Yahi Hai Pyar.. song plays in the background. Devika tells Rudra that they both made her cry a lot, they shouldn’t delay now and get them married tonight. Everyone clap again while Keya and Akash frown.

Anu calls her accountant and yells at him for not handling accounts properly. Accountant says IT department froze all the accounts; he had warned her not to do so much account irregularities, but she didn’t listen to him. Anu shouts to shut up and disconnects call. She goes to meet Chini in jail, but Chini refuses to meet her. Ranas excitedly decorate house and prepare feast for Imlie and Atharva’s wedding. Keya and Akash visit an orphanage to adopt a child. Examiner starts questioning them.

Keya says they don’t have much time and need a child immediately. Warden says its not a shopping mall that she can get a child immediately, she needs to answer her questions first. She asks what will she do if her baby cries. Keya says she will pamper her baby and will never let him cry. A boy walks in crying. Warden asks Keya to comfort this boy. Keya shoos baby away and yells that he spoilt her 25000 rs worth sari. Warden says she is unfit to be a mother and rejects their application.

Imlie and Atharva’s wedding rituals start. They both promise each other that they will accept each other’s defects and love each other the way they are. They exchange garlands, finish pheras, and complete their wedding. Devika asks them to play the music and dance. Family gests busy dancing. Devika keeps her locker keys on a table. A blanket covering person walks in hiding.

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