Imlie starlife update Sunday 30 October 2022

Imlie 30 October 2022: Malini tells Aditya that she thinks they need a break. Adi says she is right. Imlie pleads Malini not to go and she will go instead, but Malini says its not her mistake and she doesn’t have any problem with her. Family walks to Malini, and Aparna pleads her not to go and apologizes on Adi’s behalf. Malini says she is sorry to misbehave in front of everyone last night. Pankaj pleads not to leave them. Taiji and Rupali also plead giving example of Rupali’s loneliness, but Malini says she wants to stay alone for sometime. Dhruv asks Adi to speak. Adi says what can he say when Malini has decided.

Malini thinks a lot can change if she stops her. Aparna asks when will she return if she goes. Imlie holds Malini’s feet and pleads not to go or else she will also go from this house. Malini says a lot has changed and before things change completely, she wants to think much. Driver comes to receive her and she walks away with teary eyes while Adi silently stands waiting for her to go. Imlie requests Adi to stop Malini. Nishant warns Adi that he is doing wrong. Adi says its good for him and Malini and walks to his room. Malini shatters more hearing that and steps out of house.

Family walks to Adi. Adi asks if its his mistake. Pankaj says when they don’t know what is happening, how can they blame him; he should tell shat happened yesterday. Tauji says when they can see Malini’s tears, they can even see his problems since a few days, why is he not normal and not giving time to Malini. Adi says Malini was habituated to it since before. Aparna insists him to tell what exactly happened. He says if she had asked before, he would have. She insists. He says he will. Imlie thinks Malini is in pain because of this issue, so she cannot trouble whole family now because of her. She stops Adi. Aparna says they are speaking. Adi asks if she cannot see he is speaking to his mother.

Imlie insists him to go and stop Malini. Adi asks her to go out till he speaks to his mother or else he will go. He walks away. Imlie says she wants Malini to return back and rushes behind Adi.Malini reaches her parents’ house. Dev and Dadi receives her. She asks about mom/Anu. Dadi says her uncle/Mamaji’s is ill, so Anu went to meet him and informed them about her coming. Dev asks what exactly happened. Malini says Adi has changed a lot, doesn’t say anything, and whenever he speaks it hurts a lot. Imlie runs behind Adi and asks him to bring back Malini. Adi says he is tired of explaining her that its better for him and Adi to stay separately. Imlie says she will leave this house if Malini doesn’t return.

Malini tells Dev that she wants to live peacefully here. Dev says she should live with Adi. Malini asks if she wants him to stay separately under same roof like him and maa. He says he didn’t mean that, he wants her to stay here for 2-3 days and then reconcile her differences with Adi. Malini says Adi doesn’t have any problem with her going away and even she feels good staying alone.

Mithi prepares food. Dulari asks if she will not prepare roti for herself, if there is no grocery, she will call Adi and inform him to send her money. Mithi says she will not take Adi’s help. Bindiya informs her that Satyakam has come. Mithi thinks only Satyakam can help Imlie and she will inform him whole story. Alka informs Satyakam that Mithi is coming to meet him. Satyakam reminsices Mithi slapping him and telling that Imlie is Dev’s daughter and hence he doesn’t have any right on her. Mithi runs towards him and he drives his bike away. Alka consoles her that he will return soon once his anger vanishes. Mithi thinks she will not take any man’s support now and herself is enough for her daughter.

She asks Alka when will city bus come. A man says after 2 hours. She says she will buy ticket. Prakash walks to her and asks what will she do in city. She says she will inform that Imlie is married to Adi. Prakash says she will create more problems to Imlie as Adi is a creep and will not support Imlie, else he wouldn’t have married another woman; she shouldn’t do anything which will harm Imlie.Aparna cries lying on bed. Pankaj says even if she hides, he can understand her pain; he knows his children are going through rough phase; even they fought a lot, but never went separate.

Aparna asks if Adi will do same, even after so much happened, he didn’t stop Malini. Imlie hears their conversation and thinks Malini’s presence is important in this house and she should convince Adi to speak to her. Aparna reminisces Adi describing Malini’s nature and desiring to make her as his life partner. Aparna thanks god for fulfilling her wish. Out of flashback, she thinks what happened that one who used to speak for hours doesn’t want to stay with each other.

Imlie takes milk to Adi’s room and not finding him there searches him. Rupali notices Imlie and thinks where is she going at this time, if she is going back to her village after what happened today. Imlie walks to Adi who asks if she didn’t sleep yet. She says she didn’t and requests him to bring back Malini. Rupali searches Imlie and relaxes seeing her with Adi. She then hears Adi scolding Imlie that truth would have been out if she had not interfered and she backed off from her promise. Imlie says she didn’t and had promised to stay in this house until Malini is happy and he brought her back home promising, he is backing off instead, how can she see Malini unhappy. He says Malini will be unhappy until she finds out truth, Imlie will not support him even if he openly fights with everyone for her. She says she cannot be happy by ruining someone’s house and there is no mistake of Malini in it.

He asks whose mistake was it when they married in Pagdandiya, it was not their mistake, but if they don’t inform Malini about it, it would be a sin; so he will go to Malini and tell whole truth to her. Rupali is shocked to hear about Imlie and Adi’s marriage and thinks how to question them.Imlie walks back and noticing Rupali say she had gone to give milk to Babusaheb and asks her to go and sleep. Rupali takes her into her room, locks it, and asks what is happening between her and Adi. Imlie accepts that whatever Rupali heard is true, she and Adi are married. Rupali shatters hearing that.

Imlie says it is half truth and she should listen to whole truth first and then decide. She describes that when Adi came to take Satyakam’s interview to Pagdandiya for the first time, she was given responsibility of taking care of Adi; they got stuck in a storm and in the morning villagers alleged them of adultery and forcefully got them married; she couldn’t do anything as villagers would have killed Adi. She shows her sindhoor hairline and says she didn’t ask for even sindhoor. Rupali says she will not leave this house and shouldn’t blame herself as one who believed lies and got an innocent 18-year-old girl forcefully married are at fault and not her; like Adi said, they should inform truth to everyone.

Imlie says no. Rupali says for a suhagan, her husband is everything; Malini doesn’t have to fight, but Imlie has to fight a battle which she lost. Imlie says he just wants to see everyone happy. Rupali says she couldn’t see her husband with another man for 4 days, then how can Imlie see her husband with another woman whole life; Imlie has first right on Adi and shouldn’t leave it, etc. Imlie cries hugging her.

Dev and Daadi tries to console Malini. Malini says if they have come to talk about her and Adi, she doesn’t want to. Daadi says Malini since childhood bears pain, but cannot see anyone in pain. Dev asks Malini to tell what happened or else he will ask Adi. Malini says she has tried everything and finally decided that her and Adi’s relationship has ended; she cannot understand how mom realized her problem before her. Dev asks not to trust Anu. Malini say she was running away from her problem and ignoring it, but can’t anymore; truth is she doesn’t want to stay with Adi now and even he doesn’t have to. Dev thinks if this is true, Adi has to answer him as he cannot do injustice to Malini.

Adi tries to leave for office in the morning when Aparna and Pankaj stop him and ask if he will not go to meet Malini. He says situation will worsen if he tries to speak to Malini. Aparna says he has to. Adi says Malini wants to stay away from him, hence he needs a break. Pankaj scolds him that problems will increase with his break, so he should go and reconcile his differences with Malini. Adi yells that he is blamed for all the problems and made to apologize Malini even without his mistake, he and Malini both need break and others shouldn’t have problem with it, etc. He then asks if Imlie went to college. Aparna says no. He yells that they didn’t feel Imlie’s college is important and thought his fight with Malini is important and walks towards Imlie’s room.

Aparna feels Imlie is ignored in all the problems.Adi walks to Imlie and asks why didn’t she go to college yet. He asks him to bring Malini back. He blabbers that she should respect her hard work and if not her mother and dadda’s hard work and fulfill her dreams, etc., so she should go to college. She says she cannot ruin Malini’s dreams for her dream. Adi continues that he feels as if he is talking to a wall behind her and convinces her to get ready for college. She thinks she can meet Malini in college. She reaches college and doesn’t find Malini there, so she asks another professor about Malini who says she hasn’t come today. Her classmate notices her and asks if she is Imlie.

She says yes and yells at him. He ays he just came to inform her that class will start soon and walks away smirking. In class, students plan to prank her. Imlie enters class. Student says principal will take lecture himself and will kick them out of college if they make even a small mistake. Imlie reminisces earlier incident with principal and gets afraid.

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