Imlie starlife update Sunday 27 November 2022

Imlie 27 November 2022: Nishant proposes Pallavi for marriage and fixes ring in her finer. Everyone clap, but Imlie continues clapping in excitement. Pallavi says its okay be to excited as Anu girl would like to propose her this way. Harish and Pankaj says someone will propose even her with a ring, but she shouldn’t agree easily. Sundar says he will propose her and kneeling down asks will she do jhadu pocha/brooming and mopping with her. She angrily hits him, and he goes to check hearing door bell. Everyone laugh. Aparna asks Pushpha if she will cancel this alliance seeing their family drama.

Pushpha says she is happy that her daughter will be happy always. Aparna says she dreams that whoever comes to their house should never leave, she wants to give immense love to her children that they don’t think of leaving. Malini feels sad hearing that.Sundar returns with KC. KC calls Malini. Everyone look in surprise. Sundar says he is a advocate. Pankaj asks Malini if she called him here. Imlie thinks family will create issue if they find out that he is Malini’s Kunal Chauhan and says he is Satyakam’s lawyer KC. KC asks if he came at the wrong time. Adi says he can come here anytime and asks reason for coming. KC informs that Satyakam will be released from jail tomorrow. Imli jumps in happiness hearing that. Harish says he made their Imlie happy, so he should attend their family function and then leave.

KC says he is busy. Panjak says when he came so far to inform Imlie, he must be having sometime to join them in their happiness. Harish says he cannot reject elders’ request.Adi says they will not agree, so he should stay back. KC agrees to stay back.Imlie prepares juice singing song in her usual style when she sees a ring and mimics how Adi would react seeing the ring. Adi walks in and acts as scolding her first, then kneels down and proposes her. She says she is honored with so much respect and says when he can kneel down in respect, even she will kneel down. He fixes ring in her finger. Nishant with Pallavi walk in there and is shocked to see that. He asks what joke is this, he never thought he would involve with a girl, that too Imlie; how can he ruin Imlie’s life. Adi says he is not. Nishant says everything is clear, he didn’t expect he and Imlie woudl have an illegal affair.

Adi says its in illegal as neither him nor whole world can allege them, their relationship is pure and true as Imlie is his wife. Nishant stands more shocked. Imlie asks him to listen to Adi once. Adi says when Nishant returned home after 10 years, he didn’t find a chance to inform him. He starts his Pagdandiya story.Malini thinks she cannot let Kunal near him fearing family. Kunal walks to him. She panics and says they shouldn’t meet like this or else family will find out truth. He asks which truth she is talking about, that he is her boyfriend KC, met her 1 week ago, he is fighting her divorce case, etc. She asks him to stop. He says she is here as she still loves Adi. She says she is not. He says then he needs to know whole truth.

She says she and Adi both want divorce. He says why is she here with Adi’s family, she should try her best to save her family, he gives 100% to his job and will not if there is no hope of truth in it.Adi finishes his story and says he is trying to get Imlie her right, but situation is always against him; situation was responsible for whatever happened in Pagdandiya/PD, but he is responsible for whatever happened in Delhi; he did wrong with Imlie, Malini, and his family, so he is Nishan’t culprit and not Imlie as Imlie always thinks of everyone and doesn’t want everyone to know the truth as they will get hurt, etc. Nishant asks Imlie if cool dude will become his cool bhabhi and apologizes for misunderstanding her and Adi’s relationship.

Pallavi says she will always support Imlie and hugs her. Imlie thanks god that god gave her Nishant, Pallavi, and Rupali’s support and should not take back anything. Mithi reaches Delhi and goes to a boutique thinking of buying a gift for Imlie. She slips and holds a customer there. Anu turns and gets angry seeing her touching her shoulder.Mithi slips and holds Anu’s shoulder in a boutique. Anu gets angry and warns her to remove her hand. Mithi nervously says she slipped and kept her hand on her shoulder. Anu says she should have fallen instead and asks salesman if they leave their servants openly like this. He says she is not their servant. Mithi says she came to buy a sari.

Anu laughs and says the cheapest sari is around 20000 rs here, if she came here to steal money. Salesman asks Anu to check her purse. Anu checks and says everything is fine. Salesman asks her to leave. Anu thinks nowadays beggars think of comparing themselves to rich, but she will not let them fulfill this dream.Adi helps Nishant get ready for his wedding and says when he had gone to US, they all thought he would marry in US itself. Nishant says he couldn’t attend Adi’s both weddings and asks if Malini knows about him and Imlie. Adi says she knows now, he didn’t want hurt her, but their divorce is not this reason as Malini loves Kunal. Nishant asks if he met Kunal.

Adi says even Nishant met Kunal is the lawyer who is fighting Satyakam’s case and asks him not to inform family about it as they are already angry on Malini. He then praises Imlie that she is suffering alone and fears that family may not accept her if they find out truth, he will inform family about them once everything settles down.Anu returns home and asks servant to keep her gift bags in car. Dev asks where is she going. She says she cannot visit samdhis without a gift. He asks if she will go uninvited, earlier she hated them and didn’t wanted to visit them. She says people who make a servant as family member will not oppose her, she will inform the new girl who is coming there what Tripathis are and even she will be divorced soon.

Dev tries to stop her, but she walks away saying he can never stop her.Malini helps Rupali in decorating Nishant’s room. Rupali asks her to bring garland from her room, then says Adi’s room. Malini hesitantly walks into Adi’s room and reminisces the days she and Adi spent there. She opens cupboard, looks at her and Adi’s wedding pic, and cries. Adi walks in and asks if she needs something. She wipes her tears and says she came to take garland, but she guesses maa took it. She removes photo from frame. Adi asks w hat is she doing. she says until she removes old memories, he cannot make new memories with Imlie. He says she shouldn’t do that as they are still friends. She says they are friends, so he cannot keep their pics in his room and should create his and Imlie’s new memories.

Nishant and Pallavi’s court marriage starts at home. Judge asks her them to sign the documents and complete their wedding. Imlie asks how is it possible and takes everyone to temple. Everyone follow her, and Harish asks what is she doing. Imlie says her mom says they should take Seeta maiya’s blessings before doing anything new. Pallavi says they will follow her instructions. She asks them to close their eyes and repeat her mom’s taught mantras with her. She starts chanting mantra and gets stuck in between. Mithi enters with Aparna and Radha completing the mantra. Imlie emotionally runs and hugs her and asks how did she come here.

Aparna says via bus, she does so much for them and even united Nishant and Pallavi, so she thought to reunite her with her mother. Imlie thanks her and introduces each family member in her own style. They all greet her. Mithi says Pagdandiya is a small village, so she could bring only sindhoor and her blessings for the new couple. Nishant and Pallavi say her blessings is enough for them. Harish asks Nishant and Pallavi to exchange garlands now. They both do same. Everyone clap for them. Radha asks Nishant to put mangalsutra in Pallavi’s neck. He does same. Everyone clap again. Mithi gives her sindoor box, and Nishant applies sindhoor in Pallavi’s hairline. Everyone clap again. Aparna asks them to take elders’ blessings.

They touch Harish, Radha, and other elders’ blessings. Adi jokes at Nishant to touch his feet as he is 6 months 10 days elder than him. Nishant tries, but Adi stops him and hugs him.Door bell rings. Imlie opens door and seeing KC greets him and asks if he came to meet Malini. He says brought a surprise for her and calls Satyakam. Imlie emotionally hugs Satyakam.

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