Twist of fate update Sunday 27 November 2022

Twist of fate 27 November 2022:  Shahana ask Prachi to calm down and says he has gone, and asks her to take long breathing. Prachi says just I want peace, but when I see him, I get angry.

Shahana asks her to calm down and says you get hyper and don’t understand him. And he can’t make you understand. Prachi asks what he couldn’t make me understand, how Rhea got his baby in her stomach. She says he told that he will prove his innocence, but he couldn’t prove. She says he said that he drank some drink, but he didn’t do anything in inebriated state. She says you was taking his side and asks if you can prove his innocence, and asks her to say if she is wrong.

Shahana says I got emotional and took his side. Prachi cries. Shahana asks her not to cry. Prachi says she misses Maa and says she want to rush to her. She says Maa solves any problem, and says all the problems get resolved when rested on her lap. Shahana asks her to rest her head on her lap. Prachi rests her head on Shahana’s lap and misses Pragya. Prachi gets up and cries again.

Ranbir couldn’t sleep thinking about Prachi’s words. He thinks I shall tell Prachi that I know that she is pregnant. She thinks if I tell her, then she will feel that I am playing with her emotions, and impregnated Rhea to lower her. He says I wish I could tell her that I want to fulfill my dream with just her. He asks himself why did he connect Sid’s name with Prachi’s name. He asks why did you doubt her and raise finger on her character?

He scolds himself and says I thought that I will gift Prachi on anniversary, but gave Rheas pregnancy as gift. He thinks Prachi is pregnant and needs my love and support, and I will give her everything. He is going and finds Prachi making sandwich in the kitchen. Prachi’s finger gets cut. Ranbir gets concerned and holds her finger and sucks it. He says now blood stopped. He asks her to sit. Prachi says I don’t want to sit. Ranbir says if you don’t eat then it is neither good for you nor your….Prachi is shocked. Ranbir says it is not good for you and your brain. He says I will make sandwich, and asks her to eat. He says if we stay hungry then hurts ourselves. He says he will make it in 2 mins. He makes sandwich. Prachi sits on the chair in the kitchen. He serves her sandwich and tries to make her eat with his hand. She says she will eat with his hand. Ranbir insists to make her eat, due to her finger injury and masala in the sandwich. Prachi eats.

Ranbir says I need to be with you. Prachi recalls Ranbir making sandwich for her in their rented house. She gets emotional and goes from there. Ranbir eats the leftover sandwich. She asks herself what does she want? She says one side you don’t want to see his face and other side you get lost seeing him. She says you give me chance always and he takes advantage of you. She says you will not be foolish and says he is behaving as if everything is fine. She says you know how that guy is? She recalls Ranbir surrounded by the girls in college.

She says he connected my name with Sid, then also she forgave him, thinking to resolve the misunderstanding, but gave her rights to someone else. She says I trusted him again and saw him with Rhea. She says relation ended, but not my love. She says I was believing my heart and thought whatever I saw was wrong, he was just lying with Rhea. She says when the pregnancy news of Rhea came, there is no chance of any doubt. She says everything is over. She says when you was making me eat sandwich, I felt as if you made our child have it, why do you do this? She cries resting on the floor.

Ranbir thinks he couldn’t do or say whatever he wanted to. He says he is feeling suffocated. He says Prachi and I are going to be Mom and Dad, and I didn’t hug and congratulated her. He congratulates himself for becoming Dad of Prachi’s baby. He says Prachi didn’t know that I know about her pregnancy, I need to protect my baby in any circumstances. He takes red chillies and thinks to save his child and the baby’s mother from all the bad sights.

Pallavi makes Rhea rests on the bed. She says I was thinking how the baby will be, then thought it must be beautiful. She says I am so excited. Rhea thinks save some thing for tomorrow and thinks she is so irritating, I need to talk to Buji. Pallavi says she was thinking about the baby name and says she will get Ranbir’s toys clean. Rhea messages Aaliya. Pallavi says she will take care of her till her delivery. Rhea pretends to sleep. Pallavi says I will go. Rhea thinks to go and meet Aaliya.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room and takes off bad sight from her, the way Dida took off bad sight from Rhea. Song plays….He prays to God to keep Prachi and their baby safe. He goes from there. Prachi wakes up hearing the door closing sound. He comes out and sees Rhea talking to Aaliya that she is just coming. Rhea goes to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya says you would have told Pallavi that you want to meet me. Rhea says she was so irritated and talking continuously. Aaliya says Pallavi is excited.

She says we shall go to storage room and talk, else here someone might hear us. Ranbir tries to hear them and couldn’t hear. Aaliya asks Rhea what did Prachi say? Rhea says I requested her, cried and plead infront of her, but Prachi behaved as if she is not hearing. She says she didn’t give me any signal that she will leave the house. She says I bent down infront of her, but she was silent. Aaliya says Prachi was shocked to see you pleading and says she couldn’t sleep tonight, your words will have effect on her. Ranbir thinks what are they talking about? Rhea says I asked her to think as Maasi and not as Sautan. Aaliya assures that Prachi will leave in the morning and says such people are fools. She hugs Rhea.

Prachi thinking about Rhea’s words. She says Rhea has changed herself for her child and wants to give everything to her baby. She asks her baby not to be sad and says your Maa will give you all the happiness of the world. She says first your mother thought not to share you with everyone and will not tell anyone about your arrival. She says I thought to tell your Bau ji, but now she feels that she herself is sufficient for him/her. She says I will give you everyone’s love to you. She says one relation will be sufficient for us, we will go somewhere from here, where we both will be there and nobody else. She says lets go, we shall pack our stuff. She cries and says we are going far from everyone, but if your bau ji wants to meet you, then I will not stop you, but don’t trust him.

Rhea opens the door and sees Ranbir sitting. He says he wanted to talk to her, and then saw her going to Buji’s room and then to storeroom. Rhea asks if you was hearing us? Ranbir asks why will I hear and tells that he was feeling dizzy and that’s why sat down. Rhea says I am pregnant and you are dizzy. She says she wanted to talk to Buji and that’s why came out, as he was sleeping.

He asks why is she getting nervous. She says she wants a caring husband. He says he is a caring husband for his wife. Ranbir says I have to go and burn these chillies. Rhea asks if Mummy gave you this. Ranbir goes and thinks I know you are upto something, if you try to harm Prachi, then will find me infront of her. Rhea thinks she is upto something and he can’t catch her.

Prachi thinks she shall move on for her baby. She takes her bag and packs her clothes. She says I will not stay here, and says you moved me from your life, I will move you from my memories. She says I thought to snatch happiness from you, by hiding my pregnancy news from you, but you betrayed me by telling about Rhea’s pregnancy news. She says she will forget him, but not his betrayal. She thinks every girl thinks that her arthi/pyre shall go from the same house where her doli/palanquin had come, so that she gets the same husband in every birth. She says I thought Ranbir is my kumkum bhagya, then why I am here. She comes to Ranbir and Rhea’s room and sees them sleeping on the same bad.

She wishes Rhea’s baby calling herself Maasi. She says she wishes that the baby shall get happy family and everyone’s blessings. She leaves. Rhea wakes up hearing the door sound and looks at Ranbir. Prachi comes to the hall with her bag and recalls their moments. She opens the door and says many memories are attached with this house, but I don’t want anything from his house.

Ranbir comes there and holds her hand, asking her not to go. Prachi asks who you are to stop me? Ranbir asks if I am nothing to you then why do you feel bad. Prachi says I am an emotional person and feels bad for bad things. He says you feel bad as you love me. Prachi says these things doesn’t matter and calls him selfish. He asks do you really want to leave this house. She says yes, and nobody can stop me, not even you. He says everyone gets ruined, due to your ego. He says when I accused you with Sid’s name, you didn’t try to solve, but left the house.

He says I was upset, and you didn’t try to resolve. She asks if my anger is not anger, if I don’t feel anything. She says I came back to you, and you married Rhea. She asks why did he marry her so soon. He says you had left me, and that’s why I gave your place to Rhea. Prachi says be happy and let me be happy. He says I don’t want to fight with you, just wants to ask you not to leave. She says you didn’t say then and now saying. He asks her not to go and says I couldn’t say that time. He says many things will be ruined if you leave. Prachi asks what worse could happen. He says when you left me, I thought that was worse, but many worst things happened with me. He says I came behind you that day, but how I could stop you after saying so many bad things to you.

Prachi says I am thinking about myself and turns to go. She sees Dida stopping her and asks her to keep her words. Ranbir and Prachi’s conversation was her imagination. She says I have no reason to live, but I have just you, I want to live for you. She says I feel that my day will be good because of you, asks her to stay back for few days. Prachi says ok, I will stop for now, and asks her to promise that she will not stop her again. Dida promises her.

Ranbir wakes up in the night and sees Rhea beside him on the bed. He thinks why is she sleeping here, and then thinks he shall sleep on sofa as she is pregnant. He then thinks to sleep in the study room and goes out. Vikram and Pallavi see him. Vikram asks Ranbir to come to terrace with them and have fresh air. Pallavi asks why you bring office work home, and asks him to spend time with family. Ranbir says I have some important work. Pallavi says I am talking about Rhea, and asks him to go and spend time with Rhea, fulfill her dream.

Vikram asks him to go to room. Pallavi asks why are we convincing him to spend time with his wife. She asks if you are thinking to trouble Rhea. Ranbir asks why will I think this way? Pallavi asks him to get habitual to spend time with her and asks him to stop going to office. Ranbir says Rhea is sleeping. Pallavi asks her to go and sit at her side, may be she needs anything. He says dad. Pallavi asks him to go there and be with her.

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