Imlie starlife update Sunday 25 December 2022


Imlie 25 December 2022: Tripathi family returns home. Nishant seeing lights off asks Sundar to check. Sundar checks and says main switch has failed. Nishant says they can’t be in dark whole night, he will come and check. Imlie stops her and says there is no darkness yet. Anu shouts there is darkness. Imlie says when Seeta Maiya’s lamp is glowing, still there is a hope and she knows Babusaheb is fighting for his life, then why should they lose hope; she had lit Seeta Maiya’s lamp for Babusaheb and she is protecting it. She walks to Aparna and asks her to prepare kheer for Babusaheb. Aparna remembers Adi requesting her to prepare kheer and cries.

Imlie promises her to bring Babusaheb back home till she prepares kheer as her lamp of hope is still glowing. Mithi asks how will she find Babusaheb. Imlie says who showed the hope will show the path, Seeta Maiya will help her. Mithi blesses her to be suhagan forever. Imlie cries, then takes Aparna’s blessings who doesn’t resist and walks out of house. Dulari throws kumkum in air. T family silently watches.Imlie shows Adi’s photo to people on road and asks if they saw him. Everyone deny to see him. Back at home, Aparna continues crying. Pankaj sits next to her.

She thinks Adi returned. He nods no and asks her to stop thinking much and prepare kheer for Adi. She says he is trying to console her. He says they are all praying for Adi’s life, but only Aparna can prepare mother’s kheer. Aparna walks towards kitchen. Imlie continues showing pic to everyone and breaks down. Malini asks Anu why this is happening to her and why SK took Adi. Mithi enters and says she should realize her mistake; she thought she is a mature girl when she met her first time, but she is selfish and cunning and risked Imlie’s husband’s life due to her revenge act. Malini says Adi is also her husband. Mithi says he would have been with her then, but he is with Imlie; even she loved Dev once, but left him for Anu; Imlie has power of 100 suhagans and she will bring back her husband, etc.

Rain starts. Piya Tose Milne.. song plays in the background. Imlie thinks Seeta Maiya sent this rain, but she will not get afraid of rain and stop.Aparna walks into kitchen to prepare kheer for Adi. Rupali sings O Palan Hare.. bhajan and prays god. Family joins her. Malini cries vigorously, Anu consoles her. Imlie reaches cliff where SK shot Adi and findshis mobile there (which police couldn’t) and cries more. She then looks at blood on the ground (which looks still raw) and shouts Babusaheb.

Imlie shatters seeing blood on ground and imagining Satyakam/SK shooting Adi shouts Babusaheb. She runs at cliff ends and images Adi falling down from liff. She finds Adi’s shoe and shouts again Babusaheb. She then jumps from cliff and swims into water. At T house, Aparna prepares kheer for Adi. Imlie searches Adi in river and doesn’t find him. She gets out of it and finds Adi’s slipper on the other side. Anu watches news that renowned rebel SK shot reported Aditya Kumar Tripathi and killed him, his dead body is not found yet and police team is searching. Sundar switches off TV. Anu gets angry and calls him blo*dy servant. Sundar says he is a servant and is doing his duty, this family’s rule is to switch off TV while having food, so everyone are waiting for him at dining table.


Pankaj asks Aparna if she prepared kheer. Aparna says yes. Mithi asks her not to lose hope as Imlie’s lamp is still on and their children will return soon. Imlie finds Adi’s and gets happy. She shakes him and checking his heartbeat gives him CPR. Adi opens eyes. She gets happy and kisses his forehead. A snake bites her sole. Adi asks what happened. She says nothing, finds a cycle readily waiting for her, and drives it making him sit behind her.

Aparna says kheer is ready, but her son has not yet returned home, when will he come. Pankaj consoles her. They hear Imlie’s voice and rush towards door. Aparna gets happy seeing Imlie bringing Adi. Imlie collapses. Family rush them both to hospital. Mithi and Dulari notice a snake bit at Imlie’s sole. Doctors treat Imlie in ICU. Rupali consoles Mithi and takes her to Dulari. They both cry vigorously hugging each other. Rupali says their Imlie is very strong and nothing will happen to her, so they should control themselves. Doctor comes out of OT. Pankaj asks how is Adi. Doctor says he is out of danger but sill unconscious. Family relaxes.

After 5 days, Malini prepares milk for Adi thinking doctor told Adi will gain consciousness soon. Dulari walks to her and insists to prepare turmeric milk for even Imlie. Imlie ignores her. Dulari pushes her away and says she herself will prepare milk for Imlie and taunts that she is sure Adi will return to Imlie. Mithi joins her and asks not to trouble Malini. Malini says she is fine. Dulari taunts what will happen when Adi will find out that she is behind all this. Malini asks who told it, she should be in tension as her husband shot my husband. Mithi says Imlie’s husband. Malini says time will reveal it and walks away smirking at them. Dulari yells.

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