My desire update Sunday 25 December 2022


My desire 25 December 2022: Rudra and Bunty seeing pizza delivery boy heading towards Harry’s house and realize that he is hiding inside home. Rudra disguises as pizza delivery boy and reaches Harry’s house. He remembers how he bribed pizza delivery boy and disguised as himself to reach Harry. Out of flashback, Rudra trashes Harry and asks if he is partying after murdering Devika. Harry asks what does he mean. Rudra says Harry had attended his and Devika’s wedding and murdered Devika. Harry says he didn’t kill Devika. Rudra continuously trashes him. Harry says he went to Devika’s wedding as he was unable to digest she is marrying someone else.

He gets into flashback where he enters Devika’s room and expressing his feelings for her pleads to marry him and not a hotel manager. Devika asks where was he till now, all men are same, Rudra betrayed her and loves Preesha instead. She asks him to get out. He insists that he will marry her at any cost and holds her. She pushes him and threatens to call security. He walks out and out of flashback says Devika was alive then. Rudra says he is lying and drags him towards police station.

Arman while fixing his tie remembers Preesha helping him tie it. Anvi walks to him and says Prishma taught her to help him fix a tie. He asks what else Preesha taught her. She says self grooming, eating, and a lot except living without her. He hugs her. She asks him to tell Prishma to stop her thief police/chor police game and bring her back home as she knows Prishma is innocent. Arman promises her.Rudra takes Harry to police station and informs inspector that he killed Devika. Inspector asks who is he. Rudra says Harry was doing internship with Devika and partied in his hotel one day, he couldn’t tolerate Devika marrying someone and killed her.

He shows CCTV footage where Harry enters wedding venue hiding and asks inspector to arrest him. Harry says he didn’t kill Devika. Rudra holds his collar and shouts. Inspector warns him to leave Harry and let them do their duty. Rudra requests to meet Preesha and informs her about Harry, consoles her not to worry as he will bail her out soon. She says why will she worry when he trusts her so much. He says she changed in 6 months and thanking him easily, she should be his old Preesha as his day starts and ends with her, he can live his life and not her, he made a mistake once and lost her son and their relationship, but now will not make the mistake again and will be with her always.

She hugs him tightly emotionally. Yeh Hai Chahatein… plays in the background. Arman gets and gets angry seeing Preesha hugging Rudra. Preesha notices Rudra’s face and part ways. Arman says ex-husband is habituated to hug his wife behind him. Rudra says present husband showed his back to his wife and backed off. Arman says he shouldn’t have come here as ex is already present here. Their argument starts. Preesha tells Arman that he is thinking wrong as Rudra caught the culprit. Rudra says there is no guarantee if Harry is a murderer. Rudra shouts that Preesha trusts Arman. Their argument starts again. Rudra says he will not let Preesha here as Harry is the murderer and Arman is not supporting his wife.

Arman warns not to speak to him in this tone as he is also responsible for Devika’s murder. Rudra says he is not and Harry is. Arman asks if Harry accepted his crime. Inspector enters and says Harry is not accepting his crime and hence Preesha is still the prime suspect. Rudra shouts in anger.Preesha says they can find out about Harry via Devika’s make up artist as she was present with Devika all the time. Rudra heads to meet make up artist. Arman accompanies him. In car, Rudra continues arguing with Arman and Arman gives his justification. They reach makeup artists’ house who informs that Devika’s nose pin had broken and she had gone to bring nose pin from Preesha’s room and came up very upset and crying shouted at her to leave her alone; when she returned, she saw Devika was fighting with a man and rushed to call security.

Rudra shows Harry’s pic and asks if this was the man. She says he is the one.Rudra and Arman question Devika’s beautician who informs that she informed guard about a man fighting with Devika in her room and rushed out from wedding venue. Arman asks if she informed his house’s security guard and can she identify him. She says yes and goes to get ready. Rudra informs inspector to reach Arman’s house soon. Sulochana worried for Rudra calls Bunty and asks where is Rudra. Bunty says Rudra found Devika’s murder clue and is trying to prove Preesha innocent. Sulochana tells Sharda that Rudra is still supporting Preesha instead of her husband. Sharda says he is doing right as nobody can separate Rudra and Preesha and god has reunited them, its good that Rudra didn’t marry Devika.


Sulochana says even if Preesha is freed from jail, she will return to her husband and not Rudra. Sharda says Rudra will tolerate any pain to protect Preesha and nobody can separate them.Rudra and Arman with inspector question guard and ask if he saw Harry with Devika. Guard says he saw someone else. Arman and Rudra insist to tell whom did he see then. Chachaji then threatens him and asks if he saw Preesha. Guard informs he saw Chachaji fighting with Devika. Arman shocked questions Chachaji. Chachaji says guard is lying. Rudra shouts why did he betray his own family and why did he kill Devika.

Chachaji warns him to be in his limits as Devika was like his daughter. Rudra shouts why did he wrongly allege Preesha then. Chachaji says he went to speak to Devika and he doesn’t need to explain strangers. Arman asks why did he hide this truth from him. Chachaji says he went to take Devika’s signatures on trust documents. Guard says he saw him fighting with Devika though. Chachaji asks if he peeped into the room or just heard from outside, serious talk is not a fight. Rudra shouts not to threaten guard. Chachaji warns him to be in his limits as he is much elder and experienced than him and will not tolerate his nonsense, he is frustrated and wants to protect Preesha as he is her ex-husband and is having an affair with him.

Rudra shouts more loudly. Chachaji asks him to get out. Inspector leaves saying he will return later. Rudra follows him insisting him to interrogate Chachaji as he found such a big clue. Inspector says he cannot do anything without solid proof.Rudra meets Preesha and informs her the whole incident doubting Chachaji. Preesha says Chachaji cannot kill Devika as he considers Devika and Arman as his children and took care of them since their childhood and manages the trust in Devika’s name. He asks if its a legal issue, there must be a lawyer involved. Preesha says she met the lawyer once and he is from Kansara Associates. Rudra tries to leave.

She stops him. He assures her that he will do his best to prove her innocent and leaves. He meets lawyer and requests his help saying he already lost a life and doesn’t want another innocent life lost. Lawyer agrees to help him. Rudra asks which papers Chachaji took for Devika’s signature. Lawyer says there were no papers at all and everything was clear and he had cleared everything to Devika. Rudra asks him to explain in detail. Lawyer explains. Rudra then meets guard again and then reaching Arman’s house calls Chachaji shouting his days in this house are over now. Chachaji threatens to call commissioner. Rudra says he should. Inspector enters with guard and says guard didnt’ speak then and his lie is caught.

Chachaji says he didn’t lie. Rudra calls lawyer who informs that Chachaji was handling Devika’s trust fund which was going to be transferred into Devika’s name aft4er marriage, there was no money left out of 50 crores in fund. He reminisces Devika calling him and asking to transfer trust funds into her account, he informs that there is only 1 lakh left. Out of flashback, he says they all know what happened next. Arman confronts Chachaji for killing Devika for money. Chachaji asks how can he think that he will kill Devika as they are children to them, he used Devika’s trust fund and went to inform her, but she already knew about it and argued with him. Arman doesn’t trust him.

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