Imlie Starlife update Monday 13 May 2024

Imlie 13 may 2024: Agastya insists Imlie to return home. Drunk bar customers misbehave with Imlie and asks her to dance for them. Agastya gets angry. Imlie says that is how her life is. Agastya insists. Drunkard touches Imlie.

Agastya beats all drunkards. Imlie leaves bar while Agastya continues to shout to return home with her. Govind and Rajni confront Amrit for sending Agastya to jail, blackmailing Imlie to sing at a bar, and showing her truth to whole family. Amrit refuses allegations and asks for proof.

Imlie while returning home senses someone following her. She runs in and locks door in fear. Pallo asks why she is so afraid. Imlie says she felt someone was following her. Pallo checks and doesn’t find anyone. Imlie says it’s not a normal fear, she senses he returned after years, recalling a man trying to kill her and Kairi. She says she wants to see Ashu.

Chaudhry’s decorate house for diwali. Agastya returns home. Govind asks where was he, Karan and Shivani have returned home.

Agastya meets Shivani and Karan and says he is feeling very happy today and will have diwali with whole family. He questions Shivani about her studies and pulls her legs and asks Karan about his business. Karan nervously says it’s going normal. Govind diverts their attention. Annapurna tells Agastya that she can’t bear Imlie’s face, but she has to return home for diwali. Agastya promises Rajni asks about Imlie.

Imlie reaches hospital with her girl team and asks nurse about Ashu. Nurse shows her Ashu’s room. Imlie panics seeing Ashu missing. Ashu comes from washroom.

Imlie says she was worried for her and asks him not to reveal anyone that they are related. She returns home and thanks friends for their help. She finds her family being evicted out of the house. Pallo says house owner evicted them out of the house. Imlie asks how can the owner do this.

Agastya enters and says he is the owner of the house and asks Imlie to get out of his house. Imlie tricks bouncers, gets into house, calls Pallo and Bulbul in, and locks the door. Govind confronts Amrit against to reveal what is his involvement in family’s issues and why he forced Imlie to sing at a bar. Amrit refuses allegations again.

Govind says he has someone who saw him blackmailing Imlie. Amrit asks who is that. Agastya breaks the door when Imlie refuses to get out of the house and threatens her to call police. Imlie breaks his car windshield and challenges him.

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