Faltu Starlife update Sunday 10 December 2023

Faltu 10 december 2023: The Episode starts with Faltu flirting with Kanika. She pulls his ear and says you are flirting a lot. Faltu says I go crazy seeing your beauty. Kinshuk says I won’t get the cowdung patties. Ayaan and Sid ask him to get it. Faltu says don’t worry, I will get the cowdung patties, but don’t kiss me again. Kinshuk agrees. Ayaan says I miss Faltu seeing Rocky. Rocky says everyone should bring the chits in the evening. Faltu compliments Kanika and goes. Kanika smiles. Vishal drinks. Nurse stops him.

He says ask Kanika to come and take me from here. He gets a call. Kanika asks what’s this misbehavior, listen to hospital staff. Vishal argues.She asks him to understand, he is safe there. He asks why would I get stuck in this. She says I will help you, I don’t want a complaint again. Faltu comes.

Kanika asks since when are you standing here. Faltu says I just came, why, is there any problem, you handle many business, you are a superwoman, keep me on job, I will take care of you. Kanika smiles. Faltu sees her phone.

Kanika likes the coffee. She says you do your work well. Faltu says you do detox of your phone, your festival will go well, and Tanisha will be pleased, I don’t keep phone, so my mind works well. Kanika asks really, you don’t use a phone. Faltu says yes, phone calls are so disturbing. Kanika says you talk well. Faltu says promise me, you won’t touch the phone for 2 days, then you will thank me. Kanika says I will think about you, go and let me enjoy my coffee. Faltu leaves.

Everyone begins the holika puja. Ayaan and Tanu perform the puja first. They take the rounds. A thread ball falls. Faltu picks it and walks along with them. Ayaan asks were you doing Pariknama with us. Faltu says no, I was rolling this mauli thread, it fell from the plate. Ayaan thanks her. He burns the holika. Sumitra says I wish you just listen to me, Sid. Everyone puts their chits. Tanisha asks what did you write. Ayaan says its not allowed to say. She says I wrote that our problems end in this holika. Ayaan says Rocky, you work hard, so inspiring, you make delicious food, what happened. Faltu says I have much work, let me go. Ayaan says enjoy a little, chill. Faltu doesn’t see Kanika’s phone with her. She goes and searches her room. She gets the phone. She prays and unlocks it. Tanu comes and asks what are you doing with mom’s phone. Faltu says what will I do with a locked phone, I was going to give this to her. Tanu asks what are you doing here.

Faltu says I came to take the empty plate, you can give the phone to your mom. Tanu says Ayaan likes the food you make, ask him what he wants to have, Ayaan’s mental and physical health is imp. Faltu says okay, see you later. She goes.

She notes down the password. She says I will get many chances, I will use the holi party and find the proof in her phone. Harsh, Sid and Kinshuk have a talk. Sid thinks Ayaan will be in his room, I will play holi with Tanu. Tanisha says you have made all the food, you want to go and play holi. Faltu says no, I will go and meet my friends. Kinshuk says no way, you will play holi with us. Faltu says I don’t play holi. He asks why do you want to go to meet friends then. She thinks I have to go and play match. Tanisha says don’t worry, you can go by 1pm. Faltu thinks I will get a chance to check Kanika’s phone.

Tanu asks her to make a sandwich for her, I don’t eat oily food. Faltu says I will get it for you, go out and sit. She gets the chawl guy’s call. He says we will reach there at 3pm. She says I will be there, wait for me outside. She thinks I have to go somehow.


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