Imlie starlife update Saturday 8 July 2023

Imlie 8 July 2023: Chini escapes seeing fire accident at Atharva’s studio. Atharva says Imlie is stuck inside and runs in. He rescues her out after a much drama and adventure. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Fire brigade reaches and nurses Atharva and Imlie’s burn wounds. Imlie asks Atharva to speak and clear the burden on his mind. Atharva says she didn’t do right, she said he favored her when he saved her during reception, she favored him by saving his dear ones/musical instruments, what shall he do now. Imlie asks him to just be with her. Atharva says he can’t be with her. She asks what he means. He says she saved his musical instruments risking her life and understood what they mean to him while his own family couldn’t till now.

He asks what if something had happened to her while saving his instruments. She says how can anything happen to her when he is around her. He asks if she trusts him so much. She says more than herself, she can continue to praise him, but lets go home first. She tries to stop her. She gets up and twists her ankle. He holds her and says lets go home. Chini warns Jatin not to interfere in her life and get lost as she already paid him money. Jatin says she paid him for her last stint but opened a new account. He shows her and Atharva’s intimate pics and threatens to show it to her family. Chini says he can show it to the whole world and his threats won’t work as Arto himself will leave Imlie soon.

Atharva lifts Imlie and reaches home. Rudra and Devika rush to them concerned and ask what happened to Imlie. Imlie explains them about ]the whole accident. Atharva says it all happened because Rudra got his studio’s power supply disconnected. Divya says it all happened because of Imlie’s inauspiciousness. Shivani backs her. Atharva warns her to change her superstitious thoughts. Rudra praises Imlie for changing Atharva. Keya provokes Shivani. Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali panic hearing about Imlie’s accident and wish to meet her right now. Imlie says she is fine and asks them to relax. She asks about Chini. Sundar says she has gone out. They all 3 ask her to take care of her and Atharva and disconnect call.

Chini returns and acts hearing about Imlie’s accident and says she will go and meet her in her room. Sundar says Imlie had come for her paghpera ritual and returned home.Chini reaches outside Rana house and asks Atharva to come out. He walks out dropping a vase down. Imlie hears that and goes to check. Atharva meets Chini and asks what is she doing here. Chini asks what is Imlie doing at his house. Atharva says she abandoned him after a fire accident without bothering about him, its Imlie who risked her life and stayed with him. Chini plays emotional drama again and says she had phoned fire brigade and is feeling insulted as Atharva didn’t call her back and find out about her condition, she didn’t want to leave him alone but left him out with heavy heart, she rushed here worried for him, etc.

Atharva feels guilty and hugs her. Chini says Imlie always got whatever belonged to her and she fears she will snatch even Atharva from her. Atharva says it will not happen. He says she is misunderstanding Imlie as her words and Imlie’s actions don’t match at all. Chini asks if she or Imlie is important to him.Keya tries to show her power over Imlie and tells her that she is elder DIL of Rana family and would rule over the house as per the custom. Imlie says monarchy is a thing of the past, they should live in Rana house peacefully under elders and god’s constant blessings on them and expect happiness always. Keya stands frowning and thinks she thought she can take over the house from Imlie easily, but it seems to be a difficult task. Atharva convinces Chini to leave and returns home. He offers water to Imlie and apologizes for being late. Imlie says he can take his own time as she knows he would return to only her.

Keya meets Chini and says she heard Chini and Arto’s conversation. Chini asks she wants to blackmail her now. Keya says she wants to befriend her and help her get rid off Imlie from Atharva and Rana house. Chini agrees and thinks she doesn’t like Keya but will befriend her for her benefit. Imlie gets news paper editor’s call who requests her to write 3 poems instead of 1 by evening as other employee has gone on a leave. Imlie gets nervous thinking how will she write 3 poems by evening. Devika with Divya walks to her and informs about havan at home. Imlie promises to make havan arrangements and seeks Seeta maiya’s help in complete 3 poems soon.

After some time, Devika informs Rudra about havan at home. Rudra says he has some important meeting. Imlie informs Devika that she invited her family for havan. Atharva feels happy thinking Chini will also be visiting with family. Divya taunts Imlie as usual not to spoil havan with her inauspiciousness and takes her along to give tasks. Devika asks Rudra to stay back home and attend havan. He agrees. Rudra and Devika stand silent. Rudra fears Chini will interfere between Atharva and Imlie again and asks Devika to keep an eye on Chini. Divya asks him not to worry as Atharva is developing feelings for Imlie and once he falls in her love, even Chini can’t separate them.

Rupali gets ready to visit Ranas. Arpita and Sundar inform her that they need to attend an important investor meeting and to take Chini instead. Rupali feels drowsy.
They suggest her to rest and let Chini go. Chini feels happy hearing that, walks to them and asks Rupali if she is ready to go. Rupali says she is feeling unwell, so chini alone can attend havan. Chini acts but easily agrees. Imlie tries to create a poem while working. Atharva notices her mumbling and walks to her. Imlie hides her book and says she is practicing bhajan. Atharva’s cousins hear that and praise that their brother is a musician and SIL is a bhajan singer.

Chini meets Jatin who offers her gift. She says he boughtit from her money. Jatin says there is no mine or his in relationship and asks why did he call her. Chini says she started feeling for her and values his love now. He asks if she is telling truth. Chini says last time she was confused when he showed her love for her, this time she wants to sure. Jatin asks what should he do for her. Chini thinks she will use his help in shifting to Atharva’s house. Imlie feels nervous thinking how will she finish writing poems in such a short span and passes by Atharva snapping her fingers. Atharva asks her to repeat it and creates a tune. He feels happy and thanks her. She asks him to play it. He plays tune. Imlie creates a poem out of it and happily hugs and thanks him.

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