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Aparajita 7 July 2023: Akshay tells Aparajita that what happened was not good. Aparajita says you also think I was using your daughter as a servant? Akshay says I am not saying that, I have seen you taking care of Niya, I am saying Mohini shouldn’t have created a scene.

Aparajita says Mohini hates me and my daughters, she can do anything in her anger. Akshay says I will talk to her. Aparajita says I understand her fear, you have to make her believe that me and my kids won’t come in your relationship. I don’t want her to do anything like she did with the jok… she stops herself and says I can’t go anywhere with my daughters but you can go back to Dubai with your family.

Akshay says I want to be close with my daughters so what’s her problem? I am still their father and we are parents so can’t we be with our kids like regular parents? Aparajita says no, I am not stopping you from giving love to your kids but don’t expect more than that from me.

Disha calls Aparajita and says I am searching up for Ritika’s information. Ritika’s photo falls down, Chhavi comes there and is about to see it but Aparajita comes there and takes it. She asks Chhavi to go and rest. She leaves. Disha says sorry to her, Aparajita says we can’t let Chhavi find out anything, I don’t want to lie to Chhavi but we have to. Disha says you are the best mother. She says I am trying to find anything about Ritika but I can’t. Aparajita says we can go to the police station and see if her father complained about her going missing.

Mohini comes to Sunil and says congrats, you will win the elections so I want to congratulate you. She gives him a cheque of 10 crore and says you should get Veer and Chhavi married in 10 days. Sunil says not a chance. Mohini says you know there are a lot of mysteries like Ritika, who went missing? Sunil gets scared. Mohini says Veer and Chhavi will have a roka in 3 days, she gives him a card. She says you just have to give out the news that you are sending Veer to London.

Aparajita comes to the police station and shows Ritika’s photo. She says Ritika is missing and her family is not around, I am here to file a complaint. They write her complaint. The inspector thinks these women are trying to find out about Ritika, I have to be careful.

Veer comes to Akshay’s house. He tells him that my father is sending me to London but I can’t live without Chhavi, I know I have done mistakes but I love her a lot. He sits on his knees and says what’s Aparajita’s problem with me? I can give up anything for Chhavi. He burns his cards and papers. Akshay stops him and asks if he is crazy? Veer cries and says I don’t wan to lose Chhavi, please get Aparajita to accept me. Akshay asks him to calm down, I will do something.

Veer says Chhavi always said you would understand her, she trusts you a lot. Mohini comes there and says Akshay will support you, Veer nods and leaves. Mohini tells Akshay that he is a nice boy, he loves our Chhavi a lot but I don’t know what Aparajita’s problem with him is, she never proved anything against him but she is stubborn. You like Veer so don’t disappoint Chhavi. Akshay says I don’t know what’s Aparajita’s problem is, if Chhavi’s happiness is with Veer then I will get them together, when is he leaving? Mohini says in 10 days. Akshay leaves. Mohini smirks.

Aparajita asks Disha if the police will search for Ritika? Disha says they will.

The inspector calls Sunil and says Aparajita-Disha came to ask about Ritika. Sunil says Veer’s name shouldn’t come up in this case at all, its about my position also.

Aparajita tells Disha that Mohini won’t be silent, she will be up to something.

In the morning, Sunil comes to meet Akshay and says power and money should combine to grow. You have money and I have power so wew should get Veer-Chhavi together. Akshay says Chhavi is my daughter and not a deal. Sunil says I mean I just saw them together and Chhavi is a mature girl so I am thinking of doing roka in 2 days. Akshay says what? Mohini says ofcourse we will do it, Akshay doesn’t need Aparajita’s permission, its a great idea. Akshay leaves. Mohini says no one can stop this roka.

Akshay comes to Aparajita and says Veer is going to London. Aparajita says that’s good. Akshay says Chhavi will breakdown, I have decided to get them married before he leaves. Aparajita says what are you talking about? She locks the room and says how can you take this decision without talking to me? Akshay says you don’t care about my daughters’ happiness. Aparajita says Veer is not a good guy. Akshay says what’s wrong with him? Aparajita says listen then.. Veer had a girlfriend and she went missing and then her father did a suicide, I think Veer is behind all that. Akshay is shocked.

Aparajita tells Akshay that Veer had a girlfriend but she went missing and no one knows where she is now, I think Veer is behind that, I have seen Veer’s anger, he becomes crazy when he wants something. Akshay says do you have any proof against him? you have put a blame on him without any proof and now you are acting like a judge and have already convicted him without any proof or his statement, your problem is that you can’t see any goodness in a man because of your past, you see every man from the same lens and think all men are bad. Every man has goodness and badness.

I know I am a bad husband in your eyes but I am a good husband for Mohini. I want proof of your words? Aparajita says I don’t have any proof against him yet but can’t you see what I am seeing? My heart says he is not a good person for her and a mother’s instinct is never wrong. Akshay says its not like that, you can’t always be right, and people don’t care what a mother thinks. I am a father and I have seen Veer, I have decided this for my daughter’s happiness. He says even if I agree that Veer is a bad person for Chhavi, I still need proof. You have 2 days to prove that Veer has any involvement with his ex going missing.

If you can’t prove it then Chhavi and Veer will have a roka after 2 days and you will let it happen. Aparajita says I promise to prove that Veer is not a good person in 2 days only, I will prove that you are destroying our daughter’s life. Akshay says done for Chhavi. Chhavi hides and hears all that. She leaves from there. Akshay looks at Aparajita and leaves. Disha comes to Aparajita and asks what happened?

Chhavi comes to her room and cries. She recalls her moments with Veer, his love for her. She takes her phone and calls Veer, she says who is Ritika?

Aparajita tells Disha that we have to expose Veer in 2 days only. Aparajita gets a call from the inspector who asks her to come there.

The inspector meets with Veer and Sunil. Veer is angry and says I will kill that Aparajita, she wants to know about Ritika right? I will finish her and get my Chhavi. Mohini comes there and says this man is useless, you have so much power but this son of yours is just a trouble. Veer gets angry and tries to attack her with a knife but she says I am not Chhavi or Aparajita so keep your anger under control. I am the only one who can unite you with Chhavi, if you want to win over Chhavi then go and tell her everything about Ritika.

The inspector tells Aparajita and Disha that Ritika died an year in an accident. Aparajita thinks Veer must be behind this.

Chhavi says I trust Veer but why didn’t he tell me about Ritika? Who is she? Veer comes there and says I will tell you about Ritika. Chhavi runs and hugs him, she says I want to know the truth, was she your girlfriend? how did she go missing? I don’t care about your past but how did she go missing? Veer says yes I had a girlfriend Ritika and she went missing but your mom lied about her to you. The flashback shows how Mohini told Veer to twist the story to Chhavi, make her fall in love with you more, the flashback ends. Veer tells Chhavi that I will tell you the truth. Aparajita and Disha come home. Aparajita shouts how dare you come here? get lost. Chhavi says I heard you talking to Akshay, he wants to tell me the truth. Aparajita says I don’t want to hear anything from him, who called him here?

Akshay comes there and says I called him here, he wanted to meet Chhavi and tell her the truth but you don’t want to hear him at all. Aparajita says because I don’t want to, I got to know from the police that Ritika died in an accident but I am sure he is behind her death, she shouts at him to get lost. Veer angrily takes a knife and glares at Aparajita. He gives a knife to her and says you can kill me if you hate me that much but I can’t live without Chhavi.

Chhavi takes the knife from him. Veer says I wanted to tell the truth but she thinks I am a murderer, is she hating me because of her broken marriage? does she think all men give pain? if her marriage was not successful so she thinks Chhavi and I won’t be happily married? Akshay asks him to stay in his limit. Veer says I am sorry but she never trusted me, she trusted people against me. She has a problem with me because she doesn’t want her daughter to happiness which she could never get. She spent her life in poverty but when her daughter is getting married in a rich family then she can’t bear it. Chhavi gets angry and slaps him hard. Aparajita is shocked.

Chhavi says don’t you dare say a word against my mother. Veer says you can slap me more if you want but this is the truth, she has always compared our relationship with her relationship, she thinks if she couldn’t get love and acceptance in her relationship then how can her daughter get it. Chhavi looks at Aparajita. Aparajita says you also think I don’t want to see you happy? Akshay says Veer is saying it wrongly but maybe he is right? at least listen to him. You said you will have proof against him but you have nothing against him. Aparajita says I do have a proof but you all have to come to the police station with me. Veer looks on.

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