Aparajita Zeeworld update Saturday 8 July 2023

Aparajita 8 July 2023: Aparajita comes to the police station with Disha. Akshay, Mohini, Sunil and Veer are there too. Aparajita asks the inspector to show them Ritika’s file, I am sure Veer killed her. Sunil asks her to shut up. Aparajita says you are saying that she was not Veer’s girlfriend? Sunil says she was his girlfriend and I never denied it. That girl loved Veer’s money and not him, when Veer tried to leave her then that girl went crazy, she tried to trap Veer but I filed a case against her and her father for blackmailing us, she ran away then.

Aparajita 7 July 2023

Aparajita says she died in a car accident, she asks the inspector to show them a file. The inspector says what file? we have no case for Ritika registered here. Aparajita is shocked. The flashback shows how Mohini told Sunil that we have to make Aparajita look like a liar in front of Akshay, the flashback ends. Aparajita asks the inspector to not lie. Mohini says you are calling Veer a murderer without any proof. Aparajita says you all are lying. Akshay asks her to stop it, you haven’t proved anything, she is my daughter and Chhavi-Veer will have a roka after 2 days if you can’t prove anything, he angrily leaves. Aparajita looks on.

Chhavi tells Disha that Veer is a good guy, Maa is misunderstanding him. Aparajita comes there and says you were right, I was wrong about Veer but now I know that he is good so I am ready for your marriage with him. Chhavi gets happy and hugs her. Aparajita thinks we don’t have any proof so its better to be silent for now.Mohini tells Sunil that Aparajita can’t stop this marriage now, I just hope this Ritika’s matter remains under wraps.

Chhavi tells Aparajita that I knew you would come around, Veer would be so happy, I will go and call him, she leaves. Disha asks why did you agree to their wedding? What happened there? Aparajita tells her everything. Disha says it means the police was bought too. Aparajita says we have no proof against Veer, if this roka is done then we will get some more time before the wedding. Disha says we won’t be able to stop the wedding then. Aparajita asks her to go and meet the girl who knew about Ritika. Disha says is not picking up my call. A girl in veil with burned feet try to enter Aparajita’s house but hides from them.

Chhavi comes to meet Akshay and tells him everything. Mohini comes there and asks what happened? Niya says Aparajita agreed for Chhavi and Veer’s roka. Mohini says that’s great, she mistakenly drops her phone and Akshay sees Sunil calling her. She gets worried. He takes the call and Sunil says I did as you said. Akshay says what? Mohini takes the call and says yes, Aparajita agreed for Veer and Chhavi’s roka. Mohini ends the call and tells Chhavi that I am happy for you. Akshay says I just want her to be happy. Dadi looks on and thinks how did Aparajita agree suddenly?

Dadi meets Aparajita and asks how did she agree? Aparajita says I thought to get Veer and Chhavi roka done and they can get married after 1 year when she completes her studies. Akshay comes there and says 1 year? you want Veer to leave for London and let Chhavi stay here alone? Aparajita says we can’t send Chhavi to London suddenly. Akshay says 1 year is a lot, she should go with him. Chhavi comes there and says I know 1 year is a lot but my love is not weak. If Maa wants me to wait for Veer to come back then I will do it. Akshay says if you are okay then its fine, will Veer have any issue? Chhavi says he won’t. Akshay nods.

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Anupama 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj Spend Quality Time Together

Anupama 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj Spend Quality Time Together

Sunil tells Mohini that you will release my funds after this wedding. Veer comes there and says Aparajita has created another drama. She wants the wedding to happen in 1 year and Chhavi asked me if I have any issues so I couldn’t say anything to her. He shouts at Mohini that your words were useless. Mohini shouts to not talk to her like that ever again. You can misbehave with your mother and girlfriend but don’t try to raise your voice on me otherwise everyone will know about Ritika and what you did. veer looks on.

Aparajita and Disha are working on Roka preparations. She is budgeting for it. Disha says we have 1 year now to expose Veer. Aparajita says no, these people are all against us and will keep trying to push us down. Disha says I will keep trying to do something. Disha asks if they will do the roka here? Aparajita says yes, this is our house now. I will never go back to that house. Veer comes there and greets her. Aparajita glares at him. Veer says I thought to come and meet Chhavi. I am a member of this family now? I am your son-in-law right? Aparajita glares at him.

Chhavi sees Veer in her house, he smiles at her and says I wanted to meet you. He tries to hold her hand, Aparajita glares at them. Veer says I want to do a video call with Chhavi, I want to introduce Chhavi to my London friends if you don’t mind mom.. Aparajita asks Disha to bring sweets for Veer. Chhavi smiles.Aparajita recalls how Veer touched Chhavi and thinks I am unable to save Chhavi, God please show me a way. A woman is hiding outside her house and thinks to tell everything to Aparajita when the time is right.

Chhavi calls Asha and says you have to come for my roka. Disha stops her and takes the call, she asks Asha to focus on her exams only. Aparajita comes there and shows the lehenga to Chhavi, she says I got this for you. Chhavi doesn’t like it but says its pretty. Akshay comes there and shows a prettier lehenga to Chhavi, gets excited and says its very pretty, I will wear.. she looks at Aparajita. Akshay says I should have asked before buying this. Aparajita looks at his lehenga and says its pretty, she asks Chhavi to wear that only.

Akshay smiles. Chhavi goes to try. The basket is about to fall but Akshay-Aparajita hold it together. They stare at each other but she moves away. Akshay says Mohini and I were thinking to do Chhavi’s roka at our house, its her house. Aparajita says this is her house. Akshay says Chhavi was born and raised there. Also Sunil is an MLA so we should have a propoer place for his guests. Aparajita says why, he will be ashamed to get a daughter in law from this house? this is her house now. She was born in that house and was raised there but she was thrown out of that house in the middle of the night, she was insulted by your wife in that house only, when she was molested then her father was silent and didn’t take her side in that house only.

Chhavi and Mohini come there. Mohini says let it be Akshay, I am not Chhavi’s mother so her opinion matters only. Mohini smirks and thinks I will spoil their lives. Mohini says they can do the roka here and we can have a cocktail party later on in our house. Aparajita says you want to have an alcohol party? Mohini says its common, she is going to be married to an MLA’s son so she has to be a part of all this. Aparajita says my daughter won’t go that house for another drama. She leaves from there.

Mohini says don’t I have a right on Chhavi? Akshay leaves from there.Chhavi comes to Aparajita and says you always taught me to forget the bad and just remember the good memories. Aparajita says you are maturing a lot, I just want you to become strong and take right decisions. Chhavi says trust me then, forget the old matters, I don’t trust people blindly anymore, Veer has changed me a lot and now I can fight the world. I have forgotten all the bad memories and just remember the good so let this party happen, papa has a right on me and if he wants to have a party then please let it happen. Aparajita says okay,

you can have a party. Chhavi smiles and hugs her. Mohini comes there and says this makes me so happy, she asks Chhavi to go and inform her dad, Chhavi leaves. Mohini asks Aparajita to have sweets, you have 8 days left and then Veer will become your son-in-law. Aparajita eats the sweets and says Chhavi is happy and she will remain happy. These 8 days are enough to protect my daughter, you will lose because a mother’s love can do anything but you won’t understand because you don’t love your daughter like that. Mohini says what about you? you are using your daughters to keep Akshay with you. Aparajita sighs and says you have nothing else to say, you are so insecure. Mohini glares at her.

Aparajita makes her eat sweets and says I will fail your plan in front of your eyes only. Mohini says you are all just dialogues. Aparajita says you must know the rabbit-turtle story right? I trust my motherly instincts and I will prove you wrong.Aparajita feels someone’s presence in the house. Disha comes to her and says I found Ritika’s friend’s address. Aparajita says the man said Ritika had a sister, what if we look for her? if we find her then it will be helpful. The thunderstorm starts happening so Aparajita closes the door.

She asks Disha to close all the windows. The electricity goes off. A woman is approaching Aparajita’s house. The gate opens and she enters the house in a veil. She tears all the decorations. She says I won’t let this marriage happen.In the morning, Aparajita and Disha come to the lounge and see all decorations torn. She says what is all this? Aparajita finds footmarks and says someone was here, did they steal anything? She says the person just tore all this and left. It seems like the person is against roka. Disha says who would do it? Aparajita says lets just prepare for the roka. She thinks I feel like someone is keeping an eye on us.

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