Imlie starlife update Friday 23 February 2024

Imlie 23 February 2024: Atharva and Imlie search for their baby. He says it’s not easy to handle a new born, don’t know where the wardboy took their baby. Imlie looks at the temple in front and says Seeta maiya showed her a way and says they should go in that direction.

Wardboy Sattu hands over baby to the buyer who says this time got a beautiful rich baby. Sattu says baby’s mother is bad and can reach here any time, so he should take the baby and give him money. Man offers him 20000 rs. Sattu says he was getting dollars from the other party. Man gives him 30000 rs. Inspector insists Mishraji to tell wardboy’s name.

Mishraji thinks if he gives Sattu’s details, he will be caught; so he lies that he doesn’t know the name. Devika points a knife at Mishraji’s neck and threatens him to tell wardboy’s name and number. Inspector says she is taking law in her hands and would face punishment. Devika says it’s nothing in front of the punishment Imlie is facing by losing her daughter. Mishraji gives Sattu’s name and number. Rudra apologizes inspector on Devika’s behalf and asks him Sattu’s number to give it to Imlie.

Inspector refuses and says it’s not just a question of his grandhild but many children. Devika says inspector is right and apologizes him for her mistake. Inspector leaves. Devika notes down number from the impression on the notepad to give it to Imlie.

Keya and Akash repent for their mistakes and decide to help their family in getting Imlie’s baby back. Imlie and Atharva continue to search for their baby. Devika calls them and gives Sattu’s number to Imlie. Inspector passes by. Devika changes topic. Inspector leaves. Imlie asks if inspector is around her. Devika says he was and asks Imlie to find her grandchild and bring her back.

Imlie calls Sattu and he disconnects call repeatedly. Atharva gets Sattu’s location via his techie friend and reaches Mohan dhaba. Sattu tries to change his mobile sim, and mobile falls down. Imlie calls him again and notices phone ringing. She informs Atharva that he is Sattu. Atharva runs towards Sattu, but Sattu throws a cot towards them escapes. Atharva returns to Imlie seeing her writhing in pain. Police reaches there and scolds them for spoiling their plan of catching Sattu. Atharva says they are just trying to find their baby and requests him to take them along. Inspector refuses and sends them away with constables.

Devika prays god reunite her with her grandchild and encourages Imlie to not give up. Man gives baby to a beggar and asks him to be alert as whole city’s police is searching for this baby. Beggar thinks baby is very cute and will fetch him lots of money, he starts begging at the signal showing the baby. Imlie’s car stops at the signal. Imlie feels uncomfortable and tells that she senses her baby somewhere around. Beggar walks towards her seeing her in distress and thinking she will give him a big amount. Imlie and Atharva escape from the car seeing traffic jam. Constable runs behind them. Drama continues..

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