Imlie Starlife update Saturday 1 June 2024

Imlie 1 June 2024: Annapurna Daadi tells Agastya that if his past was meaningless to him, he wouldn’t have preserved his mother’s photo till now. Agastya burns all his childhood stuff saying Daadi is angry on him because of these.

Imlie throws blanket on the stuff and tries to save it. Dolly and Jugnu rush for her help. Imlie asks Jugnu to conserve Agastya’s mother’s pic. She walks to Agastya who is lying on the bed and lies besides him. Teri Meri Kahani Hai Ye.. song plays in the background. Agastya opens eyes and looks at her.

Navya asks Vishwa where is he going. Vishwa says he is working on Imlie’s case and is going to her house to know her past. A masked man enters Pallo’s house and searches for something. He finds Agastya mother/Imlie’s kaki’s photo on the floor. Dolly and Jugnu clean Agastya’s mother’s pic and keep it in a box. Bulbul returns home and finds things shattered all over, thinks who did all this. Agastya walks away from his room and plays piano. Whole family gathers and sadly look at him. Agastya asks if they all are sad as Daadi scolded him, they need not worry as he is fine. He jokes with Shivani not to smile or else she will get wrinkles on her face.

He asks Karan if Yashi bhabhi is coming today to meet them. Karan says Yashi told her flight got canceled today, so she will come tomorrow. Govind asks him to inform Yashi to bring her parents along. Karan says he will inform Yashi to bring along uncle and aunty. Shivani asks him to call them mummy and papa. Navya with Avinash walks in and asks if there is something going on. Govind and Rajni inform her about Karan’s alliance. Karan silently walks out nervously. Imlie confronts him to stop hiding truth and get into more trouble. Bulbul calls her and informs that someone barged into her house and shattered th ings all around, Pallo is not in town and will return tomorrow, so can she come and stay at her house tonight. Imlie says she will seek permission from family and will inform her.

Imlie seeks Agastya’s permission to let Bulbul stay at Chaudhry house tonight. Agastya says he knows she is conspiring to break Karan’s alliance with Yashi, he will not let that happen. Imlie says if Bulbul can’t come here, she will go and stay with Bulbul. She picks her sari to change. Agastya says if she thinks he will stop her, then she is wrong. Imlie says she is not expecting anything from him. Their argument continues, and she walks away. Bulbul gets afraid seeing someone around the house who turns out to be Titu’s friend. Imlie walks out of the house and sees Karan trying to escape with bags. She confronts him for trying to leave Imlie in this condition. Karan asks her to let him go as he has made a decision to go. She continues to confront him in vain and leaves from there.

Bulbul gets more afraid when something falls down. It turns out to be a rat. She then hears a door knock and asks who is it. Imlie says it’s her. Bulbul opens the door and asks how did she come here. Imlie says by walk and comforts her. Masked man is seen outside the house holding a dagger. While sleeping, Bulbul tells Imlie that Pallo wants her to abort her baby and Karan is delaying to inform his family about them. Imlie asks her not to worry as everything will be fine soon. Bulbul starts snoring. Imlie finds her diary nearby and remembers Agastya. Yaad Aarahi Hai.. song plays in the background. Agastya also missed Imlie. Imlie gets afraid seeing someone outside gets afraid, but finds no one. She then gets more afraid hearing a door knock.

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