Imlie Starlife update Sunday 2 June 2024

Imlie 2 June 2024: Imlie hears door knock and opens the door in fear. She searches around and finds a masked man coming towards her holding a sickle. She trembles in fear and calls Agastya. Agastya keeps his phone in silent mode and doesn’t hear it. Imlie falls down.

Navya visits Chaudhrys and tells Daadi that she saw lights on at this time, so thought of checking on. Daadi says Karan’s girlfriend is coming tomorrow, so they are discussing about the arrangements. Navya asks if she can help. Daadi says they will manage. Imlie gets up and runs towards door. Her mobile falls down. She tries to pick it, but then runs back again seeing the assassin walking towards her and closes the door. She wakes up Bulbul and takes her mobile, finds her mobile switched off, and tries to recharge it. Assassin disconnects electricity.

Navya asks Daadi why she does household chores herself instead of letting servants do that. Daadi says she was poor before, never forgot her roots, and still does her chores by herself. Navya asks how did she become rich. Daadi says her son Kunal had a sweets shop and wanted to open a factory, he got a factory for cheap and then opened multiple factories. Navya asks what happened to the people from whom Kunal took the factory. Daadi says she heard they shifted the village. Navya asks if she remembers his name. Daadi says his name and Navya’s husband’s name was same Tej Pratap Singh. Navya gets emotional and leaves from there. Rajni asks what happened to her.

Assassin continues to trouble Imlie. He spreads smoke around Imlie’s house to get her out. Jugnu informs Agastya that Daadi is calling him. Agastya is about to pick his phone, but walks away. He visits Daadi and expresses how much he is hurt with Daadi’s anger. Daadi says she asked him to find out about Avinash’s family. Agastya says he learnt that Avinash’s father used to visit Purvaiya regarding work and had a house here. He returns to his room and finds Imlie’s multiple calls. He calls her back and gets into car. Imlie hears her phone ringing, checks if the assassin is around, and gathering courage opens the door and picks call. Agastya asks why she didn’t she pick his call, if she is alright.

Neighbor Rama aunty walks in and asks Imlie why she is beating a plate at midnight. Assassin catches her from behind and threatens Imlie to throw her phone away. Imlie says she is fine. Agastya asks if he shall come there. Imlie says no and disconnects call. She throws phone in front of assassin. Assassin breaks it and kills Rama aunty.

Imlie and Bulbul are shocked. Assassin rushes towards Imlie. Imlie gathering courage runs back home and tries to close the door. He holds the door and tries to enter. Imlie pokes a pin in his hand and kicks him out. She then closes the door and sits in shock with Bulbul recalling assassin killing Rama aunty. Imlie asks Bulbul about her cycle. Bulbul says in a lawn at usual place.

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