My desire update Sunday 2 June 2024

My desire 2 June 2024: Pradyuman asks Arjun to leave and threatens to call Police. Arjun tells that he is not afraid of anyone. Mahima says we have come to talk to you. Pradyuman says I didn’t call you. Mahima says we have come here to buy his land, and will give a good sum for it.

Pradyuman taunts Arjun for hiring girl like her, as a project manager. Arjun says Mahima is a hardworking girl. Pradyuman says girls like Mahima wants short cut in life, and spends night with someone to become rich. Arjun says Mahima is his company’s diamond and asset and asks him not to talk like this. Pradyuman says diamond… will be using her well, to get deal with big clients.

Arjun gets angry and fights with him. Kashvi thinks same thing is happening, as she thought, Arjun couldn’t kept calm on his anger. She looks at their fight from outside and asks Arjun to stop, and listen to her. Arjun beats Pradyuman and pushes him. He falls on the sharp edge and gets heavily injuried on his head. Mahima tells Arjun that it is not his mistake, he himself fell on the wall. Kashvi comes there and gets shocked. She asks Arjun what did you do? She says I warned you not to come here, and told that she got solution, and says you don’t control your anger. Arjun says I had control on my anger, but was talking disgusted things, and says he fell down himself.

Kashvi sees Pradyuman heavily bleeding, checks him and tells that he has fainted. She says we have to take him to hospital. Servant comes there and says my Saheb died. Kashvi says he is unconscious due to injury, and says they will take him to hospital. Arjun says ok. Mahima tells Arjun that they shall leave from here. Kashvi asks if you think that everything will be fine, if you go from here. She says Servant saw you here, what Police will think if you leave, that you are guilty. And says he can die also. Mahima asks her to keep her logic to herself and asks Arjun to come. Arjun says Kashvi is right, it was an accident, if we go then it will be proved that we are guilty. Mahima says you are doing mistake. Arjun calls ambulance.

They reach hospital. Mahima tells Arjun that they shall leave and shall not be trapped in this situation. Arjun says it was not our mistake, it was an accident. He says we shall wait for Pradyuman to be fine, for humanity sake. He says I am sure that Pradyuman has a small injury. Nitya comes there. Arjun tells her everything. Nitya says you have brought him here, I hope that he is fine. Doctor comes out and tells that his collided with the wall, and that made him fall in coma. Arjun is shocked. He asks Arjun to inform his family members and says his condition is serious. Mahima says that’s why I said that we shall not get trapped in this case. Kashvi says we shall wait until his family comes, as he is critical. Mahima says we will be in more problem, if we stay here. She says it is better for us to leave. Kashvi says how can you talk casually. Nitya says Mahima is right and asks Arjun to come home. Arjun says how to leave him in this condition. Nitya tells that they shall leave. Arjun says ok and asks Kashvi to come. Kashvi also goes hesitantly.

Jagdish tells that if Pradyuman don’t get fine, then it will be murder case. Nitya says Arjun did this in self defence and it was an accident. Jagdish says due to Pradyuman’s condition, situation is changed. Nitya says we shall do something. He says we shall talk to the lawyer. Kashvi prays to God to protect Arjun. Mahima comes to Arjun and asks him to drink water. Arjun regrets and thinks how can I lose my conscience and hurt Pradyuman so much. Mahima asks him to sit and relax. Arjun feels guilty. Mahima says I felt good that you have beaten him for my respect, and fought with him for that. She says it is a big thing for me, and nothing will happen to Pradyuman. She asks him to have food. Arjun refuses. He shouts at her and then agrees to have food. She makes him have food.

Kashvi brings food for him. Mahima looks at him and says I was worried for him, and that’s why brought food for him. Kashvi says did I say anything? She says I am happy that someone had the food and goes. Mahima asks him to have the food. Arjun refuses, and says he had one bite, and that’s enough. He goes. Mahima smiles and eats food.

Arjun takes pillow and tells Kashvi that he will go and sleep on the terrace. Kashvi cries. She recalls dadi’s words and thinks she has to clear this matter right now.

She gets up to go and talk to Arjun. She goes there and finds him sitting. Arjun doesn’t talk to her. Kashvi says I want to talk to you, and says same thing happened about which I was afraid. Arjun says he don’t want to hear her lecture, and says you are happy that the matter got worst as you said, and calls her Mata Ji. He says you was always right, leave me.

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