Imlie starlife update Monday 31 July 2023

Imlie 31 July 2023: Devika asks Atharva to get ready soon to attend Chini’s engagement ceremony. Atharva asks if she will not look into his eyes. Devika says she doesn’t want to look at her wrong upbringing. Atharva if she ever realized what he is going through. Devika asks if he ever thought what Imlie is going through, he couldn’t love Imlie but can learn from her to be courageous at least. Once she leaves, Imlie walks in. Atharva’s Kurta button breaks and falls in front of Imlie. Imlie picks it, asks Atharva to give his kurta, and fixes button on it silently. Atharva says she should fight with him but not act good. Imlie says she can’t do so much for him and returns his kurta.

Ranas reach engagement venue. People look at Imlie and Atharva and discuss that they are so good looking and made for each other. Chini welcomes everyone and asks if they spend their complements on others, how will they complement real bride and groom. Abhishek jokes that he is looking handsome, but they all can blink their eyes. Everyone smile. Imlie and Abhishek walk on stage to exchange rings. Sundar pulls them out for a dance. They dance on Dil Chori Sadda Hogaay.. song. Atharva feels heartbroken seeing Chini dancing happily with Abhishek and drinks alcohol. Akash pulls him aside and asks what if papaji notices him. Atharva says he did a mistake by hiding his emotions, let him freely express his emotions today. Imlie walks towards Atharva. Arpita stops her and says let himself handle his mistake.

Atharva stops music and says he will play music for Chini and Abhishek. He plays a Punjabi song and with a wobbly gait dances around Abhishek and Chini. Chini thinks Atharva really became devdas. Atharva misbehaves with guests and picks more alcohol glasses. Imlie stops him and warns him to stop now. She holds his hand and asks him to come with her. He resists. She says if he really considers her as his friend, then he should come with her. He agrees, and she takes him away. Rudra says they came here to handle Imlie, but Imlie is handling Atharva here. Keya says Imlie doesn’t leave a chance to show off. Rudra asks if she has any better idea to handle Atharva, then she can go ahead. Keya stands mum.

Atharva resists again. Imlie warns him that she is very angry on him. He asks her to stop calling him with respect and call him just Arto. She says she lost her love and sister because of him. He says he lost his love and requests to forgive him. Imlie gives him a nice ear and walks away venting out her anger on him. Atharva slips and falls down. Guest discuss what happened to Rana’s younger son and Imlie’s husband. Sundar manages situation and sends them to have food. He walks to Imlie who thinks its Atharva and angrily says if he thinks she will forgive him, but then seeing Sundar apologizes him. Sundar says he knows she returned to Rana house to take care of Rudra and is attending Chini’s engagement, she carries a burden of responsibilities like her mother. Imlie says she will not take up any more responsibilities and has come here to enjoy her sister’s engagement. Sundar says that’s like her girl.

Chini and Abhishek exchange rings and complete the ritual. Everyone clap for them while Atharva stands heartbroken. Arpita tells Rupali that she can see love and truth in Abhishek’s eyes for Chini. Rupali asks if she can see same in Chini’s eyes. Abhishek and Chini dance next while Imlie and Atharva cries sadly recalling the moments they spent together with their partners.

Abhishek over phone thanks Chini and says he saw his family happy today because of her and that is important for him. Chini says he is important to her. Abhishek asks her ot be honest always like she was on their first meeting and asks if she is happy with their engagement. Chini says she is and says he is so irri, then says he is so funny. She disconnects calls and seeing Arpita, Sundar, and Rupali discussing something seriously walks to them and asks if they are discussing about her engagement ring’s shine. Arpita asks if she couldn’t see the shine in Abhishek’s eyes after getting her. Rupali says Chini couldn’t value or respect her sister, at least she should now realize the real value of a diamond/Abhishek or else she would he at loss. Chini says she insisted Abhishek for early engagement and would convince him for early marriage, Abhishek is a super rich. Sundar says he is also an educated smart guy. Chini says she was telling same. Arpita warns her not to ruin Abhishek’s life like she ruined Imlie’s life. Chini says she is involved in Imlie’s husband and will not involve in Abhishhek’s husband. Rupali warns her to behave or else she will slap her. Chini says they all are venting out their frustration on her for Imlie’s loss. Arpita says she is responsible for Imlie’s marital loss and asks her to accept her mistake. Chini says they will never be happy for her even if Imlie would have been happy.

She walks away from there yelling at them and calls Imlie to check what is Imlie doing after getting her scolded. Devika and Shivani try to calm down heavily intoxicated Atharva. Atharva asks if they can hear Chini. Devika cries and prays god. Atharva says she has to go away from him if she wants god to respond her; nobody talks to her including Imlie, Chini, Rudra, etc.; he troubles everyone; tomorrow’s headline is DJ Arto is finished. Devika walks aside and cries more. Rudra notices that and walks away. Keya and Akash rejoice seeing Atharva’s condition and thinks they alone will enjoy Atharva’s property. Shivani blames Imlie for Atharva’s condition. Devika asks if she can’t see Imlie’s pain. Shivani says women face domestic violence, but Atharva never physically or mentally harrassed Imlie and hence Imlie should forgive Atharva and help him recover. Devika asks if she is saying so while she considers Imlie as inauspicious even now, but Imlie has to follow her patni dharma and compromise situationally.

Devikas ays neither Imlie will compromise nor she is alone, she and Rudra are with Imlie and will not let more injustice happening to Imlie again, both Imlie and Atharva have to learn to handle themselves. Atharva falls down. They both rush towards him.Imlie searches for her phone and realizes that he left it at Atharva’s room. Chini walks in. Imlie asks what is she doing at this time. Chini says she didn’t even say hi or hello and is just questioning her; she came to congratulate her for handling Atharva well today, though Atharva never gives importance to her. Imlie says one who are bigger in status and respect have the right to complement, Chini is neigther way bigger than ther. Chini says she is older than her, though she doesn’t look old, maybe because of that Imlie couldn’t win her husband’s heart as her husband’s eyes were stuck only at her face. She taunts Imlie that she was really a fool that she couldn’t realize that her husband was meeting her sister behind her. Imlie says Chini got engaged today and instead of talking about it and Abhishek, she came to talk about past which is insignificant now. Chini says she is very happy, but since when Imlie became an emotionaless robot.

Imlie says Imlie is same, but Chini is always different; she should stop wasting her time as she is not interested in knowing why she used to meet Arto. Chini says Arto used to force her too meet him. Imlie says she must be getting late and should leave. Chini says she came to take her remaining stuff. Imlie say she should take whatever is left here and never return. Chini thinks Imlie gave her a nice ear, anyways she is not bothered about Devdas Arto and lonely Paro and would be happy as Abhishek’s queen away from all this tension.Imlie walks into Atharva’s room and notices Devika and Shivani trying to control heavily intoxicated Atharva. Shivani curses Imlie and Chini for ruining Atharva’s life and says Imlie will leave after Rudra gets well and let Atharva in pain, they should get Atharva married to another girl soon.

Devika asks how can she think fo Atharva’s second marriage with Imlie’s presence. She notices Imlie standing. Atharva crawls to Imlie and insists her to talk to her. Imlie asks him to leave her hand. Atharva pleads her to help him become like her or else he will die. Imlie recalls Atharva telling Chini that he loves her and not Imlie. She frees her hand and walks away. Shivani curses Imlie again. Next morning, Imlie wakes up Atharva by throwing a bucket full of water on him. Atharva gets angry on her. Imlie says he is wasting time on his commentary and its already 8:05 a.m., he should get have got ready by now ready. Atharva says whom he should get ready for. She asks him to get ready and go to work. He asks why is she doing this. She says he requested her for help. He recalls the event and says he requested her to stay back for dad and nothing more than that, he was inebriated last night. Imlie says he lost his love and everything and should stop giving excuses. Atharva says he should have someone to change, she will leave him again soon. Imlie says she is bounded by his promise and her heart is bounded by his love.

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