Guddan Zee world update Sunday 25 September 2022

Guddan 25 September 2022: Gudden pick ring? and remember her promise to do anything in return to save reviti from prav and Akshat words that they both are different still will get married, and make him wear ring?.. Everyone claps.???? Kaushalya think thank god gudden is out of my life and my name joint from this big family (laalchi/greedy lady??). Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati think, we cannot tolerate her as our mother in law. Durga ask Laxmi and saraswati how did they knew that gudden lost ring??Durga scold laxmi for stoleing Antra ring, laxmi seconds her saying she is not her mother in law, you are just our jethani. She open her cupboard and see her jewellary gone. Saraswati arrives and say my jewellary is stolen. Durga say that I took them and hidden as now you both should realise how you feel when people taunt and humiliate you without any mistake, than you both will know how gudden would have felt.

Saraswati ask are you on gudden side or our side? Durga say fine than lets tell AJ that you both took Antra Mom ring?. They both get terrified. Durga say if not than don’t do anything now.Kaushalya praises jindal party and gudden luck. Her neighbours taunt her now you like gudden as you always say she can’t do anything. They even taunt gudden for having such rich family as in law house. Just than durga arrives and try to talk to gudden alone. Kaushalya make neighbours go and ask gudden to talk. Durga present Gudden cactus? garland and say I don’t want you to become our youngest mother in law. Gudden take garland and wear while taking durga to that room? where she wrote? sorry maa all time. Gudden say I always make mistakes and even say sorry since childhood.

I don’t even want to marry Akshat but… And stops. Durga what but second you said you don’t want to marry AJ. Gudden say yes, i am not interested into becoming youngest mother in law. Durga say shall I help you in breaking marriage.Dadi talk to Akshat that since you start talking late, but I use to understand your feeling that time even, just today I understand that you are marrying gudden as Antra wanted you to get married into 15 days and you can’t give antra place to anyone. And gudden hate you so she will never ask for her rights and love. But you should not do this its all done by Lord krishna. Akshat says its not like that. Dadi ask if its not that than try to remove ring. Akshat try but it get stuck. Akshat leaves saying he has work. Dadi smiles? and say that Lord Krishna please make Gudden and Akshat one, after all its about happiness of akshat and family.

Kaushalya, reviti and her papa ask gudden about what durga said but gudden say that its sasural thing, mayaka should not know and try to go but get slipped. Her papa hold her saying be careful as i will not be with you at your house and get teary? eye. But Gudden say i hate tears? in filmy style and make moment light. Thinking what durga said.Dadi makes preparation of mehendi, when durga ask her to take medicine and relex, gudden is going to be our mother in law, we shall see everything.

Laxmi and Saraswati come and say to durga that you did very bad with us. One of guest come and taunt Laxmi and saraswati that why they are not wearing jewellary, daughter in law doesn’t look good like this. Durga says that even I told them but they are doing preparation for welcoming our mother in law. Guest say to them to get ready.Durga say to them that go and get ready, i have kept your jewellary back, and it was lesson for you both. Saraswati and laxmi ask it means gudden will become our mother in law. Durga says its my promise that gudden neither will apply AJ name mehendi nor she will become youngest mother in law.

Durga scold laxmi and saraswati for steal. Saraswati say but our motive is same. Durga say I know our motive is same but way is different. What you did can make gudden out of life, but blame and salender will be on our family. But Gudden should be… Interupted by dadi and she say now call gudden as mother in law not by her name.Gudden and her family arrives, gudden think about druga words, with rose ?petal shower. Dadi bless gudden and pray with smile?, that you find your love❤ and akshat arrives. Tere hathon me na meri lakeerien…. Hain bhut alag si apni takdeerien…?? Daadi bless Akshat and Gudden.

Durga and Gudden talk about daadi feelings. Durga ask to focus on running.
Full family dance?? on galla guddiyan (akshat marriage without 3rd son, does he even live on this planet??????)
Lady ask Gudden let me wash your hand and feet before mehandi. Gudden say little late please. Gudden think? to tell Akshat about her running plan with help of Durga. Gudden goes to Akshat and try to tell him, but say change this boring color, as who wear this color in marriage. Aksaht say I wear, and I don’t have much time, come to point.Gudden: I hope, you don’t have heart problemAkshat??????Gudden: I mean you can bear, any heart breaking news.

Akshat: I am going to bear you, so I can bear any thing (Tumko zindagi bhar jhelne wala hun, to kuch bhi jhel skta hun).??????Gudden get irriatated and durga ask her whats she was doing? Gudden I was planning to tell akshat about our plan, but not now. Durga ask her not to do anything until I shall tell you. Dadi call them for mehandi.Kaushalya say to gudden that see jindals spent on engagement? and on mehendi this much, then marriage will be more special. Gudden think? if it will happen only. Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati bring special mehandi. Dadi ask that generally Mother in law put mehandi, but this marriage is different so now all three Daughter in law will put mehandi and take blessings.

Gudden and all three bend to touch feet and everyone laugh???. Dadi ask gudden to bless, you are youngest mother in law.Laxmi say I will not touch her feet but durga give her angry look, all 3 touch her feet and ask for blessing. Gudden think she is asking for blessing, what about her plan? And blesses them. Durga ask laxmi and Saraswati it was first and last time you touched her feet.Durga put mehandi on gudden palm.Gudden think she is putting mehandi now, what is she thinking? Mehandi lady ask what to write Akshat/AJ or anything else with love(I think say uncle??) but durga ask lets make moment memorable and make gudden and akshat dance. Gudden agree happily.???

Gudden and Akshat dance???? on Pyaar ki ek kahani suno… Dadi smile? and see love dream sequence of them. Dadi come out of dream sequence. Akshat and Gudden dance and both of them slip on floor. Durga think, I shall do such thing that this girl will never face world, after all who want to marry a girl who run away from mehandi.Gudden Say now see what I shall do. She ask for lights off. Revti perform on song dilbarr.???? Gudden is enjoying dance. Durga say to laxmi and saraswati now see my last and final attack. Durga ask gudden to hide inside carriage and workers take carriage out.

When dance?? end, people realise gudden is not here. Lady blames gudden ran away from marriage. Kaushalya denies she can’t do this. Durga blame gudden saying I saw her while she was running from here. Kaushalya say no she can’t. Laxmi and Saraswati joins her and say after all gudden is their step daughter, she must have not told her truth. Durga say you are so shameless people that you came here even knowing that their gudden can’t do anything. Saraswati say whole Indore knows that Gudden se na Ho paayega (Gudden

can’t do anything). Ladies talk Gudden is so shameless. Akshat shout stop it and call off party, he think Gudden can’t run away from me.Gudden is happily dancing. Truck stop and workers start drinking?. Gudden beat door of carraige and ask to open door. Workers open door and smile? seeing gudden. Gudden thank them.At Jindal house Kaushalya cry? (fake) Gudden for being such careless and she say everyone is blaming me after all I am step mom. Dadi ask her to relex and she must be fine. Kaushalaya say see reviti and her papa are so sad. Akshat come down, is about to go, but dadi ask where is he going? Akshat say to find gudden. Then he make Gudden father sit and tell him that relex, I shall find gudden. Gudden father say, I know Gudden is careless but not irresponsible.

She knows her limits and she is my pride. Akshat promise him, that he will bring Gudden safe and sound, till than you stay at jindal house. Akshat goes and dadi smiles?. Akshat drive car? and look for Gudden.Laxmi praises Durga for her sucess in plan. Durga say its the difference, you try to hurt family reputation but I hurted gudden. It was our dream to get Mother in law but gudden spoiled it, so how can I leave her easily? And she can’t become our youngest mother in law.Gudden thank Workers for making her out. I can’t marry. One of worker say that even we don’t believe in marriage, when we can enjoy without it. He try to hold her, but she tell I shall beat you all, but you all drunk?, so relex and try to go.

They surround her and One of worker throw her duppatta, which fall on akshat and he shout stop. Gudden run towards him and hide behind him. Akashat make her wear duppatta music plays?? while both look into each other eyes?….and ask about her well being. Gudden ask him to lets go, workers are more and powerful.At jindal house Kaushalya again blame Gudden but dadi and her husband stop her. Dadi say how can you say bad words for your daughter?? One lady say to durga to call police and media and complain about gudden but dadi shut her mouth saying none of us present here can’t do what is gudden about to do. Gudden is just 20 years old and marrying 40 year akshat, she must have got terrified? because of all this pressure after all she is about to become youngest Mother in law but I am sure Akshat will find her and bring her safe and sound.

Gudden ask Akshat lets go from here. Workers ask akshat that you can’t go, but gudden request tham and say please let us go, Uncle is of 40 years, don’t go on his looks and he color his hairs. Akshat say Uncle??? But workers don’t listen to them and try to attack. Gudden fold hands and say we shall not say anything to anyone, please let us go. She hold akshat (like protecting him), she than see carriage and hold akshat hand run towards it. Both go inside and she lock it. Workers ask don’t let them run, and run behind them, and beat carriage door.

Akshat free Gudden from their agreementGudden say I stuck because of you. Goons open door. Akshat say let me go, do whatever you want to do with her. Gudden say I know that you are not only aged but also so dumb.. Help me… Akshat say sorry I can’t hear you due to age factor..??. Gudden say please save me. Akshat say not me but us, we both we fight… Akshat beat?? goons. He uses her duppatta to clean his sweat. Gudden get terrified thinking he beated goons as he tried to misbehave with me, but now what shall I do as I ran away from mehendi..

Durga give water to dadi. Kaushalya say this gudden is biggest problem. Due to her people say we are from that family where gudden can’t do anything. Durga shut her mouth saying we can’t listen anything against our Mother in law and AJ.Gudden say please give me any punishment, as I know I did wrong but I can’t marry you. Akshat remember Antra wish and say we shall marry tomorrow at any cost.??His sons say to remove decorations but Akshat stop him as marriage will happen. Gudden father ask about their well being. Dadi ask Akasht to apply mehendi. Akshat pick mehendi cone and walk toward shewta and apply mehendi at her hand. Laxmi get happy. Gudden get thinking?. Both look at each other. Laxmi say now shewta will get married to AJ.

Akshat say gudden can’t become my wife as she can’t do anything. Kaushalya say what are you saying? Gudden father fold her hands and we will not able to show our faces to anyone. Akshat say you should realise truth as soon as possible. Kaushalaya taunts Gudden for everything, I thinked? that finally you can do anything, but whats all this happening. Durga say its not big thing. Kaushalaya say ask Akshat for reason. Dadi say go and ask for reason.Gudden goes to him, but Akshat say I know all think I hurted you, but you always knew the truth, now go and celebrate.. (both are in deep pain?) Akshat further add that you never think of future, you thought to run away from mehendi but didn’t thought about concequences like goons, answer to family etc.

But its your life.. Now one last thing is left that to free you from this agreement and tear agreement papers…Akshat and Gudden walk in different directions and full song tere haathon me na meri lakeeiren, hai bhut alg si apni takdeeiren, mera zamin pr chalna, tera hawa sa udna haan namukin hai tera mera milna……???????

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