Imlie starlife update Monday 24 July 2023

Imlie 24 July 2023: Imlie realizes her bangles have been replaced with fake bangles and searches for her bangles. Atharva walks to her and asks if something is wrong. Imlie informs that his grandmother’s bangles which his mother gifted him are replaced with fake bangles. Atharva says servants can’t do that as they are working for them since years, asks her not to inform anyone about it till they find out real culprit. Someone calls Imlie. Anu meets Imlie and asks if she got loyal to Imlie or too obedient to Rupali that she is going to meet another boy. Chini will have fun with the boy at a superluxury restaurant booked by Rupali. Anu asks if she will spare Imlie for Atharva. Chini says she already put Imlie into trouble and describes how she stole Imlie’s bangles and replaced them with fake ones. Anu praises her. Chini says she deserves a fun date after a hard work. Anu says of course. Chini leaves.

Atharva and Imlie sit for havan. Shivani asks where is Chini. Rudra says this havan is for their family and whole family is already present here. Devika says god’s immense blessings are on them, but also tested them a lot; years ago, they had incurred huge losses in business and had to sell her jewelry. Rudra says she didn’t sell his amma/mother’s bangles though. Imlie looks at Atharva’s face. Devika says ammaji used to say they all 5 are her real wealth, even she didn’t forget that family unity is the real wealth and she is sure Imlie can carry on their family lineage and deserves ammaji’s bangles. Keya says elder DIL deserves those bangle and not younger one. Akash shows Imlie looking nervous. Keya says he is right, what must be the reason. She notices Imlie’s fake bangles, informs Akash, and says they should use this opportunity to defame Imlie.

Chini reaches a posh restaurant to meet a boy Abhishek Agnihotri and thinks if he can’t afford it. A manager denies her entry. She showing her attitude arrogantly says she is Chini Tripathi. Manager checks reservation list and says her name is not in list. She asks what about Abhishek Agnihotri. Manager says no and asks her to move aside and let the customers come in. Abhishek walks to her. She asks if he is chiku shake Abhishek. He says yes. She says he needs reservation to enter this restaurant. He says he knows and came to take her to another place. He takes her to a roadside tea stall/tapri and says he wants to serve her good tea on their first date. Chini calls Rupali and asks from where does she find such middle class and cheap boys.

Rupali says Chini does mistakes instead and asks why didn’t she inform them about Devika’s missing. Chini nervously says actually.. Rupali says Chini is selfish and just bothered about herself, so she should meet Abhishek who is a good boy and finalize him. Chini fumes in anger.Devika asks everyone to put their bangles in milk pot. Everyone does including Imlie. Divya says havan is spoilt with milk turning yellow. Shivani checks milk pot and finds Imlie’s bangles fake. Keya says Imlie replaced family bangles with fake ones and provokes Shivan against Imlie. Imlie says someone stole ammaji bangles and replaced them with fake ones. Shivani and Keya continue to accuse Imile. Atharva takes Imlie’s side and says she informed him first about it and is the one who saved him, Rudra, and Devika and always cares for the family. Divya asks who stole bangles then.

Chini feels bored with Abhishek while having tea. Abhishek says even he is feeling bored and asks if she doesn’t talk. She asks howmuch he earns. He says 30000-40000 rs. She says she can’t even buy 2 dresses with that money, how will he take care of her. He says he is not her babysitter to take care of her. She thinks he is a broke and irritating, at least she can be happy thinking about Imlie’s condition. Shivani says Imlie sold real bangles and replaced them with fakes ones. Atharva says she should remember what all Imlie did for their family before thinking wrong about Imlie. Keya asks who will steal bangles from home then. Atharva says bangles themselves will speak.

Devika asks where will he get bangles from. Atharva says thief would have sold the bangles to some jeweler, so he will find out and bring them back. Imlie accompanies them. They reach a local market where they see a goon holding those bangles. Atharva walks to him and offers 1 lakh for the bangles. Goon says 2 lakhs. Atharva agrees. Goon demands 5 lakhs and misbehaves with Imlie.

Imlie offers her jewelry to goons and requests them to return her bangles. Goons misbehave and pass on lewd comments on her. Atharva angrily trashes them until they all fall down injured. Senior goon apologizes Rudra and offers him bangles. Atharva asks them all to apologize Imlie whom they insulted. Imlie warns them to never misbehave with any woman again and asks who gave them these bangles. They say they don’t know, return her bangles, and run away. Imlie thanks Atharva for supporting her and getting back these bangles. Atharva says its nothing in front of what she does for his family. They both return home with bangles and inform who they them back from goons. Rudra praises Imlie for her brave act. Imlie says she can do anything until Atharva is with her. Rudra says his mother’s bangles are most precious for him and says they both are a hope for his family and he knows they will keep his family united. Keya and Akash stand fuming.

Imlie calls Naina and apologizes her for whatever happened during concert. Naina forgives her. Atharva praises her for apologizing Naina and befriending her. Imlie says she is like that. Atharva asks why did she apologize Naina when she said its not her mistake. Imlie says whenever she and Naina meet again, they would have remembered concert incident and develop a grudge for each other, so she cleared everything out. Atharva says even he is at mistake and is hiding from her, a sorry wouldn’t justificy his mistake. Chini thinks she should make an excuse to Abhishek and get away from him somehow. She says wants to make a call to Rupali as she is ill and walks aside. Abhishek calls Arpita and asks if Rupali and they are all fine. Arpita say yes. Abhishek discoonects call and thinks why did Chini lie. Chini returns.

Atahrva takes Imlie for a long drive. Imlie asks him to stop at a tea shop. He stops at a roadside stall where Chini and Abhishek are. Chini notices them and silently leaves with Abhishek. Imlie take a tea from a tapri. Atharva says he will have something else. Tea vendor says his shop’s paan/betel leaf is very famous. Atharva says in his childhood, he saw Amit ji having paan and singing a song. Imilie asks when did neighbor Amit uncle sing a song. Atharva says he is talking about Amitabh Bachchan. Chini takes Abhishek aside and says she wants someone who can own a restaurant and not take her to a tapri, so he should meet her again when he is able to own a restaurant. Abhishek says he liked her honesty and leaves. Chini thinks he didn’t mind even after his insult.

Atharva enjoys paan and sings Khaike Paan Banarawala… song while driving back. Imlie notices him getting intoxicagted and losing balance and asks if he is fine. He says he is and drives recklessly. Imlie tries to stop him. Atharva says he is safe until she is with him. He loses control and crashes car to a tree. They both get injured. Atharva falls unconscious. Imlie drives him home. Atharva opens his eyes at home and asks how did is she injured. Imlie says even he is injured. Atharva apologizes her. Imlie says its not his mistake as paanshop owner mixed something in paan. Atharva says he can’t remember what happened after having paan. Imlie says he sang a song and she didn’t know he is so funny. Atharva asks if he is boring. She asks him to rest and goes to prepare food for him.

Chini walks to him and blames Imlie for his condition. Atharva says its not Imlie’s mistake, he is feeling guilty for not telling truth to Imlie yet. Chini asks what is he waiting for then and walks away.Divya and Shivani indirectly blame Imlie for the problems in their family. Devika shuts their mouth. Imlie hears door knock and opens it. She is shocked to see police. Inspector asks who is the owner of this black car. Atharva walks to Imie and says he wants to talk. Imlie tells inspector that she drives it. Inspector says she is under arrest.

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