My desire update Monday 24 July 2023

My desire 24 July 2023: Digvijay calls Pihu and asks if she got ready for wedding. Pihu says she is already on the way to court. Digvijay warns her to make sure Preesha doesn’t reach court or else she will not let the wedding happen. Pihu asks him not to worry and recalls puncturing Preesha’s car tyres. She says Preesha won’t reach court and even if she, she will reach late only after the wedding finishes. Digvijay says she did really good and disconects call. He then leaves for court with Rudra. Preesha’s car punctures midway and driver says he will get her a taxi. Preesha seeks lift from passing vehicles and thinks she will find cab somehow.

Saransh stops his cab and tells her that he felt she needs help and hence came in cab for her. He recalls Roohi crying and telling Saransh that mamma is not doing anything to stop papa and Pihu’s wedding and was silently listening to Pihus’ taunts. Saransh says mamma is trying her best to stop wedding, even now she left for the court to stop wedding. Out of flashback, Saransh gets Preesha into his cab and rushes towards court.

Rudra with Digvijay reaches court. Officer asks details of bride and groom. Preesha reaches court. Pihu notices that and in lieu of going to washroom stops Preesha and verbally abuses her. Preesha says she needs to meet Rudra and inform him something. Pihu asks her to tell it to her first. Preesha denies. Pihu continues to verbally abuse and emotionally blackmail Preesha and collapses. Preesha gets worried for her and checks her pulse. She is shocked to learn that Pihu is pregnant. Pihu wakes up and asks where is she. Preesha says she is fine and offers her water. Pihu drinks water. Preesha asks if she is pregnant. Pihu asks how does she know Preesha says she is a doctor. Pihu lies that she and Rudra got intimate while trying to handle each other and she became pregnant, says she didn’t want to inform Preesha this way.

Preesha says if she is pregnant with Rudra’s baby and Rudra truly loves Pihu, she will not interfere between them. Pihu walks away smirking and thinking she purposefully acted as falling unconscious to let Preesha know about her pregnancy, poor Preesha doesn’t know that Vidyuth is her baby’s father. Saransh walks to Preesha and asks what happened. Preesha says lost time doesnt’ return, Rudra has moved on in life and will not return to his past. Preesha returns to family thinking Preesha will not return again. Lawyer takes bride and groom to judge.

Judge questions them and their witnesses Sharda and Digvijay and asks them to exchange garlands. Pihu puts garland in Rudra’s neck. Rudra feels uneasy. Sharda asks him to put garland in Pihu’s neck. Rudra does but hesitates to sign register. His hands tremble recalling his wedding with Preesha and time spent with her. Pihu asks him to sign the register and asks if there is any problem. Rudra then recalls Preesha intimate with Armaan and signs register.

Preesha returns home. Saransh asks why didn’t she speak to Rudra. Preesha says she can’t tell him a reason and says he should just understand that Rudra and Pihu’s marriage was bound to happen. Saransh asdks her to tell truth as he saw her speaking to Pihu and then returning home without speaking to Rudra. Preesha says its of no use now as the wedding would have happened by now. Roohi hears that and tells Saransh that as she told mamma didn’t do anything. Preesha tries to comfort her. Roohi says she separate her from her parents and made her alone. Rudra enters with Pihus and says Pihu is Roohi’s mamma from hereon.

Roohi confronts Preesha and says she is alone without her parents now because of Preesha. Rudra enters with Pihu after marrying her and tells Roohi that she is not alone as her papa is with her, he married Pihu who is a much better mother than Preesha. Pihu walks to Roohi smiling while Preesha stands crying. Sharda asks Preesha to get out of Rudra and Pihu’s way as she needs to perform their aarti. Preesha walks to her room followed by Roohi and Saransh. Rudra stands sad. Pihu tells him that she will convince kids.

Pihu gets angry on Saransh and says she was right that mamma will not do anything, but he was confident on mamma. Saransh says sorry and describes what happened at the court venue and how Pihu must have manipulated Preesha and stopped her from revealing truth to Rudra. Roohi says it means Pihu is interfering between mamma and papa, she will see how Pihu will succeed in her mission. Rudra takes Pihu to his room. Roohi walks in and insists Rudra to come out as he she needs to speak to him. Rudra says she can in front of her Pihu mamma. Roohi says Pihu is not her mamma yet and takes him out. Pihu feels tired and rests on bed.

Rudra asks Pihu what is she up to. Roohi says she is unhappy with his and Pihu’s marriage and says she saw Armaan conspiring something and saw him holding a white packet. Pihu gets rashes all over her body and starts scratchign herself. Rudra rushes to her room followed by Sharda and Digvijay. He finds white powder on bed. Roohi reminds that she saw Arman holding a white powder. Rudra walks to Armaan’s room and trashes him. Preesha protects him and asks what did a kid do. Rudra says Armaan is not a kid, he thew itching powder on his and Pihu’s bed. Roohi drops powder packet on a table and recalls how she planned all this.

Armaan says he didn’t do anything. Preesha continues to defend Armaan and asks proof from Rudra. Roohi shows him powder on a table. Rudra says this is a proof and says he will not let Armaan ruin Pihu’s life. Pihu protects Armaan again followed by Digvijay. Sharda tells Armaan that Preesha would obviously support Armaan, he should go and take care of Pihu first. Rudra leaves. Roohi thinks she didn’t let Rudra and Pihu sleep in same room. Armaan tells Preesha that he is innocent and Roohi did all this. He walks to Roohi’s room at night and draws moustache on her face with a permanent marker. Next morning, Saransh notices moustache on Roohi’s face and laughs on her. Roohi is also shocked and tries to wash it, but fails. She says it must be Armaan for sure and determines to punish him. Armaan wakes up, wears his shoes, and falls down. He notices shoe laces tied together and thinks Roohi must have pranked him.

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