Imlie starlife update Monday 20 March 2023


Imlie 20 March 2023: Neela tongue lashes Narmada for breaking her promise of getting Aryan and Gudiya married and humiliates Imlie. Aryan supports Imlie and says Imlie is his wife. He tries to take her blessings and apologizes that he didn’t know that she is coming. She yells if he would have given her a grandson if he had known earlier. Aryan says she doesn’t know Imlie well, else she wouldn’t have humiliated her. Gudiya acts as crying on Neela’s shoulder and says the spent so much and let a villager grab crores. Neela asks her to cry on Aryan’s shoulder instead and says she brought Gudiya here thinking she will be respected even after her devar/BIL passed away. Aryan says he is following his father by respecing his wife.

Imlie thinks she cannot get distracted and should focus on her motto. Neela pinches Gudiya. Gudiya shouts. Arpita asks what happened Gudiya. Gudiya asks her to call her doll and says she came here with lots of dreams, but they shattered. She calls Aryan as Ari baby and starts her emotional drama on her. Aryan asks her to stand apart and speak.Imlie starts her drama and tells Gudiya that they can be friends. Gudiya says she will never accept her friend request. Imlie asks if she loves Aryan since childhood. Gudiya says yes. Imlie thinks she got a chance to ruin Aryan’s plan.

She apologizes to Gudiya and Neela next. Neela yells at her and says she had brought Gudiya’s kundali/horoscope to match it with Aryan’s kundali. Imlie says her kundali is not matched with Aryan’s kundali yet. Aryan says he doesn’t believe in kundali and walks away asking Narmada and Arpita to make post-wedding rituals from tomorrow. Imlie thinks kundalis will not match and marriage will end before it starts. Aryan thinks his plan is better than Imlie’s plan, he will marry her for sure, she should just wait and watch.Imlie asks Narmada if she is angry on her. Narmada says how can she be angry on her. Imlie says she should be angry on her. Narmada says she wanted to, but cannot.

Imlie asks her to bless her and thinks she will end the lies with her blessings and not give her sorrows anymore. Aryan joins her. Narmada blesses them both and hugs them happily. Imlie’s tear falls on Aryana’s hand. Neela starts her emotional blackmail again.After sometime, Imlie in her room remembers Aryan’s condition to take back allegations on Aditya if she marries him. She thinks she will end every sign of this fake marriage but thinks why she is feeling pain, thinks she needs to focus of her career and tries to wipe out sindhoor when Arpita brings tea for her and asks if she married Aryan with her wish and if its not a part of revenge. Imlie says everything happened with her wish.

Arpita says she, Narmada, and Aryan are very lucky to get her. Imlie says she is also happy to get them. Arpita says she cannot express her happiness and thanks her. Imlie thanks her back for taking care of her. Arpita asks her to finish tea and sleep soon as she will have post-wedding rituals from tomorrow.Aryan hears their conversation. Arpita takes him away and asks if he was hearing their conversation; if Imlie had not said she is happy with this marriage, she would kept Imlie and kicked Aryan out of house. Aryan asks if Imlie is more dearer than him. She says even he loved Arvind more than her and says she is happy that he loves Imlie. Aryan says he doesn’t love Imile and is protecting her from Tripathis.

Arpita says Imlie is still small and innocent, he should promise that he will take care of Imlie. Aryan promises that Imlie will never be alone until he is there, she will not be misused by anyone due to her age, she will not get the pain more than she deserves, he will take good care of her. Arpita says she trust him and asks him to go and sleep now. He heads towards his room. She insists to go and sleep in Imlie’s room. He nervously says he can’t as maa hasn’t accepted this marriage yet. Arpita says she will speak to Imlie and pushes him into Imlie’s room.

Neela insists Narmada to match Aryan and Imlie’s kundalis. Narmada says what is the use now when marriage is already over. Neela uses emotional blackmail and says she didn’t match Arpita and Arvind’s kundalis due to which Arvind died and Arpita became a widow, she doesn’t want Aryan to die because of Imlie, etc. Narmada agrees to match Aryan and Imlie’s kundalis.Aryan nervously tells Imlie that Arpita pushed him saying married people should sleep together. She silently looks at him. He asks what she thought about her career as she cannot sit idle at home. He angrily throws pillows on him venting out anger on him.

He says she is getting married and not a life imprisonment. She says one marries with wish and not forcefully. He says he is stopping her from wrong decisions and reminds her of mistakes. He then asks why didn’t she tell truth to Arpita if she doesn’t want to this marriage. She says she couldn’t spoil her happiness and picks pillows back. Aryan walks to bed. She warns to dare not try to sleep on bed with her. He pulls a pillow under her feet, sleeps on couch, and asks her to rest well as their post-wedding rituals will continue till 1 week. Imlie thinks she need not wait till next week as Aryan’s drama will end with kunalis don’t match.

Next morning, Imlie wakes up and sees Aryan working on his laptop. She feels cold and switches off AC. Aryan starts it again and keeps remote with him. She tries to snatch remote from him. Their nok jhok starts. Remote breaks. She says she will pay 50% money as she is married to him. Narmada walks in and says not yet as their kundalis are not yet matched. She informs Aryan that Neela called panditj to match their kundalis. She asks Imlie to note down her birth details in a book. Aryan says there is no need for that. Imlie taunts him and noting down her details asks Narmada to prepare her kundali and asks what if kundalis don’t match. Narmada says she will not accept their marriage.

Aryan asks her to stop this superstition. Narmada says she accepted Arvind and Arpita’s marriage on his insistence and saw what happened, she will not take a chance this time. Imlie and Aryan’s nok jhok starts again.Rupali informs Aparna that Arpita informed her that Aryan and Imlie’s post-wedding rituals are starting and their kundalis are being matched. Aditya hears her and says their kundalis will not match as Imlie belongs to him. Pandit checks Aryan and Imlie’s kundalis and says they completely don’t match with each other and if they are married, there will be a big disaster. He suggests Narmada to find another alliance for her son.

Narmada tells Imlie that she loves her, but when fate is against them, she will not take a risk and will anull their marriage. Neela feels happy after her conspiracy works. Gudiya asks how does she do all this. Neela says she is named after Shivji’s name and will never lose. Pandit reveals that he is an actor and threatens to reveal their truth if they don’t give his money. Neela taunts him that he is poor and gives him money. Aryan passes by and thinks Imlie hired fake pandit to unmatch their kundalis and thinks now Imlie is caught and its his turn now.


Imlie prays god singing in her usual jovial style. Gudiya walks in and says if she had prayed before pandit checked her horoscope, may be her future would have been saved; asks if she has gone mad with shock. Imlie acts. Gudiya praises aryan. Imlie suggests her to keep Aryan’s photo in her room and pray him. Gudiya walks away showing her usual attitude. Imlie jokes on her and thinks she doesn’t care if Aryan marries Gudiya.Neela Badimaa provokes Narmada to break Imlie and Aditya’s marriage and get Aryan married to Gudiya as their kkundalis/horoscopes have already matched.

Aryan stops her and brings in many pandits to check Imlie’s horoscope. Badimaa asks why is he doing this when her pandit already informed that Imlie’s kundali doesn’t match his kundali. Narmada asks what is he doing. Aryan says he is doing what she wants and tells Badimaa that she was trying to explain maa that they are Rajputs and should do everything in a royal way, so he understood her thought. He makes Imlie sit with him and asks pandits to match their horoscope. Narmada asks Imlie to inform her birth date and place. Aryan gives details in 1 go, surprising Imlie.

Aparna gets Narmada’s call and informs family that Panditji matched Imlie and Aryan’s kundalis, 32 out of 36 qualities matched. Rupali says even her and Pranav’s qualities matched, but they all know what happened. Aparna says we all want Imlie back in our lives, but they should realize that they will never lose Imlie. Harish asks her to forget the family and thinks what they can do for that kid. Aparna says we should do what is best for Imlie. Pankaj asks her to rethink once again. Aditya walks away hurt hearing their conversation.

Aparna visits Narmada. Narmada welcomes her. Neela asks if this woman is amchur/Imlie’s mother. Imlie gets happy seeing Aparna and asks why didn’t she inform her that she is coming. Aparna says she came to meet her MIL with a request and says they are Imlie’s family/maika in Delhi and want to perform all the rituals; tells Imlie that she couldn’t become a good MIL, but wants to become a good mother at least. Neela and Gudiya are stunned and thinks if there is an ex-MIL, there’s an ex-husband also. Aparna tells Narmada that her family wants to perform Imlie’s maika wedding rituals at their house. Narmada agrees. Aparna asks if she has any objection.

Imlie emotionally says she did some good deeds that she got 2 mothers, she doesn’t want any problems because of her. Aparna says they are happy if she is happy. Aparna announces Imlie’s engagement tomorrow and leaves.Imlie confronts Aryan that he doesn’t want to leave a chance to insult Aditya and hence agreed for the prewedding rituals at T house. Aryans says their 32 out of 36 qualities matched. Imlie alleges him of hiring pandits to match kundali. Aryan says she gave money to fake pandit instead and after he saw that, he downloaded astrology app and matched their kunalis there. He asks her to be ready tomorrow for their engagement.

Aparna returns home and sees Aditya crying holding Imlie’s photo. She asks him to accept Imlie’s decision. He says Imlie is faking her marriage with Aryan, he was waiting for Imlie when he was marrying Imlie and he is sure Imlie is also waiting for him. Aparna asks her to face the truth as it will hurt less. Aditya says he is sure Imlie will not marry Aryan, she was his wife and will again become his wife.Aryan walks to Imlie’s room and asks her to get ready and walk down for engagement as everyone are waiting for her. She says she is ready. He says she is looking good. He thinks its easy to lie to him.

He thinks he was lying till now, but realized telling truth is more easy. He applies nazar ka tika behind her ear. She says his wish will not be fulfilled. He says her drama will not work and orders her to walk down. Imlie walks down fuming and sees Narmada sharing excitement and happiness to get Imlie as her bahu. She thinks how to inform them that their happiness will not last long after learning her and Aryan’s marriage is fake. Aryan seeing Narmada and Arpita’s excitement asks them to control themselves as Imlie will look the way she is. Imlie walks down again getting ready like a bride. Aryan stands awestruck. Narmada and Arpita taunt him.

Narmada and Arpita show Imlie her engagement ring and ask how is it. She says its very heavy, looking at Aryan. Gudiya gets jealous seeing ring and complains Neela that she wanted to marry Aryan, but Imlie is snatching Aryan from her. Neela assures her to have patience. Tripathis walk in. Narmada welcomes them and introduces them to Neela. Neela passes her usual demeaning comments. Aryan with Imlie walks to them. Aparna and Pankaj get emotional seeing Imlie. Imlie gets teary eyed. Nishant asks her not to cry as he considers her as his younger sister and cannot see her crying. Rupali consoles Imlie next. Harish expresses his emotions next. Imlie hopes how to inform them that her relationship with Aryan is fake.

Aparna tells Aryan that T family didn’t give anything to Imlie till now and always took from her, but today he wants to give Aryan Imlie’s responsibility and wants him to give her whatever she and her son couldn’t. She asks him to take on Seeta maiya’s oath. He takes oath. Imlie thinks she will not let Aryan succeed in his evil planning and acts as stumbling. Family holds her and asks what happened to her. She says she is feeling weak. T family take her away. Aryan tries to walk behind her. Narmada and Arpita taunt him that if he cannot stay away from his wife for a few minutes. Harish informs Imlie that they are all working again and will repay their home loan.

Aparna gives her freedom from worrying for Aditya and asks her not to save Aditya from his problem and concentrate on her own life. Imlie thinks Aryan wants to separate her from T family, she will not break her relationship with them and will not make any relationship with him and will defeat him for sure.



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