Imlie starlife update Sunday 19 March 2023


Imlie 19 March 2023: Aditya kneeling down proposes Imlie for marriage. Imlie says she cannot marry him as she is someone else’s wife now. Aditya and T family stand shocked hearing that. Imlie shows her sindhoor filled hairline and mangalsutra. Aditya asks whose wife she is now. Aryan walks in saying his wife, Imlie is now Imlie Aryan Singh Rathore. Aditya loses his balance in shock. Aryan asks him to control himself as Imlie will not come to support him again. Aditya asks if she married such a man. Imlie says she didn’t waste much time and married Aryan. Rupali says she didn’t inform anyone. Aditya says there is nothing to inform and holding Aryan’s collar alleges that he forced Imlie to marry him.

Aryan says nobody can force Imlie, he just questioned Imlie and she said yes. Aditya asks Imlie she married a man who wants to destroy him. Aryan warns Aditya to stop it.Imlie says she can fight her own battle. Aditya alleges that she betrayed him. She says he questioned her and she didn’t say anything like always; he put mangalsutra in Malini twice in front of her without bothering about her feelings, at least she didn’t give him that pain. She tries to leave. He stops her and asks why is she protecting him from the pain and insists her to let him go through the pain by watching his and Aryan’s wedding. Imle remembers telling Aryan that it would be a fake marriage. Aditya insists her again to complete the rituals and receive sindhoor bottle as gift from him.

Aryan says sindhor bottle is a very small gift for him, he will give him a bigger gift instead by marrying Imlie in a lavish way and invites him for the wedding. Aditya says he surely will attend their wedding.Imlie walks out and sits at steps crying remembering Aryan’s words and misses her mother. She imagines Meethi who asks what is in her mind. Imlie asks why she is so helpless and follows whoever tries to draw a line of fate in her hand. Meethi says her line of fate didn’t change by itself but she changed it, she should focus on herself like before and follow her chosen path. She then realizes it’s her imagination. Aparna walks to her and says she has come here as her mother to bless her for her happier married life. Imlie says she doesn’t need that blessing.

Aparna asks why. Aryan walks in and says they both need her blessings and touches her feet. He then apologizes her for hurting her because of his and Aditya’s tussle. Aparna requests him to keep Imlie happy forever and take care of her. Aryan holds Imlie’s hand and says as she wishes and asks her to bless them both that they should be happy forever. Aparna ties a holy thread around their hands.Aditya removes decoration at house and asks family to help him remove it. Rupali asks if he is fine. Aditya akss what will happen to him. Nishant says he can’t hide his pain. Aditya says Aryan and Imlie’s marriage is a lie as Aryan is creating misunderstanding between him and Imlie.

Rupali says Imlie herself told she married Aryan. Aditya says her mangalsutra and sindhoor are fake. Rupali asks why he is forcing Imlie to perform wedding rituals then. Aditya says Imlie will not perform the rituals and will back off, then he will marry Imlie.Imlie tries to break Aparna’s tied thread blessing her and Aditya. Aryan asks her to stop struggling or else she will cut her wrist. She confronts him for accepting Aditya’s condition He thinks he wanted Aditya to stop following her. She continues shouting. He says she made a a mistake while negotiating with him; he can force her to marry him to destroy Aditya. She says he saw what happened to her forceful marriage, how can she accept that a man who taught her to fight is misusing her helplessness.


Aryan says if she has accepted that he is misusing her for his revenge, she will have to marry him. She shouts she hates him and asks to stop the car. He denies. She tries to stop it and and jump out of the car. He thinks she will jump out of car for sure, so he leaves her near mud pile. She jumps out of car and falls on it. he walks to her extends his hand to lift her. She stands up by herself angrily. He lifts her and says he will not let her die, she should fight and try her best to stop their marriage. She says she just needs a chance to defeat him. He wishes her all the best and gets her into car.

Aparna gets worried when Aryan and Imlie don’t pick call. They notice servants afraid running out to receive Neela aunty and Gudiya. Neela and Gudiya exchange fake jewelry in branded boxes hurriedly to gift it to Arpita and Narmada. Narmada walks to them and asks Neela why did she bring gifts for them. Neela asks servant to bring the gifts in and tells Arpita and Narmada that she brought shagun for Aryan and Gudiya’s alliance and was waiting for this alliance since 20 years. Gudiya says does overacting. Neela gifts a necklace to Arpita and taunts her. Arpita takes Narmada aside and asks her to stop Neela’s drama as Aryan will not even look at baby doll Gudiya. Gudiya asks Neela why did she bring 10000 rs gift to Arpita. Neela says she will become owner of 10000 crores after marrying Aryan. Gudiya feels shy imagining Aryan as her groom.

Aryan walks in wearing garland. Gudiya says she is really imagining him as her groom and praises his handsomeness. Imlie joins him as his bride. Gudiya shouts in shock. Narmada and arpita rush to her and are stunned seeing Aryan and Imlie as bride and groom and asks Aryan what is all this, if they really married each. Imlie says she will tell truth and says they had to marry in a hurry without informing them. Gudiya feels heartbroken hearing that. Arpita asks what was the problem that they married uninformed. Aryan says they married by their wish and didn’t want to waste time. He apologizes Narmada and says she need not worry as she will watch all the rituals again. Neela humiliates Narmada and then Imlie. Aryan supports Imlie and says Imlie is his wife.

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