It’s not easy to love update Monday 20 March 2023


It’s not easy to love 20 March 2023: Mithai comes to the room with the breakfast and sees the whole room decorated. She smiles and calls him. Sid comes there and hugs her from behind. She asks if there is anything special? Sid says my wife is special. He makes her close her eyes and brings her to a poster. Mithai smiles seeing ita her poster for her business. Sid says you will get a businesswoman of year award today and you are the best wife. Mithai thanks him. She says I am successful because of you only. Sdi says I am very proud of your hard work. Mithai says you will be happy to hear my speech today. Sid says I have done something for you, you will get motivation.

Dadu calls them to Mithai and starts to run but her blouse dori opens suddenly. Mithai blushes and looks away. Sid asks her to hug him, she hugs and he ties her dori. He kisses her cheek and says let’s go Mrs. Sidharth. Mithai makes him wear his suit, they hug each other and leave.Abha and others are excited about Mithai’s award. Dadu calls Sid and Mithai. They come there. Abhishek says we are so excited about her award. Dadu blesses Mithai. They all are ready. Abha says Gitika and I will be here to welcome you all when you come back with the award. All family members leave.

Scene 2
The award ceremony starts, the host says a woman has made us all proud and she is the businesswoman of year. She calls Mithai Sidharth on the stage. Mithai comes up on the stage and takes the award from the chief guests. The guest says we have to change our thinking that women can’t work. We have to recognize their talents, Mithai is an example that girls can fulfill their dreams if they want. Sid claps for her. Mithai starts her speech and says I want to call the person who has always supported me. That person is Dadu, Harimohan. Dadu comes on the stage and thanks everyone. He says you all know me as the businessman but you don’t know that my daughter in law Aarti supported and I provided the same support to Mithai, she is full of talent and has achieved all this on her own.


Mithai has proven that we should never ignore the talent of our daughters. I want to tell you that her journey was not easy but she always fought hard. My blessings are with her always. Mithai thanks him and says I became successful because of my husband’s support also. She calls Sid on the stage. He comes up and smiles at her. Mithai says Sid made my talent turn in to a business, I am here because of him. Sid says she always give credit to others but it’s her who has always supported me, I promise to be her support system always but I can never take her place. He hugs Mithai.

The host asks Mithai to share what she wants. Mithai smiles and says I used to sell sweets on my cycle and used to sing a song. She sings her song and gets emotional. She says my father would have been so proud to see me here. I want to tell every girl that don’t stop dreaming as only then you can fulfill them. She thanks Lord for bringing her to this stage.All family members come back home. They are all excited about Mithai’s award. Mithai makes sweets for everyone. All family members sits to take a family photo. They all are happy.



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