Force of attraction update Monday 17 June 2024

Force of attraction 17 June 2024: Shakti tells Mandira that it was all you who plotted this against Shiv, you let injustice happen with him and I have heard your confession so don’t lie to me. She says you call him your son but you let him be in jail, he was getting sick because of you.

Mandira shouts it was you that is a bad omen for him, since you came in his life, his pain keeps increasing. Shakti says enough, you keep giving pain to him and just because he recommended me for the scholarship. Mandira shouts he showed that he is the main trustee and has more power than me, nobody is bigger than me. Shakti is shocked hearing all that and says this is your real face, you are full of poison. You have no heart, how can you pain a person like Shiv. Mandira says I don’t blame Shiv, this all happened because pf you.

Shakti says you are blinded by your ego, I feel pity for you. You have money and family but you are still poor. Shiv respects you so much but he doesn’t know you are just filled with hatred. Mandira says I don’t need to answer you. Shaktk says you need to answer Shiv.

Shiv is going in his car and tells the driver that the tyre is punctured.

Ragunath tells Manorama that you people are cheap to ask for money. You threw Koyal out of your house and now hour daughter is in news. How will marry these girls now? Your girls will be single all their lives. He tells them to control Shakti and she shouldn’t come near Shiv again. He leaves.

Shakti tells Mandira that she needs to answer Shiv and her family. She starts leaving but Mandira stops her and says you don’t know my power, I can make you disappear from wolrd. Nobody is going to trust your words. Shakti says I just know that Shiv will listen to my words, he will listen to Shakti and your tricks won’t work. He trusted my talent more than you when he wanted to give scholarship to me. I will tell him everything now. Mandira panics hearing all that. Shakti says I will expose you. Mandira stops her and says don’t make a scene, you already have a scholarship so just focus on your career, if you need any help then let me know. Shakti says I want nothing from you. Mandira says why do you care so much about Shiv? You even had a news with him. Shakti says did you.. post that picture in the newspaper? How could you do this? Dr. Shiv has helped me so much and he went against you so you tried to make world against him. Mandira says that’s not true. Shakti says then why are shivering? Mandira says stay out of our family matters. Shakti says its about shiv and I will always protect Shiv.

Shakti tells Mandira that don’t you dare threaten me. My name is Shakti and I am a follower of Maa Shakti, she is Shiv’s partner and I am going to be with Shiv, I will stand by him. Mandira says whats your relationship with him? Shakti says you won’t understand. She goes from there. Mandira is worried. Shakti says Shiv has always helped me and its my time to savs him. She goes to search for him and Mandira runs behind her. Shakti calls Shiv and says I need to talk to you, where are you? Shiv sees her standing on thr road and says turn around. She turns around and runs to him. Mandira hides and is scared. Shakti runs to Shiv and trips but Shiv holds her. They both stare at each other. Shakti holds his hand and starts crying. She sees his hand bleeding and says it must be paining

you. Shiv says I am okay, he wipes her tears and says I am fine. Shakt says you shouldn’t have fought with those goons. Shiv says I had to save you. Shakti says those goons shouldn’t have hurt you. Shiv asks her to calm down.

Dadi thanks Lord for protecting Shiv. She turns to Gayatri and says Shiv didn’t need you to save him, just stay away from him and he doesn’t need you to save him, she leaves. Gayatri says I was not there but Shakti was, Shakti has entered Shiv’s life so please unite them.

Shakti tells Shiv that she wants to tell him something about Mandira.. Manorama comes there with her family and says lets go home. Shakti asks why are you all crying? Manorama says just lets go home. Shiv asks what happened? He says Shakti wanted to tell me something. Mandira hides and is worried.

Padma tells Gayatri that Shiv isnt going to come and hug you. Gayatri says my heart says he is soon going to hug me. Padma laughs at her and leaves. Gayatri prays for Shakti to be with Shiv.

Manorama thanks Shiv for saving Shakti’s life and says I can eve touch your feet. Shiv says I am younger than you. Manorama says but we arw cheap people, you are from a rich family and my husband works on your salary. He works in the mandir where you people are trustees, you are our boss. I am just requesting you to stay away from Shakti. I bless you to be happy, I should give you more respect, you are our boss but please stay away from my daughter. She tells Shakti that she can’t bear more insults, I am begging to go home. Shakti goes with them. Shiv sadly looks at her and she goes away. Ragunath comes there and glares at him. He takes him from there. Mandira ssys wow.. this was a good drama but I got saved today. This Shakti did give me a mini heart attack. I wont let them come closer again.

Shakti tells the family how could they insult us when we saved their son. Manorama says when you couldn’t honor my limit then how can I expect anything from others. Shakti says I didn’t cross any line, Lord helped me and Dr. Shiv… Manorama says enough of his name, you won’t talk about him anymore. Shakti looks on.

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