Lost in love starlife update Saturday 1 June 2024

Savi tells Isha that she should think how painful Ishan’s life is when he has so many deep wounds on his heart. She says he would be angry on his mother each day that she left him, now he would be knowing why his mother had to leave him and his bitterness towards her would less, they both are in pain and should get a resolution. Guests discuss that it means this story is of Bhosale family who don’t let their women work.

They pity Ishan who has so much pain in his heart and is living away from his mother. Ishan gets angry on Savi hearing their conversation.

Reeva panics thinking Ishan prays Surekha, she did a mistake by getting into Savi’s trap. She walks to Savi, takes her mic and breaks it, and reveals that all audiences including Ishan heard their conversation.

She tongue lashes her for revealing Ishan’s story to everyone and dragging even her in her drama.

Savi realizes her mistake and rushes to Ishan. She apologizes him for the blunder. Ishan tongue lashes her for revealing his story to everyone and asks who gave her right to do all this. He says the students whom he used to help and who used to consider him as their role model will pity on him. He asks what does she think of herself, why she thinks whatever she does is always right and why she interferes in other’s life, etc. Savi says she had already given him script and she wanted to show him how his mother suffered via his family.

Surekha walks in and yells at Savi for exposing their family’s secret and says she can’t even afford a meal, Ishan got her admission in college and hostel and pays for her canteen fees, she is living on Ishan’s favors and she tried to fill poison against her in her son’s mind, Ishan is only her son, etc. Savi says Ishan is Isha’s son. Surekha slaps her and she falls down. Savi recalls Ishan stopping Surekha before from slapping her and asks Ishan if he heard how his mother was wronged by his family. Ishan walks away pushing her. Surekha calls him in vain. She alleges Savi that Ishan is not listening to her now because of her and accuses Isha of creating all this drama purposefully to fill hatred for her in Ishan’s mind. Savi says Isha didn’t know anything, it was her plan. Surekha shouts at her to shut up and continues to shout.

Shantanu walks in and asks her to calm down. Surekha shouts if he saw what his wife did. Shantanu says it’s not Isha’s mistake as she didn’t know about this. Surekha continues to accuse Isha and asks what kind of parents they are who threw their son in pain. She feels dizzy. Yashwant holds her and brutally trolls Isha next. Savi says again it wasn’t Isha’s mistake as she organized this play. He shouts at her to shut up and takes Surekha towards car. Reporters surround them and ask if their atrocities towards Isha are true and if they separated Ishan form his mother. Nishi says all these allegations are baseless.

Isha returns home and packs her bags. Shantanu asks where is she going. Isha says she can’t stay in this city now and can’t see her son in pain. Shantanu says whatever has happened can’t be changed, she won’t be called a coward anymore. Isha says she can’t see her son in so much pain whatever the reason. Ishan walks on road under rain recalling all the incidents happened today. Meri Maa.. song plays in the background. He sees a boy and imagines Isha leaving him and then Surekha accepting him. Savi also walks on road lost in thoughts. Harini saves her from an accident and scolds her for risking her life.

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