My Desire Starlife update Friday 31 May 2024

My desire 31 May 2024: Arjun and Kashvi’s family reach Arjun’s factory venue to inaugurate it. Romila asks where is Kashvi as they are getting late to inaugurate the factory. Mahima says they shall serve snacks to guests till Kashvi comes.

Arjun serves laddus to guests and says he can’t resist it and hence will have one. Mahima says he can. Arjun is about have laddu when Kashvi bumps on him and stops him from having laddu. She asks guests to not have laddus as they are spoilt.

Mahima shouts that she prepared laddus with her hard work. Kashvi says Mickey had laddu and got food poisoning, Monty is taking care of him and hence she came here alone. Mahima eats laddu and says nothing happened to her. She shouts at Kashvi for ruining her hard work as she prepared laddus and made arrangements for the inauguration taking care of minute details.

Arjun supports Mahima and blames Kashvi for ruining his life’s most important day. Kashvi says she is not lying and they can go home and check Mickey’s condition.

Arjun continues to blame her and postpones pooja for tomorrow. They reach home and notice Mickey dancing. Kashvi asks Mickey if he didn’t have stomach upset after having laddu. Mickey says he got stomach upset not because of laddu but because of overeating. Kashvi asks why did he tell that.. Arjun stops he and continues to shout at Kashvi. Nitya says Kashvi did wrong with Mahima and ruined Arjun’s important day. Arjun continues to blame her. Whole family disperses. Mahima grins recalling how she bribed Mickey to lie. She thinks she didn’t let Arjun propose Kashi today and will never let him do that.

Arjun continues to blame Kashvi for ruining his biggest day of life. Kashvi tries to explain that Mickey lied to him. Arjun says Mickey is immature, so she should have tested the laddu by herself. Kashvi asks if he wants her to risk her life. Arjun asks her not to twist the words and continues blaming her. Nitya walks in next and provokes Arjun against Kashvi. She reminds Kashvi’s mistakes and warns her not to attend tomorrow’s pooja. Arjun asks her to calm down and tells Kashvi that she can attend pooja, but he doesn’t want any problems tomorrow or else he will never forgive her again.


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