Imlie starlife update Saturday 25 February 2023

Imlie 25 February 2023: Pankaj informs family that he found out via Bhaskar Times that Aryan has accompanied Imlie to Pagdandiya/PGD. Narmada says its good that Aryan is with Imlie or else she would have been worried for Imlie. Arpita hopes they both save PGD villagers and Aditya. Aparna asks how can worry for Aditya and Imlie instead of her son. Narmada says she is worried for even Aryan and doesn’t him to repent if he fails to save dear ones, its good that Aryan went with Imlie to PGD. Malini hears that and says Imlie went for picnic with her new boyfriend, Aryan hates Aditya and hence Aditya may not return alive. Nishant shouts at her to shut up and not create any drama now. Malini says its PGD where people use violence and arms for petty issues, Imlie will put herself, Aryan, and Adi in trouble.

Aparna says PGD is Imlie’s village and she will protect Aryan and Adi. Rupali asks her to calm down and says she will bring tea for all.Imlie’s bus breaks down. Conductor says it will take 2 hours 2 repair the bus. Imlie thinks she cannot wait for so long and jumps down from bus roof. Aryan scolds her for jumping down suddenly. Their nok jhok starts. Imlie blabbers and scolds him as usual. He also jumps down from roof. She says he wouldn’t be called a side hero if he had jumped earlier. He says shut up. She asks him to just run behind him and runs, but stops concerned seeing a cat crossing her way and says her amma says its abshagun/inauspicious. Aryan asks not to bother about it and just move. Dulari yells at Meethi not seeing her around when Aatank’s goon kidnaps her.

Dev visits T house. Malini asks if he got any good news, whom did he send to rescue Aditya. Dev says he sent Imlie. Malini panics more and asks how could he do that. Dev says he promised himself that he will treat both his daughters equally and assures Tripathis that Imlie will rescue Aditya. Malini warns him to stop. Dev says even she wanted Aditya’s return. Malini angrily throws tea tray and shouts that everyone are bothered about Imlie, she will not let Imlie take everything away form her. Dev apologizes Tripathis for Malini’s behavior. Pankaj says their children are in danger and they should pray for their safe return.

Imlie takes Aryan via jungle continuing her nok jhok with him. His blazer falls down and he gets busy cleaning it. She notices some unusual folks standing in front of her. Back to T house, Tripathis watch news and see Atank kidnapping Naani. Naani warns Aatank’s goons to spare her and says Adi himself is incompetent to save himself, how will he save her. Aatank warns her Adi to force his government to fulfill his demand or else he will kill Naani. Imlie shocked seeing some unusual folds coming towards her and calls Aryan. They kneel down in front of her and chant Panna Pari ki jai ho. She says she is Imlie from PGD. They ask if panna pari’s avatar is from PGD. Aryan says they are from Delhi.

Folks ask her to accompany them and takes her along. Aryan asks her not to follow them. She says they seem good. He says she likes people who trouble her.Naani panics and starts her drama. Aatank warns that he will kill her right now. Aditya stops him and agrees to do as he says. Malini thanks god that he agreed. Unusual folks take Imlie to their place. Rupali assures family that Imlie will rescue Adi and Naani. Malini says Imlie is neither a soldier, pilot or commando, she is just a teenager who went on a date with her boyfriend. Pankaj asks her to calm down as Imlie herself went voluntarily. Malini says nobody let her go. Aparna asks who stopped her, she can go even now; Imlie risked her life and went to PGD escaping from lockup, etc.

She continues tongue lashing Malini. Nishant notices broadcast video stopped.Aparna tells Malini that she knows she is worried for Aditya, but her way of expressing concern is totally wrong. TV screen goes blank. Family gets concerned. Malini asks who will help Aditya now, they talk so high. Narmada calls Aryan and informs his phone is not reachable. Aparna gets concerned that even Aryan is missing, who will help Adi now. Narmada says Aryan is stubborn and will fight for himself. Arpana says they should support each other and pray for their children.

Tribals chant Panna Pari ki jai at Imlie and shows Panna Pari’s painting. Imlie tells Aryan that she looks exactly like her and a monkey on tree looks like Aryan. Aryan says whatever, they should escape from here and save Imlie’s ex-husband. Imlie tells tribals that she looks like their pari, but she is not; she needs to visit her village soon. Tribal head says panna pari returned after 100 years and should bless them. Aryan gets angry on them. They point weapons at him. On the other side, Adi asks Aatank why did he stop live telecast. Atank says because his demands are not met and threatens to kill Dulari if he doesn’t get 100 crores in 30 minutes. Adi asks how will he arrange 100 crores in 30 minutes and feels severe headache due to earpiece bomb.

Aditya requests inspector to trust him as they need to catch Aatank before he kills innocent. Inspector denies. Aditya says he could hear a railway crossing sound whenever Aatank called, so they should check there. Inspector hesitantly agrees. They reach Aatank’s hideout and rescue Aditya’s team member. Aatank calls Aditya and demands 100 crores in 30 minutes or else he will erase PGD from India map. At T house, Nishant informs that Aryan and Imlie didn’t reach PGD yet. Malini says they must be busy romancing. Aparna offers her aarti thal and suggests her to light a lamp in temple for Adi and pray for him. Malini does. Aparna lights another lamp. Malini asks if she doesn’t trust her that she lit another lamp for Aditya.

Aparna says she lit it for Imlie as she is sure that Imlie will rescue Aditya and whole PGD. She gives another lamp to Narmada for Aryan. Narmada prays god that her Aryan suffered a lot and deserves happiness.

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