Imlie starlife update Thursday 23 February 2023

Imlie 23 February 2023: Imlie asks Aryan why did he come behind her. He says he came to ask her to sleep soon as needs to attend office early tomorrow. She says yes sir and keeps her hand on table where she finds Anu’s mobile under table cloth and realizes Anu and Malini are spying on her. She thinks of teaching them a lesson and starts speaking weird. Malini and Anu hearing her conversation think if she is speaking to Aditya in a code language. Imlie talks about black magic. Anu and Malini get tensed hearing that. Imlie talks about Aditya and disconnects call. Malini gets eager to hear about Aditya, but then gets disappointed seeing phone disconnected. Anu says battery must have drained out. At PGD, Meethi thanks Chand for helping her bring Aditya home and asks him to help her remove the device in Aditya’s ear. Chand says he will remove it.

She says she didn’t see him in PGD before. He says he is staying in PGD since 2 years inspired by Satyakam’s ideologies. She says he did right and walks away.Aryan asks editor how did Aditya decide for a live interview without informing him as they don’t have packing and content ready yet, so editor should inform to Aditya that he will decide when to telecast the video. Editor says this news is very important. Aryan says that is why he will decide when to telecast it, they are thinking of going live on a news channel and without knowing Aatank’s credibility, they will not telecast his interview. He asks Vinod not to live telecast interview. Imlie enters and says it should go live as the whole world should know who the terrorist is.

Aryan says she is still supporting her ex-husband. Imlie says she is not, terrorist will not let Aditya time to take any action and just wants some fame, real revolutionary is her dadda Satyakam whom whole world knows, etc. Aryan asks what if they don’t get TRP. She asks what is it. He says its a rating and if he doesn’t get TRP, its of no use.Sundar thinks of Arpita while cooking and calls her and find out how is she now. She asks who is he. He gets nervous and with changed voice says he is calling from bank. She warns not to pester her or else she will file a complaint. Nishant takes phone and says its a wrong connection, he called her to find out how she is now.

She says she is fine. He disconnects call and says Sundar’s work is done. Sundar nervously asks what does he mean. Nishant says he knows he likes Arpita.Aditya takes Aatank’s live interview. Aatank says switches off video and says camera has a problem and says he will turn PGD lake into blood stream if his demand of 100 crores and his personal rule on PGD. Aditya says then he will be called a killer and not a revolutionary and asks his team to stop live telecast. Aryan watching it says this is exactly what he meant, they will be incurring huge losses. He orders Vinod to stop live telecast. Imlie asks not to as interview is not yet over. Aatank informs Aditya that he has a live bomb in his ear and he cannot remove or defuse it, him and his channel are under his grip.

Imlie tells team that Aryan and terrorist Aatank’s interview hasn’t ended yet. Aryan says this is not the time. Aatank reveals that he has replaced his earpiece with a bomb. Everyone are shocked hearing that. Aatank presses a remote button, and Adi writhes with headache. T family and Imlie get concerned seeing that. Aatank addresses viewers and asks if he should blast Adi’s head and reverse counts. Adi tries to remove his earpiece. Aatank warns him to dare not do that or else bomb will blast right away. Aryan rushes out to seek help. Imlie gets angry and tongue lashes her colleagues hearing them discussing that Aditya played a good game to increase channel’s TRPs. Aryan contacts commissioner office and asks them to inform commissioner to contact him soon.

Editor says situation is worse and they should stop broadcast as their 3 team members’ lives are at stake. Aryan says broadcasting shouldn’t stop as terrorist is displaying his weakness and frustration in front of camera and once they stop broadcasting, he will panic and take extreme steps. Editor apologizes him for misunderstanding him. Imlie walks in and alleges Aryan that he is just bothered about channel TRPs and filling up his pockets and not his team’s lives. Editor says she is misunderstanding. Imlie continues. Aryan asks editor to continue broadcast. Imlie continues yelling at Aryan calling him a monster. Aryan gets commissioner’s call and walks out of his cabin locking Imlie in while she still continues yelling.

Tripathis get concerned for Aditya and think Aryan will not help. Radha cries to do something and arrange ransom money. Pankaj asks how will they arrange 100 crores, they can mortgage their house and arrange some money, and asks Harish to bring property documents Harish thinks how will he get papers when he has given them to his creditors. Nishant walks behind Harish and asks if he found papers. Harish lies that he kept them in locker. Nishant says they all trust him. Harish breaks down thinking their trust will break soon. Nishant consoles him and takes him down. Malini hearing their conversation seeks Anu’s help.

Aatank says he has placed bomb around whole village. Imlie tries to call Meethi and when she doesn’t pick call gets frustrated and tries to get out of room via AC duct.
Anu enters T house and offers to help them. Tripathis deny her help. Harish says they should accept her help forgetting their differences to save Adi. Malini asks why others are standing silent. Nishant says they know Anu’s selfishness and asks her not to act as hero as she is not Imlie. Malini says they still are blindfolded with Imlie mania and think she would rescue him with her stupidity, but the truth is Adi is in trouble because of her as she must have forced her boyfriend to send Adi to PGD. Anu says Malini is right, Aditya is in trouble because of servant Imlie.

Malini walks away angrily asking them to continue their ego. Anu says her cheque book is still on table, the cannot do anything without her help. Aparna says she is still same, they would have accepted her help if she had come here as a mother.Imlie gets out of office building via AC duct. Inspector walks in and asks if she is Imlie, they came to arrest her. Aryan walks out seeing that and asks inspector what happened. Imlie alleges him that he called police when he couldn’t stop her. Malini walks in and says she complained against her as she has conspired against Aditya, she is from PGD, her stepfather is rebel Satyakam, Aatank must be her distant cousin, her stepfather tried to kill Adi twice, she couldn’t stop her and Aditya’s marriage and tried her best to separate them, etc. Police arrests Imlie while Imlie resists.

Aryan asks her to calm down and answer only what they ask, he will not let her stay inside for long. She pleads to save Aditya even if he doesn’t bail her out. Malini tells Aryan that she doesn’t need his help to rescue her husband, he will be safe when Imlie is in jail. Aryan says she is fool to think so and if she really cares for her husband, she would have been in PGD by now, so she should carry her drama somewhere else.

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