Imlie starlife update Saturday 3 December 2022


Imlie 3 December 2022: Aparna tells Aditya that he shouldn’t have brought Imlie home. Aditya says he couldn’t keep her outside the house. Aparna says if he was forcefully married, he should have filed police complaint against villagers; he didn’t even inform them about it when he returned home. Pankaj says he instead brought the girl here. Adi shouts he didn’t tell truth as he was afraid, but if they cannot respect his wife, he will not tolerate his wife’s insult. Pankaj says his wife his Malini. Rupali says Malini left her home with her wish as she loves someone else. At Anu’s house, Malini confronts her for exposing Imlie and Adi’s relationship to Tripathis and asks if she is happy by doing this. Anu says she knows she will not get any happiness, but whatever she did is for justice; they both forced Malini to leave the house and are happily living together.

Malini says nobody forced her to leave that house and it was her own decision. Anu asks if leaving a man whom she loved for 7 years is her own decision, if she wants to say that she doesn’t love Adi and Kunal entered her life overnight. Malini asks if she thinks Adi and Malini are living peacefully, they are living separately like a boss and servant under same roof being a husband and wife, Imlie is treated like a servant in her own house.Radha says what will society think if they find out that Adi loves a servant. Adi says Imlie is not a servant and he doesn’t’ care what society thinks and will not anyone mistreat Imlie.

Aparna asks what about what he did to Malini. Adi says he apologized Malini repeatedly. Pallavi tells Aparna that she cannot mistreat Imlie for Maini. Harish says right and wrong is already proved when they hid the truth as dirt is covered and not good deeds, Imlie’s dirty intentions are exposed today. On the other side, Anu asks Malini why is she pity on Imlie as she became her sautan before becoming her sister. Malini says Imlie is not wrong and asks Dev if he will not support his daughter Imlie. Dev says what can he say when its wrong. Malini says why can’t he support Imlie being her father and hopes Tripathi’s understand Imlie.

Nishant asks Harish if Imlie got him rid off smoking with her wrong intention, supported them, got him and Pallavic married, etc.,; he always thought good for the family. Radha says Imlie trapped Adi by doing all this and asks Imlie since when she was planning all this and if her parents are involved in it. Adi warns her to stop insulting Imlie’s family. Aparna warns Imlie to stop crying as they will not fall for her crocodile tries, she remembers how she followed all married woman’s rituals hiding and continued even after Malini’s warning, and asks if her mother taught her to go to city and trap rich innocent men. Imlie says she never stayed by wish here, her amma cried when she left her home, she stayed here due to their immense love and never wanted to hurt them and Malini.

Aparna says she just knows to talk, they are all unhappy because of her, her deeds revealed her intentions, they made a big mistake by showering their love on her and pitying on her as they didn’t know that they were feeding milk to a snake. All elders walk away. Rupali and Pallavi try to console Imlie. Nishant asks Adi if he is fine. Adi says he feels as if he is watching a bad dream and is unable to get out of it. Nishant says he told his life changed with Imlie’s entry and should give some time to set the things right.Kunal/KC comes to meet Malini and asks if Dev is she is at home. Dev asks what is he doing here. KC jokes that he came to elope with Malini.

Dev warns him to be in his limits. KC says he is joking. Dev asks if his daughter’s life is a joke for him. KC says he will insult him even if he humbly stands folding his hands, he came here to meet Malini regarding her case. Dev asks if he is eager to get Malini divorced. Anu sends him to Malini’s room. Dev asks why did send that donkey to Malini’s room. Anu says she doesn’t know the equation between KC and Malini, but he will keep Malini away from Tripathis and she will use him until her intentions are fulfilled.

Imlie cries reminiscing Aparna, Radha, Pankaj, and Harish’s words. Sundar offers her prasad halwa. Imlie asks him to sit with her and asks what he feels about her after hearing today’s drama, he always tells that they cannot clear the difference between a boss and servant, if he thinks she is wrong. Sundar says he always heard since childhood that one should extend their legs according to their blanket length, but seeing Imlie he realized a person decides his/her own status and fate, she should decide whether she wants to be a small villager or a talented and intelligent girl who came 2nd in the whole state; he knows he is a blazer wearing servant in a big house and she wants him to study further, but he knows he cannot; Imlie has a bright future ahead and shouldn’t ruin her life in this mess as he knows she will grow far away in life with her hard work. She gets more emotional. He cheers her up and leaves.


Malini gets nervous seeing KC in her house, drags him to her room and asks why did he come here. He says he didn’t come hiding via window but via a main door taking her parents’ blessings. She asks if mom let him in. He says yes. She says her mom doesn’t do anything without her benefit. He says maybe she is eager for Malini and Aditya’s divorce, asks if she doesn’t want a divorce after Adi and Imlie’s truth is out. Malini says she is worried for Imlie as she doesn’t know if Imlie’s in-laws will accept her or not. KC says she is very courageous to accept Adi and Imlie’s relationship, but until she accepts her divorce and move on, even Adi and Imlie cannot move on; asks if she wants to move on or not.

Imlie tries to study and feels frustrated when she makes a mistake. Adi walks to her and says she needs time to learn. She says she saw her amma speaking truth her whole life, but didn’t know the meaning changes in city; asks if she learns English, people will believe her, they shouldn’t have told truth. Adi says truth is a language which people like Anu cannot understand. She says she wants to return to Pagdandiya with amma and dadda. He asks if she wants to leave him, family loves her and will trust her soon. She says she doesn’t want him to go against his family. He reminds her that he promised her parents to protect and support her always, his family has to accept her at any cost or else they will have to go away from their son. Aparna and Pankaj hear their conversation and stand shocked.

Pankaj says their son is considering pityness as love. Anu says she cannot lose her son like this, will call Malini home tomorrow and will kick Imlie out of house.Next morning, Aparna and Radha wake up Imlie and ask her to pack her bag and leave to the hostel as they have made her arrangements there. Imlie packs her bags and follow them to main door. Aparna says they brought her till door and now she should go alone from here, there is no place for her in this house. Rupali sees them and asks what are they doing. Radha warns not to interfere between elders. Rupali calls Adi. Adi asks Imlie where is she going. Rupali says they are kicking Imlie out of house.

Adi says Imlie is their bahu. Aparna says she will not accept this forceful marriage and will never accept a servant as her bahu. Adi says Imlie never considered herself as servant and worked for them without any compensation till now. Aparna says she can take compensation now and leave. Radha asks Sundar to throw away Imlie’s bags. Sundar says he would rather leave than doing this act. Argument continues. Adi brings his bag and says he will stay wherever his wife will stay. Aparna says he cannot leave his parents for a servant and throws away Imlie’s bag. Malini enters, picks Imlie’s bag and asks Aparna what is happening. Aparna says she will explain and takes her in. Rupali asks Imlie to get back in. Imlie hesitates.

Adi says this is her house and forcefully takes her in.Anu tells Dev that Tripathis manipulated Malini and called her there. Dev says Tripathis are still Malini’s in-laws. Anu says she will not let cheapster Adi back in Malini’s life and will use Kunal to keep Malini away from Adi. Back at T house, Pankaj and Aparna apologize Malini and request her to return back home. Malini says Adi and Imlie love each other and they have to accept Imlie, even she was shocked and shattered when she found out that Adi loves Imlie. Aparna asks if she loves Adi or not. Adi unpacks Imlie’s bag and says if he goes with her, his family cannot be happy, so he will not let her go; he doesn’t know why family drag Malini in this, don’t know what they are talking.

Aparna insists Malini to tell if she loves Adi or not. Malini says she already told that she moved on with Kunal. Harish asks not to say that and move back as they want Adi to get out of servant Imlie’s grip. Malini says if they have a problem with Imlie’s status, Imlie is her sister. Aparna says they know she considers Imlie as her sister. Malini says Imlie is her biological stepsister as Dev is her father and he will give his name to Imlie. Radha says that means Imlie’s mother also trapped a married man like her. Discussion continues. Malini requests to accept Imlie.



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