Imlie Starlife update Friday 12 July 2024

Imlie 12 July 2024: Agastya tells Imlie that they had bet that whoever loses the competition will ask what he/she wants, he won and now Imlie should tell what she wants from him. Imlie says she doesn’t consider him as winner. He gets her closer and says there is no room for if or but and he just needs question. She gets anxious and asks who questions by coming so closer. He holds her more closer.

She says if she had really lost, she would have said. He asks what? She says she would have.. Vishwa’s aide walks in, disturbing them. Imlie asks if he is the one who acted as accident victim in Vishwa’s video. Agastya says yes. Imlie says he shouldn’t have called the aide here as it would strengthen their family feud with Vishwa’s family. Agastya says police is coming to take statement of this man and then once they form evidence against Vishwa, Vishwa will be arrested.

Agastya walks to the man and chats with him. Vishwa’s car speeds towards them. Imlie notices it and rescues Agastya. Car crashes on the man and escapes. Man dies. Imlie sits in shock. Police reaches. Agastya gives his statement. Inspector asks if they doubt someone. Agastya says he is sure it’s Vishwa as it was Vishwa’s car. Vishwa walks in and says his car is stolen and he just filed a missing complaint. Agastya says he just planned all this to save himself. Inspector asks if he saw who was driving the car. Agastya says Imlie saw it. Imlie says she didn’t see the face as the glass was covered. Vishwa asks inspector to file a complaint. Once police leaves, Avinash gets angry on Agastya for accusing his brother.

Agastya says when Vishwa can conspire against them and break their house, he can even murder to take revenge. Avinash holds Shivani’s hand and says let us go from there. Agastya says his sister will not go anywhere.

Sonali and Karan reach their old sweet factory. Karan warns Sonali that she is taking a risk by entering a secluded place just on someone’s tip. They break the gate open and walk in. Karan asks who will help them in this secluded place. Sonali says she has called someone for help. They find Bulbul trying to break the lock. Bulbul sees Karan and asks Sonali why did she bring him, she will leave from here immediately. Sonali convinces her to stay back. A blind watchman points gun at them and asks them to tell who they are or else he will shoot them. They notice him blind and silently enter the factory.

Agastya tells Avinash that he will not let his sister stay in a murder Vishwa’s house. Avinash says his wife will stay with him. Their argument ensues. Imlie stops them and says let Shivani decide whom where she wants to stay.

Shivani decides to stay with Avinash and says she is sure that Avinash will protect her if any problem occurs. She leaves with Avinash. Rajni accuses Imlie of putting Shivani’s life at risk by and warns her that she will not spare her if something happens to Shivani. Whole family supports her. Agastya says even won’t support Imlie if something happens to his sister.

After some time, Agastya walks to backyard. Imlie asks if he is also worried for Shivani. Agastya says obviously. She tries to convince him that maybe it wasn’t Vishwa who killed Vishwa’s aide and someone else is doing all this. Agastya refuses to buy her theory and says he has to sit here and guard his sister now. Imlie sings Aji Rooth Kar Ab Kahan Jayiye Ga.. song for Agastya and tries to calm him down. Agastya notices outhouse gate open and rushes in. He notices Shivani’s broken phone near the gate. Sonali, Karan, and Bulbul enter factory and search for clue. Sonali finds Singh Sweet box and asks why it looks new and not 20 year old. Agastya opens door and calls Shivani. Avinash says Shivani fought with him and left to her parent’s house. Imlie returns with Chaudhrys and says Shivani is not at home. She asks Avinash where did Shivani go then. Agastya asks Avinash where is Vishwa. Navya says he is not at home. Agastya says Vishwa must have done something to Shivani.

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