Imlie Starlife update Saturday 13 July 2024

Imlie 13 July 2024: Chaudhrys worry for Shivani when Shivani and Vishwa don’t return home since last night. Agastya says he is sure Vishwa must have done something to Shivani. Avinash warns him not to wrongly accuse his brother. Rajni blames Imlie for putting Shivani’s life at risk by sending her to Vishwa’s house. Agastya also blames her and warns that he will not spare her if something happens to Shivani.

Daadi scolds them to stop losing their mind and blaming Imlie. Agastya notices Imlie missing. Imlie on her bicycle goes in search of Shivani with her friends. Agastya drives car towards them and asks Imlie to get into the car. Imlie’s friends confront him for hurting Imlie’s feelings. Agastya apologizes and asks Imlie again to get in as the masked murderer is still roaming free. His car tyre gets punctured and he stops his car.

Daadi calls Imlie and informs that Shivani has returned home. Shivani says she got angry on Avinash and went to stay with her friend overnight. Imlie thanks her friends for help. Friends ask Agastya how will he go home now, on Imlie’s cycle? Agastya says never. Imlie says her cycle is not a normal one. Their nok jhok starts. Agastya gets on cycle and makes her sit in front. He starts riding and continuing their nok jhok. Imlie talks how he tricked him during the game by removing his shirt and divert her attention, etc. A speeding car pushes them away and speeds away. They both fall down on road. Agastya hits his head on a stone and loses consciousness.

Car returns and stops just near Imlie. Vishwa gets out of it. Imlie asks if he has gone mad, Agastya lost his consciousness because of him. Vishwa raises a rod to hit her and says she has made him mad. He wanted to take revenge from Chaudrys and thought she is same like him and someone whom he can trust, but she betrayed him; she forced him to betray his mother whom he trusted the most, etc., and warns her to never return in his life. Agastya wakes up and hits his head from behind with a rod. Vishwa collapses.

Sonali, Karan, and Bulbul gets trapped in a factory. Blind watchman points gun at them again and asks who are they, it’s a restricted place. They hope he will not shoot. He shoots at a mobile. They get afraid. Watchman continues to search for them. Agastya brings Imlie and Vishwa home. Navya and Avinash rush to Vishwa. Agastya says Vishwa attacked Imlie and wanted to kill her. Navya refuses to believe him and says he is wrongly accusing Vishwa due to enmity. Agastya says he will call police and get Vishwa arrested. Vishwa says Agastya is telling truth and he already called police. Police arrives and arrests Vishwa. Vishwa challenges Imlie and Agastya to return and take revenge from them.

Police stop their jeep midway at a house. Vishwa asks inspector if she is here. He says yes. Vishwa opens the door and apologizes Meera for making her wait. Agastya carries Imlie to her room and says Vishwa’s chapter is closed now. Imlie in sleep holds his hand and asks him to answer her. Agastya gets emotional and expresses his feelings for her. Shivani with Daadi and Govind asks him to propose her properly. Agastya gets alert and walks behind them. They give him ideas how to propose Imlie properly. Imlie walks to them and asks what happened. They get silent. Imlie asks why are they looking at her like this. Agastya asks whom to look then, then says nothing at all. Imlie asks what were they discussing. They act nervous and says nothing important. Agastya asks why did she wake up. Imlie says she got a call from police station for her statement. Agastya says let us go. Shivani asks him to concentrate on his task and let her go with Imlie.

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