Anupama starlife update Friday 12 July 2024

Anupama is in the car with Yashdeep. Shruti and Anuj are in their car also. Shruti asks Anuj if she shall tell ant and elephant joke and tells that the silence is killing her n? Yashdeep tells Anupama that he gets scared of awkward silence, and says we, army people bear gun sound, but not silence. Anupama asks if you are in army. He says Indian Army. Anupama says Jai Hind and says she is meeting an army man for the first time.

Kavya tells Vanraj that Pakhi is doing wrong and says your blind support ruined her house. She asks if Adhik gets Ishani’s custody then? She asks him to ask Pakhi to patch up with Adhik and asks him to do what a responsible father in law does. She asks him to earn respect and not to snatch it. Vanraj sees Titu and Dimpy playing with kids.

Yashdeep says after serving for army, I took the retirement and went to my village, then Beeji called me here. He asks how did she come here? Anupama says destiny brought her here and tells everything. He says bade bhaiyya made chef washed utensils. Anupama says I am not complaining and tells that he has done many favors on her.

Shruti laughs after a joke and tells that they shall do destination wedding and the place will be selected by Aadhya. She tells that she feels that they shall shift to India and says we came out on makar sankranti as we were feeling alone.

Anupama tells Rahul about Yash deep and says they are poles apart from each other. Yashdeep comes there and them to do Jai hind. He says he is their boss for few days and says they will do the team work and will be disciplined. Anupama asks you will have anything. He says he takes bread butter and jelly.

Angel tells Kinjal that she don’t want to go to belly class as then teacher is strict. Kinjal asks her to take her to the place where Indian lady was dancing. She asks her not to tell Toshu. Toshu comes there. She says your breakfast is ready.

Anupama serves sandwich to Yashdeep. Yashdeep asks where is bread and butter and checks. Anupama says she has added it. Rahul says butter means peanut butter and Jelly means Jam. Anupama says sorry and says she will make another sandwich. He says he will eat and signs it is good.

Anuj tells Shruti that he can’t pick her up. Aadhya asks if he is going somewhere shocking them. She then says he is unwell and that’s why she asked.

Dimpy is in the kitchen. She senses someone and takes roller to hit. Titu keeps hand on her mouth and says he was thirsty so came to drink water. They look at each other. He asks her not to shout. She drops the roller on the floor. Vanraj asks who is there? Dimpy and Titu gets worried.

Anuj calls Devika. Devika picks the call and says hello. Anuj says hello. She says Anuj….you remembered me so early and says you should have called me after 10-15 years. Anuj says you knows everything and says he has isolated himself from everyone. Devika says if you was infront of me, then I would have made your chutney. Anuj asks her to do whatever she wants and asks if Anu is in America, I really need to know. She says you might know about her surely.

Vanraj asks Dimpy what she is doing in the kitchen and why she didn’t reply to him. Dimpy says she was having cotton in her ear so didn’t listen. Vanraj finds the window open, and says you had closed it. Dimpy says no. Vanraj checks and closes it. Dimpy goes. Titu is still hiding outside the window so that Vanraj doesn’t think them wrong.

Anuj asks Devika to tell. Devika says you have divorced her, so be happy and let Anu stay wherever she is? Anuj says I need to know about Anu. Devika says you have got engaged to NRI girl and is going to marry her, then why you want to know about Anupama. Anuj asks Devika to tell where is Anupama and gives her friendship swear. Devika says yes, Anu is in America. She asks where is she and asks her to give him any details. Devika says she doesn’t know where is Anu? Anupama misses Devika and says since she lost the diary and phone, her phone number went. Anuj says I didn’t believe this. Devika says the restaurant where she had gone for work, I am calling but call is not connecting. Anuj asks her to say and tells that the restaurant where she had went to work. She says it can’t be true that you didn’t know. Devika swears on Anupama and says she didn’t know, and says if she comes to know then will inform him. Anuj asks her to tell that he is dying without her and couldn’t live. He ends the call.

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