My desire update Friday 12 July 2024

My desire 12 july 2024: Karun talks to Mahima and says if you are not coming then I will call Dad and he will come to me surely. Mahima thinks if Arjun comes to know about this, then he will get more upset, he is already upset with me regarding stamp thing. She says don’t call him, I am coming. Karun asks her to come fast. Mahima tells her friends that she has to leave. She leaves.

Arjun looks at his injured hands and washes it. Adi brings first aid box there, and says you hit the punching bag so hard that you injured your own hands. Arjun gets angry. He then says I am habitual to bear the pain and says the pain never goes for few injuries, the wounds are so deeper that it never heals. Adi asks what do you mean? Arjun thanks him and leaves.

Karun tells Kashvi that Mamma will be coming. Teacher announces the third round in which either of the parents and the child have to participate in the race. Karun says he can’t participate in this race. Kashvi says if he wants then she can participate with him in this race. He asks if you will become my mamma. Kashvi laughs and says for this race. They take part in the competition and win the round. Yeh hai chahatein song plays….Kashvi and Karun are happy. Mahima comes to the school and hopes Karun didn’t call Arjun. Karun gets happy and tells Kashvi that they have won. Kashvi says yes. Karun goes to the stage as the winner is called along with his mother. Mahima sees him as the winner and thinks she will be getting the prize, and Arjun is not here. She is about to go to stage. Karun tells teacher that he wants the aunty to participate with him, who participated in this race with him.

Kashvi goes to the stage and receives prize with Karun. Mahima gets shocked to see Kashvi, and thinks I have set my life, I can’t let Kashvi ruined it. Kashvi looks at mahima, but the latter turns her face. Principal tells kashvi that she has to give prize to other kids as well. Kashvi asks Karun to go down the stage and says she will come. Mahima thinks to take Karun home fast. She comes to karun and asks him to come home. Karun asks her to meet Aunty who participated with him. Mahima says she is unwell and asks if he don’t care for her. Karun tells that he loves her so much. They leave.

In the car, Karun tells that he was sad, so Kashvi aunty told that she will run with me, we ran and won. Mahima asks how you know Kashvi aunty? Karun says she has saved me from truck, and then goons, and tells that they went to training centre to thank her. Mahima thinks Kashvi is the officer who saved Karun and whose stamp I had taken. She then realizes Arjun hid about kashvi from her, and thinks that’s why he got ready to expose her. She says I will not let Kashvi ruin my set life, and thinks to keep her away from Karun also, then everything will be ruined. She says I had worked hard 5 years ago, to get Arjun and even now I will do it and will not let you come back in Arjun’s life.

Kashvi asks teacher about Karun. Teacher says karun went with his mother. Kashvi leaves. She comes to the training camp. She asks Adi about the training. Adi tells her about Arjun, and tells that he was aggressive while hitting the boxing bag and his hands were injured. Kashvi thinks Arjun and I had got married 5 years back, and the marriage is not there now. She thinks not to tell Adi. Karun reaches home with Mahima and shows trophy and certificate to Arjun. Arjun appreciates him. Karun asks what happened to your hands. Arjun says it happens is training. Karun goes. Mahima asks what is going on between Kashvi and you? She asks why you didn’t tell me that she is doing the job there where you goes for training and asks if he plans to get her back. She says you are betraying your wife and asks if you both do something secretly. Arjun shouts at her and tells that Kashvi is transferred to Faridabad recently, and I had come to know about this on first day of training. He says our relation is of senior and junior, all just professional. He says Aditya is there for her, Kashvi has moved on in life. He says Aditya name guy is in her life. Mahima asks him not to lie and says she will not believe his fake stories. Arjun asks her to go and talk to Kashvi herself. Mahima thinks if Kashvi has moved on then its ok, and thinks to go to her office and threaten Kashvi. She goes there and thinks to threaten her to make her stay away from Arjun and Karun. She comes to his cabin and sees Aditya sitting and saying which ring to give Kashu, when I propose her. He says if I give her diamond ring then she will ask why I spent so much money on it. He thinks to give the other ring. Mahima goes out and thinks Arjun was right, kashvi has moved on. She thinks to keep Kashvi away from knowing Karun’s secret.

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