I’m on the edge update Wednesday 5 October 2022

I’m on the edge 5 October 2022: Heera and all her puppets yell at Devika that she does not have job at their house and complain Varun that he does not know what she did to him, she is a betrayer. Varun says that is why he wants to let her work here and make her realize her mistake, when he needed her most, she left him and went into doctor’s arms, she wants to become maid, let her be, asks if she is ready. Devika says yes. He says she has to work hard. She says she will not let him complain. He asks to start work now itself and get his mobile. She gets his mobile, and he takes it and leaves asking his mother to give Devika proper maid clothes.

Heera warns Devika that she cannot stay even for a second in this house. Devika says she was staying in government hospital and after being discharged, she is wandering for food and shelter, it is her mistake that she did not thank Heera’s favor who brought her home and gave her shelter, now she is Heera’s servant. Heera says start work right now and asks to press her legs. Devika does and says one day will not help, she should get her legs pressed everyday as bones get weak in old age and may break. She presses tightly. Heera shouts in pain and scolds if she cannot press legs properly.

Devika says she is learning her job, if her dear ones had not betrayed her, she would have lived like a queen, she will learn her job slowly, think she has to get back her husband and will not stop so easily.Devika walks to Varun’s room and picks his photo and reminisces time spent with him, thinks a few months’ separation sent them far away, he is believing others and hating him, she will not accept defeat so easily. Dhani walks in and shouts she is eyeing on other’s belongings. Devika says she is cleaning glass to see clearly. Dhani shouts to dare not enter Varun’s room. Devika asks why she is so worried about other’s room. Dhani says she is Varun’s fiance.

Varun calls whole family. Devika and Dhani also go down. Varun brings gifts to family and says he got a film offer from Sidhu Chopra who was ignoring him and himself offered him lead role, looks like stars are on his favor. Devika gets happy and prays god. Varun gives 1 gift bag to Heera and rests to his mother. Heera gets jealous. Devika he did not bring gift for the one because of whom he got offer. He scolds she is taking credit for other’s work. Devika says he was eager to get this film and producer ignored him for many months, now he got offer himself, that is because of her, that is the difference, till yesterday she was not with him and is with him.

He tries to shake hands, but Dhani stops him and takes him away. Hera yells at Devika to do her work now. Devika asks if she should make her cold/kill, she means it is very hot and will get cold juice for her.Dhani fumes that Devika will try to snatch her Varun, but this time she will not let her snatch Varun. She mixes lots of washing powder in water and mops floor with soap water. Devika gets mesmerized seeing Varun exercising shirtless. Dhani calls her loudly. Varun reminds Devika. Devika goes to Dhani and asks if she called. Dhani asks to give her box. Devika slips on soapy floor and shouts if she could not inform. Dhani says she is servant and it is her job. Devika shouts for help.

Heera and her puppets enter and yell at Devika. Devika says if she does not get up, who will work for them. They try to lift her up yelling. Varun walks in and asks what is happening. His mother says Devika slipped and fell on wet floor. Devika says nobody is lifting her. Varyn yells if she is our servant or we are her servants. He lifts her and walks. Do Pal Ka Yaadon ka karwaan….song….plays in the background.Varun walks lifting Devika. Devika says he is so good to help maid. Varun says she is in pain.

She says who is she. He reminisces their earlier meeting when he falls for her and she resists. He asks hum apke hain kaun. She says lucky no time phor/for luv, Inglisss/English, etc. He gets out of flashback. She asks why he helped her. He drops her on bed and says he would have done it to any human. She asks to stop worrying about her then. He shouts she is blabbering again and leaves. Varun punches sand bag reminiscing time spent with Devikaa. Ye Malal Ishq. He continues punching bag angrily.Varun then sits for breakfast with family. He sees his favorite breakfast and excitedly thanks Dhani. Devika says she prepared it to celebration him getting a movie role.

Varun angrily says he wants only Dhani to prepare his food as only she was present with him in his bad phase of life, says Hira that he will marry Dhani and will get engaged tomorrow itself and show someone/Devika that only she has place in his heart and not anyone else, they wil get engaged tomorrow itself. Dhani, Heer, and her puppets get happy. Devika thinks how can Varun marry Dhani, for a woman, her husband is everything. Dhani happily hugs Varun and says she will buy best clothes for her engagement. Varun says okay and leaves. Dhani happily hugs her mother. Hira thinks once her granddaughter marries Varun, she will transfer this haveli in her name. Devika thinks Varun is only her husband and cannot marry anyone. Kesar yells at Devika to reheat paranthas.

Dhani says she is thankful to Devika because of whom Varun realized he loves me, she is lucky for me. Devika says what is the use of love which uses someone else’s luck. Hira calls Pandit and asks him to come and fix her granddaughter Dhani’s engagement muhurath.Pandi comes and checks kundalis to fix muhurath. Devika while serving him water murmurs pandit will be finished if he finds mangalik girl’s muhurath. Pandit gets afraid. Kesar yells what is she murmuring in Pandit’s ears. Devikaa asks Pandit if she did. Pandit says muhurath is after 1 year. Varun enters and says engagement is tomorrow itself. Devika signals Pandit and revolves finger around her neck.

Pandit says there will be big problems if engagement happens tomorrow. Varun says he does not care and says engagement is tomorrow itself.Kesar keeps Varun’s engagement suit in his room while Varun is busy speaking to film director. Devika enters and looks at suit. Varun enters and she slips. He holds her. She thanks him. He says she was about to fall. She suggests him not to get engaged. He asks what. She says fans don’t like married hero, so he should wait till 2-3 more film releases. He angry. Their nok jhok continues. They both fall on bed. Dhani sees that and fumes in jealousy.

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