I’m on the edge update Thursday 6 October 2022

I’m on the edge 6 October 2022: Devika and Varun fall on bed aand get mesmerized into each other’s eyes. Dhaani walks in and fumes in jealousy seeing this and shouts what is happening. Varun tries to get up, but s chain gets stuck in Devika’s clothes and cannot get up. Devika says he has stuck to her like a magnet. Dhani pulls Varun up and asks Devika why did she come to this room. Devika says to clean dust. Dhani says this is also her room and asks Varun who all they are inviting for their engagement. Varun asks her to invest his producer personally and let producer know that he did not make any mistake by signing him for a lead role. Dhani nods yes happily. Devika silently watches smiling. Dhani calls her maid and taunts if she tries to act oversmart, doe she remember what this house’s women will do to her.

Devika taunts does she remember howmuch Varun used to love her. Dhani gets more jealous.Devika gets busy in decorating house. Hira taunts her not to leave anything incomplete. Devika walks to Dhani’s room and sees beauticians doing Dhani’s makeup, mehandi design and manicure/pedicure. Dhani asks if her dress is pretty, Varun got it from Jaipur’s best designer. Beauticians praaise her. Devika silently watches. Beautician asks Dhani to lift her feet on a stool for pedicure. Dhani orders Devika to bring stool. Devika says there is no stool at home. Dhani orders her to bend like a stool for her. Dhani does. Beautician asks Devika to mix water in face pack. Dhani asks not to give it to Devika, else she will mix something in it.

Beautician asks Devika to mix it here itself. Devika diverts everyone’s attention and mixes something in face pack.Hira orders her puppets to be careful and not let Devika around guests, she is very intelligent and will plan something evil.Beauticians apply face pack to Dhani and praise her face will glow like pearls soon and her fiance will be mesmerized with her beauty. Dhani happily looks her face into mirror seeing it turning black. She shouts at beauticians and send them away. She locks door and cries. Devika knocks door and says she brought juiced and snacks for her. Dhani shouts at her to go away. Devika taunts if she does not come out, she will get engaged to Varun. Varun passes by and asks what is happening. Devika says she brought juice and snacks for Devika, but she is not coming.

Varun asks Dhani to open door. Devika says her dress is not fitting well, he should attend guests while she comes later. Devika says Dhai will not come, so he should get engaged to her. Varun shouts if she is out of her mind. She says he has no other option now. Varun warns Devika to open door, else he will break it. Devika taunts if he will use force like a villain. He fumes.. Devika continues taunting him and thinks Varun and Dhani’s engagement will not happen.

Varun gets ready for engagement and walks down to living room thinking today is special day for him, he will sign movie contract. Guests gather. Devika knocks Dhani’s room door and asks her to come down, smirking. Dhani cries seeing her black face. Varun’s mother gets happy seeing him. Varun insists to introduce her to his guests. Mother says she will feel odd to meet big shots. Hira asks reporters to click her pics. They ask who is she. She says she is the one behind Varun’s success and asks film producer Maheshwari to sign Varun for his next film. Film producer Maheshwari walks in. Varun gets happy seeing her and introduces her to his mother. They both are shocked seeing each other.

Devika on the other side asks Dhani to come out soon, guests are waiting for her. She comes out wearing towel on her face and asks her to tell she will come late and manage situation.Dhani gets happy seeing Varun wearing her selected suit. Reporters click Maheshwari and Varun’s pics. Varun’s mother holds Maheshwari’s hand and takes her aside. Dhani thinks why maa is dragging her aside. Varun’s mother asks Maheshwaari why she is doing this, earlier she gave her blood to Varun and now gave him film offer, please stop it and don’t remind of past. Devika walks to Maheshwari and says she knows who she is. Maheshwari gets tensed. Devika says she gave blood to Varun in hospital. Maheshwari relaxes. Varun passes by and asks Devika what is she doing.

Devika asks if she knows who is Maheshwari. He says his film’s producer. She says and. Someone calls Varun, and he leaves.Kesar goes to Dhani’s room and is shocked to see her black face. She tries hard to wipe face, but in vain, asks Dhani to try herself, she will go and handle situation downstairs.Maheshwari blesses Varun and says she will leave now. He asks her to wait for his engagement. She says he is saying same since 1 hour, she is not habituated to stay in parties so long. He says his fiance is here itself and calls Devika. Maheshwari says she thought Devika is his servant. Varun says Devika likes serving people and asks her to come. They both exchange earrings. Hira watches silently. Maheshwari blesses them and pronounces Varun as future super star, etc.

Reporters click Devika and Varu’s pics and complement they are made for each other. Kesar walks in and shouts stop it, her daughter had to be engaged to Varun and Devika is a servant. Reports murmur this is a masala news. Maheshwari asks Varun what is all this, she thought Devika is his fiance and they make a good pair. Varun stands nervously..Kesar drags Devika aside and yells at her.

Kesar shouts Devika is a servant and is not Varun’s fiance, asks Varun why did he get engaged to servant Devika. Heera also asks same. Devika says it is not Varun’s mistake, many times people get afraid of losing what they achieved with hard work and lie, Varun also did same and it is not his mistake, there is no doubt that Varun is a talented actor and can become future superstar and there is nothing wrong if he took dear one’s friend. Maheshwari with all guests claps and says this girl is Varun’s true friend and not servant, Varun is still her film’s hero and if anyone insult Devika as servant, Varun will lose film, now she will stay here till party ends and asks Varun to bring his fiance now. Varun thanks Dhani for her help, but his engagement ring’s true owner is Dhani, takes ring from Devika and walks to bring Dhani.

Varun enters Dhani’s room and asks why did not she come down yet. She says he cannot see her face. He asks what happened, there should not hide anything from each other. She shows her black face. He is shocked and asks what happened. She says her face blackened due to face pack, how can she come down with this black face. Varun says engagement will happen today itself and takes her down wearing mask and announces this masquerade party and please welcome my fiance Dhani. Dhani praises him for his idea. Devika thinks Varun will give her ring to Dhani, how will she stop him.

Heera tells Kesar that once Varun marries Kesar, she will get Varun’s all wealth. She wants Varun’s memory back. Kesar says if his memory is back, he will remember Devika and reaccept her, then Devika will not give them a penny, she is determined like Devi. Heera says she also meant same, now she will go and get Varun and Heera engaged.Devika walks to Varun and says Maheshwari is calling him. He walks to Maheshwari and asks if she called him. She says no,but what is he doing here. Varun goes to Devika, says he needs to talk, drags her to a room and warns to stay right here, she helped him but is trying to separate him from Dhani. He walks back to Dhani. Dhani nervously holds her dress and tells Kesar that she needs to correct her dress. Kesar switches off light.

Devika exchanges herself with Dhani and stands with Varun. Dhani switches on lights. Devika’s mask falls off, but she corrects it soon.Devika takes Dhani’s place wearing mask and stands with Varun. Her masks falls, but her face is covered with her hair. Varun asks her to wear mask soon, else everyone will see her black face. Kesar fixes Devika’s mask. Varun fixes engagement ring in her finger. Heera asks her to fix ring in Varun’s finger now. She does. Everyone clap for them. They both look into each other’s eyes. They both dance sensuously on Sun mere humsafar..song.. looking into each other’s eyes. Heera says Kesar says once Varun and Dhani marry, she will own this property.

After dance, Varun gets busy chatting with Maheshwaari. Devika walks away. Kesar does nnot find Dhani and walks way to check her. Devika goes to corridor and removes her mask. She looks at her engagement ring and thinks if Varun had not locked her in a room and Kesar haad not switched off lights, she would not have taken Dhani’s place. She reminisces pulling Dhani’s lehanga thread and says only she is made for Varun and not Dhani.Kesaar walks to Dhani’s room and sees her unconscious on floor. She sprinkles water on her and wakes her up. Dhani looks around confused and says she came to correct her lehanga and someone threw bag on her, she does not know what happened next.

Kesar asks who got engaged to Varun then. Dhani shouts it is Devika then, she will not spare her. Kesar says for the world, Dani got engaged to Varun. Dhani asks what about Devika. Kesar says Devika will be punished.Kesar and Dhani inform Varun and Heera whole story. Heera shouts how can they forgo such a big mistake, who spoilt Dhani’s face. Kesar says who else than Devika. Varun says Devikaa is in room, she should not allege anyone without proof. They open door and see Devika in room. Devika hides her engagement ring and thinks only she is Varun’s life partner. Heera pulls her hair and says she can fool whole world, but not her, she knows she got engaged to Varun. Devika says she did, what will she do. Heera says whole world knows Dhani got engaged to Varun.

Devika says soon Varun will realize her love, and Heera cannot do anything.Varun shirtless looks at his engagement ring and thinks when he was getting engaged to Dhani, he felt old connection with her. Devika walks in. He wears his vest seeing her. She taunts him that he went to gym and built good body, but is too shy and not like popular Bollywood actors who flant their abs. Varun removes his vest and angrily says now she can see whatever she wants to. She continues taunting him and says who knows he may fall in her love. He angrily shouts never. Their nok jhok continues…

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