I’m On the Edge update Friday 16 September 2022

I’m on the edge 16 September 2022: Varun decorates palace’s lounge area with lights and roses. Devika comes there dressed in red saree. They both smile at each other. Devika says this all? Varun says a beautiful evening for you, all went to watch a movie. Devika says it means.. Varun says we are alone, we will spend time to understand each other, to meet each other. He holds her and slowly dances with her, Sajna tere bina plays as they romantically dance with each other. Varun pulls her closer and twirls her around, Devika falls in his arms. She blushes. Varun makes her sit in seat. Dhani comes there dressed in a small dress. Devika says what are you doing here? Did Prince invite you for dinner too? Dhani says he didnt call me but I am here so I can sit here, Devika says sit as you are here now. Kesar hides and looks on.

Varun murmurs from where did she come. Dhani says what was happening here? Devika says we just met. Varun asks why didnt go for a movie? She says I dont like movies. Varun says I like movies. Dhani says I thought you hate your actor brother so would hate movies. Varun says whatever was done was done by my brother.. Devika says there is no fault of movies. Varun says you understand my heart thing now. Dhani asks Varun what kind of girl he wants? Varun looks at Devika and says the one who loves me so much that I have to love her, he gets a call and leaves. Devika asks Dhani why she is here? Dhani says I thought you wont be able to talk to him as you dont love him. Devika deliberately throws water on her dress and says go change it, Dhani leaves. Varun comes there.

Devika says I sent Dhani away, lets go for a long drive, they leave. Dhani comes to Kesar. Kesar asks where did they go? Dhani says why you make me do all this? why make me a third wheel between them? Yes I love Prince Arun but I will get him if he is my luck, dont make do all this planning, she leaves. Kesar says I will make her fight for her love, I wont let her become another Kesar.Varun and Devika are walking on road. Devika says I love to roam around, he says I know. Devika says if you marry me then I will make you roam around a lot. Devika sees ice-cream seller and runs to it. Varun smiles. Devika buys ice-creams, Varun pays for it. Devika says lets cheers. They do and start eating, Varun smiles at her. Suddenly it starts raining.

Varun tries to run but Devika stops him and says are you made from salt? lets enjoy the rain. Devika starts dancing in rain. Varun comes behind her and hugs her, he caresses her face and romance with her, Ankhon se tune ye kya kehdia plays. Varun sits on his knees and kisses her hand. Devika kneels and sits in his lap.Devika and Varun comes back home. Devika starts to go to her room, he says you really have to go? Devika says have you seen time, my parents and your mom would mind it. Varun says you spoiled romance. Devika takes off her sandals and lets go. They come near Varun’s room. Devika says good night. Varun tries to go to his room and Devika tries to leave but they bump in each other. Varun teases if she doesnt want to leave him. Devika says good night.

Dhani hides and sees them. Varun and Devika turns to look at each other, they smile and leave to their rooms. Dhani is in tears.

Scene 2
In morning, Devika comes outside Varun’s room and says no, I shouldnt look this desperate.. but I came to meet him and can give him sometime. Devika comes to his room and doesnt see him. He says oh God he is in washroom again. Varun comes out of washroom in towel only. Devika says why you are always without clothes. Varun moves towards her and slips, they both fall on bed. They share eyelock.Urmi does yoga with a guy. Guy says its confirmed, you will get money only when it goes to trust and it will happen if this marriage doesnt happen. Urmi says I have plan to break this wedding but when this Heera have less time then I will do it. Man says okay let me know, he leaves. Urmi turns and is shocked to see Varun’s mom stealing things from lounge.

Urmi thinks this woman is a cheap robber, she is stealing small things, seems like she has habit of stealing and I can take advantage of it to destroy Heera’s game, I have to think something, Devika and Prince Arun cant marry.Varun smiles at Devika and says we always sleep. Devika sees mark on Varun’s chest and says my bangle hurt you. Varun says your bangle is mischievous, sometimes it tears shirts and other time wound me. Devika thinks that I had torn Varun’s shirt then how does Prince knows? this means he is Varun. Varun thinks why she is looking at me like that? does she have doubt on me?

Varun and Devika falls on floor. Varun gets up. Devika says wait, she grabs his neck and asks where is Prince Arun? you are Varun because I tore Varun’s shirt then how does Prince know? You are Varun, where is my prince? Varun thinks and says I have hidden your Prince, you wont be able to find him, you still remember every moment of ours, you will marry me and my brother will not get anything. Devika says you are your brother’s enemy, I will never marry you. Varun says I just have to give one call and bomb that is tied to Prince Arun will blast and he will die. Devika shouts no! Varun smiles and says if Varun was here then he would have said all this.. you called me Varun so I thought to act like Varun, he told me once that you tore his shirt, I love my brother but he doesnt care for me. Devika says its not like that, I met him, he said he would come to our wedding.

Varun says thank you so much, its a big gift. Devika says I am sorry for doubting you, you and your brother will reunite soon. Varun says yes you are with me. He asks if he can wear clothes? she says yes I am leaving, she leaves. Varun says what an act.Kesar bring juice for dhani. Dhani hides a diary. Kesar takes it out and sees Dhani writing Prince Arun’s name. She says you say you dont love Arun but writes his name like that, if you love him then snatch him from Devika. Dhani says I dont want to snatch anyone, he loves her, she leaves. Kesar says I will get love for my daughter, I will do anything to snatch him for her.

Ashish calls Varun and says there is a big audition for a movie role. Varun thanks him and dances around. Varun starts getting ready. Devika comes out of Varun’s room and knocks. He is trying to practice role. He sees Devika knocking and changes clothes to Prince. He opens door and asks what? Devika says let me come in room, Varun says I am working, he closes door. Devika thinks that I have to find what he is doing in room. Varun is practicing filmy lines for an audition. Devika tries to hear what he is talking inside. She tries to listen. Varun says lines that yes I killed my brother, there is nothing bigger than revenge. Devika hears it and says what? he killed his brother. Devika knocks on door, he opens it. Devika says you killed Varun? he was just trying to make name for himself, why did you kill him? Varun thinks I was acting and she thought I actually killed my brother. Devika drags him from there.

Scene 2
Kesar comes to Maasa with tea, she says I was thinking that Prince’s brother is a twin, he look like him so I was thinking we should get Dhani married to him so they will be in same house. Maasa says what an idea, bring sweets, I will talk to him.
Kesar comes to Varun’s mom and says we are making another relation with you, you will have two daughters from this house. Maasa comes there and says you should think about it. Mom says no, nothing to think about that, Varun can marry her, Arun will marry Devika and Varun will Dhani. Maasa asks her to leave, she leaves. Maasa thinks how will I get one man married to two women.

Devika brings Varun to lounge and tries to call police, she says you killed your brother. Varun asks her to stop it. Devika says stay away, you are a killer. Varun says listen to me. Mom comes there and says Varun there is a problem. Devika says what you called him Varun? Mom says sorry, I got confused, all family members come there. Devika says you will never see Varun again as your son Arun killed him, all are stunned. Mom is confused. Devika says he killed your son and you are not worrying? did you know about all this, this means mom planned to kill one son from other. Mom says I dont care about him dying, he was useless. Varun shouts no.. Varun is not useless. Varun says to Devika that dont say anything to my mom, he says to his mom that I am sorry, you had to listen to all this, he sits on his knees and says sorry for getting insulted.

He gets up and says to Devika that there is no prince. All are stunned. Varun says to Devika that I am no prince, there is no Prince of any region, I am not Prince Arun, there is only Varun who is struggling actor, my sin is not killing but cheating and lying, I lied to you, I am no prince, I am just Varun. Devika slaps him and says you are a cheater and liar. She says its good that your truth come out. Varun holds her hand and says listen to me, I know I lied but we started getting closer, when we met first, we fought, you started disliking me, if I asked your hand as Varun then you would have never agreed so I became Arun, you know I like to act, I thought to tell you the truth after we cameback from Kanpur but I didnt get the chance.

Devika says you had many chances but you kept acting, I know you like to act but marriage is a real thing and I wont marry you because you are a cheater. Varun says I will become a nice husband, just forget this lie. Devika says any other person will be nicer than you, the one who can lie about marriage, can lie about anything. Varun says I promise I will never lie and keep you happy, trust me. Devika says trust you? your nature is lying and cheating to others and I will never do mistake of trusting you ever again, you cheated me, I will marry but not to you.

Devika says to Varun that I wont ever trust you again, I will marry but not to you. Varun says you will not get a guy more good than me. Devika says now I will show you by marrying a good guy, just watch, she leaves, all look on.Devika comes to her room, she recalls her romantic date with Varun, their romantic moments. She is in tears. Varun comes there. Devika says you didnt leave till now? Varun comes to her and says I will go but I just want to ask one thing. She asks whats remaining to ask? Varun says do you love me? Devika says no one can love liar like you. Varun says but you do love me or not? I wont leave till you answer me, just look in my eyes and say you never loved me, never felt anything for me, just tell me that you hate me even after spending so much time with me, he backs up her to wall and holds her shoulder.

Devika recalls his cheating and pushes him away, she says yes I hate you, I thought you are a nice man thats why I wanted to marry you but it was all an act, I have nothing for you in my heart let alone love, she leaves.Maasa comes to Varun and says you are useless. Varun says I didnt let Devika know that you brought me here. Maasa says you are a cheater in Devika’s eyes, she would never believe anything you say, you were useless and will remain useless. Varun says she will marry me only, you will see. She saw me as cheater and liar, she should know who I am. Maasa says lets see what you can do. Varun says I will show you because its about my honor and I will win because my heart and mind are with me this time, he leaves.

Dhani comes to Kesar and says I am so happy. Kesar asks what happened? Dhani says Devika denied marrying Prince, I can marry him now. Kesar says he is no prince, he is just a struggling actor, no one would want to give their daughter to him. dhani says I didnt love the person who is ruler of a region but I loved him as a person. Kesar says why you want to spoil your life. Dhani says I dont care, I love him even if he is just an actor, promise me that you will let me marry him, please. Kesar says your happiness is my happiness, I cant stop you. Dhani hugs her and thanks her.

Maasa says to Devika that your happiness matters to me most, I did a mistake but now I will find a good relation for you, I will first find out about his family and background so that they cant cheat you like Varun. Devika says dont take so much tension in this age, I will find a guy for myself. Maasa says but you dont know anyone here. Devika says I know everything is done through agent now, I know a woman who does couple matching, she must be coming. Servant says someone is here. Devika says couple match woman must be here, she leaves with Maasa. Urmi hears all that, she calls her partner and says Varun and Devika’s marriage broke but Devika is searching for another guy, there is one week remaining in her becoming 18 years old, I will not let her find a guy, trust will get the money and then we will get it eventually.

Scene 2
Devika meets couple match maker. Woman says you have to change your talking style, you should change that, boys dont like it.. I have a list of boys that you can choose from. Maasa says that many guys? Woman says yes. Devika says search their backgrounds too. Woman says I will show you a real diamond. She shows her photos of boys and then Varun’s picture comes up. Devika says why you are showing me this cheater’s photo. She says he is the best guy.. she checks photos and says who is this guy? I think there is a virus in my phone, I didnt select these photos. Devika says I know who must have done it. Varun comes there and says you called match maker but didnt find a guy? I told you that you wont find a guy nicer than me. Devika asks what he is doing here? Varun says I have left my underwear here. Maasa says yes his things are in house. devika huffs and leaves.

Devika is leaving house, she calls driver and sits in car. Driver is Varun only. Devika doesnt see him and murmurs that he is not leaving me alone, she asks driver to take her where he wants. Varun says you seem to be in pissed off mood. she says you? Varun says listen to me. she says never and gets down from car. Devika says you said you wont lie ever again and now you are faking as driver? Varun says I was trying to talk to you, how to make you believe that I love you. Devika says who is talking Varun or Arun? I hate both so it doesnt matter. Varun says thats the case? he gives her gun and says kill me, you might find lovers but not like me, Varun can give heart and life in love, I showed you my love, now you show me your hatred. He points gun at himself and asks Devika to shoot, he shouts at her to kill him, end him, shoot him. Devika shoots at him.

Varun falls down. Devika is stunned and screams Varun! she rushes to him and says I dont know how it shot, I didnt want to kill you, open your eyes. She sees no blood on him and says where bullet shot? Varun wakes up and smirks. Devika says you took my life, I wont spare you. Varun says I saw what happens to you when you think I get hurt. Devika says I panicked because I thought I killed someone. Varun says you will not guy more good than me. Devika says I will find a good guy and marry him, you will see. Varun says I wont see because the minute you marry someone, I will finish myself and this time for real, he leaves. Devika thinks he is crazy. Match maker calls Devika and says there is a good proposal for you. Devika looks on.

Varun is sitting on bench and says how can she move on and marry someone else. Dhani comes there and says she can, I know men get heart broken too and you are heart broken too Prince. Varun says if you know everything then know that I am no prince. Dhani says you will always be prince for me. Varun thanks her for caring. Dhani says I will always care for your lit. Varun glances at her and leaves. Dhani says he doesnt mind my love so I can win him, I just have to keep Devika away from him.

Lajjo is making Devika ready and asks what are you thinking? are you worried? Devika says a little, I just want a nice boy, mistake shouldnt happen again, I am getting married afterall. Lajjo says what about love? you really want to marry him? Devika says I will love him after marriage. Lajjo asks what kind of a man you want? Devika says a person who have heart stronger than steel, who lies for benefits of others, not to hurt them, the one who might not have money but have passion to do something, who understand my parents. Lajjo says Varun was like that. Devika avoids it and says he cheated behind his good face. Lajjo says I just pray that you get a guy who have nice personality, who loves you unconditionally. She leaves. Devika remembers her moments with Varun.

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