I’m On the Edge update Saturday 17 September 2022

I’m on the edge 17 September 2022: Devika comes to lounge and says to Lajjo that I am tensed, will everything be fine? Maasa comes there and says I want everything to happen nicely, I want that this drama ends for you nicely, you just get married to a nice guy and I will get my property. Devika says I promised you so I will fulfill it. A man brings Devika’s injured father there. Devika runs to him and asks what happened to you? Father says I slipped on road and got infront of cars, this man saved me and brought me here, he helped me a lot. Guy says he needs rest, lets take him to room. Guy supports father and takes him to his room. Guy and Devika comes back in lounge. Devika asks him to have a seat.

Guy says dont worry he will be fine. Devika says I will never forget your debt. Guy says this is no debt, people help each other to make this world better, I was just passing by to meeting, I have to meet a match maker. Devika says really? Match maker comes there and says Dr. Alek I was waiting for you and you came here. Alek says their father got injured so I brought him here, I didnt know our destination was this. Varun comes there dressed as chef, Alek asks who are you? Varun says poetry and says I keep everyone happy here, he says people have to do a lot for love so I became a chef. Maasa coughs. Devika asks Alek to tell about himself.

Alek says I am from a business family but I became doctor, we have parents, siblings in house, they believe that happiness doubles when you get married, so I will take care of your parents and you will take care of my parents. Varun makes noise and gives them tea. Match maker asks if proposal is confirmed? DEvika gets tensed. Alek says dont take haste decision, marriage is a life long commitment so take your time, you should never regret your decision. Devika says there is nothing to regret, you are a nice guy, I like you, you took care of my father too, I dont have to think, I am ready to marry you.

Varun coughs and offers her sweets, they share eyelock. Devika says yes this is a happy occasion, we should get engaged tomorrow. Something falls, Devika bents to pick it up and her cleavage is shown, Alek eyes is lustfully. Varun sees it and picks it up, he glares at Alek . Devika doesnt see it and says I got cheated so I have good eye to recognize nice people, relation is confirmed from my side. Match maker asks Alek to say yes. Alek says okay I agree with this proposal, he shakes Devika’s hand and smirks. Varun is jealous seeing their hand shake. He thinks that this Alek is not like he is showing, his eyes and hands are roaming in different direction, I have to find his truth, I wont let wrong man come in Devika’s life.

At night, Devika is trying to tie her blouse’s dori. She thinks its her mom in room and asks her to tie dori. Varun is standing on door and smiles at her. He comes inside and holds her dori, he ties it but keeps looking away. Devika feels his presence and sees him in mirror, she asys what are you doing here? how dare you touch my dori. Varun says I am just your slave, you asked me to tie it so I did, it happened before too. Devika says why are you here? Varun says I am going to find truth of Alek , he is not like how he shows, something is wrong. Devika says nothing is wrong, go to Mumbai and do act, you can be any kind of human but you are a nice actor, you became prince and made me.. he says made you what? Devika says Alek is a nice person, I am doing right by marrying him, he send me poetry too.

She reads it. Varun says its a song. Devika says dont be jealous and leave. Varun says I am going but to return, I will bring Alek’s truth out before engagement. Devika says if you dont find anything then dont hide your face. Devika’s bangle get stuck in Varun’s shirt. Varun says fate is keeping us closer. Devika says its reminding me of my mistakes, leave now, he leaves. Devika says what is happening? I am getting attracted to him. Lajjo comes there and says you said yes to Alek so soon, you took time for Varun. Devika says I did mistake before but not now, Alek is a nice man, he is good, intelligent and.. enough. Lajjo says but he is not Varun. Lajjo says Varun and you won best couple competition, and just for a small thing.. Devika says he cheated and I wont forgive him.

Lajjo says people do mistakes, if you forget it for sometime then you will see goodness of Varun. Devika says I have taken decision. Lajjo says its your decision in the end.Devika prays to Lord and asks if she is doing the right thing by marrying Alek.Varun comes to streets to find something about Alek. Varun sees a woman on road and shows her picture of Alek, he asks if you know this man? Girl says who are you? why you are asking about him? I wont tell you, she leaves. VArun is confused and says I wont leave till I find about this Alek.

Devika sits in her window and says why do I feel like something is wrong? am I doing the right thing? Devika recalls her moments with Varun.Varun is sitting on bench in park and thinks that I miss Devika, she doesnt even love me. Naina plays as they both miss each other. Varun wipes his tears.Devika and Alek’s engagement ceremony starts. Maasa tries to call Varun but he doesnt take call. She says to Jaggu that Varun might have runaway. Jaggu says let Devika marry Alek, we can get money that way too. Maasa says what if she runs away after marriage? Varun is our member, if she marries him then Devika wont be able to go away.

Dhani says to Kesar that I am so happy, Varun will be mine now. She drags Devika to dance floor. They both gracefully starts dancing Albela sajan. Alek lustfully eyes Devika’s bare back.Varun is on his way to return.Alek and Devika are about to exchange rings. Devika keeps looking at door. Alek is about to put ring on her finger but Varun comes there and says stop it, he says to Devika that I promised I will comeback before engagement, I havent come alone. He shows a girl with him. Alek gets tensed. Varun says you remember this girl or should I tell you? Alek says I know this is Diya, she is my patient, she is mentally ill, she didnt even let me have breath freely.

Diya says he is a liar, Devika dont marry him, he is a cheat. Alek says she is mental, I tried to complain against her to police but she keeps telling people that I cheated on her. Diya says yes you promised love and then cheated me, now I am pregnant with your baby. Alek says she is lying, she is mental. Varun says she is not mental. I met her when I was returning, when I showed her Alek’s photo then she showed me Alek’s photo and letter that Alek gave to her, he took advantage of her. Kesar says she is mentally ill, I will take her away, she drags Diay from there. Varun says Devika dont engage him, he is not right.

Devika says enough, what you are doing after that I am sure to marry Alek. Varun shouts that you are trusting him instead of me? Devika says you always lied to me so I cant believe you. Varun says if you trust him so much, if I am lying then go engage him, go marry him, if he is so nice then get engaged. Devika sadly looks at him and goes to Alek. Varun pleadingly looks at her. Devika gives her hand to Alek. He makes her wear the ring. Varun is in tears. Devika takes ring and makes Alek wear it. Alek smirks and thinks Varun tried to show my face but he cant stop my lust for Devika, this marriage is just a game, I will get Devika. He recalls Devika dancing. Dhani takes photos with Devika and Alek.

Kesar and Jaggu brings Diya to store room, she ties her. Diya says please dont let Alek marry Devika. Kesar says I want my daughter to marry Varun so I dont care about Devika’s destruction. She ties her to chair and covers her mouth, she leaves.Varun hears Diya’s voice. He asks Kesar where is Diya? Jaggu says we took her to Diya. Varun says she is not married. Kesar says dont talk, you are an outsider, Varun thinks something is wrong, he leaves. Kesar thinks that Devika will marry Alek and Varun will marry Dhani.

Scene 2
Devika is selecting dress for wedding. Alek lustfully looks at her and says select dress for your birthday too, she happily selects them while Alek moves closer to her and plays with her, he sniffs her. Devika moves away and says what are you doing? he says it was just a fly. He asks her to go and wear the dresses, she leaves. Alek sniffs his hands which touched her hair.

Alek watches Devika setting her blouse and takes picture of her bare back. Varun sees him outside Devika’s room with mobile and deliberately strikes with him. Varun says sorry. Alek says what are you doing in house? Varun says I am Dhani’s friend, I am allowed in this house. Devika comes out wearing a nice dress. She asks Alek how I am looking? he says gorgeous. Varun laughs and says you look a parrot, dont know what Alek sees, he leaves. Devika says yes it doesnt look too nice, she goes to change. Alek thinks she rejected dress which I liked because of Varun, see what I will do now.

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