I’m on the edge update Friday 19 August 2022

I’m on the edge 19 August 2022: Devi says I told want to third wheel so I am leaving. Devi comes to Adhi’s room. He says why are you coming here? She says this is my room too. You remember that night right? i feel love all around. you made me yours. Kesar’s love is back as well. She was right. Devi says I am sure Mukun will love and own her like you do to me.Mukun asks how are you? She says fine. He is worried. Mukun says I am going. He leaves. Kesar says he didn’t say anything? Is he hiding something?Devi holds Adhi’s hand and says you do so much for me. I have placed this mirror in the house. She puts his hand on her stomaach. She says we look so good like made for each other.

Adhi shoves her. he says enough you have crossed all the limits. You have made my life hell. You think I live you.. I hate you. I really hate you. He breaks the mirror. Devi says then why didn’t you kill me? Why you saved me every time? You could go form here. You could let me die. Devi says why did you say that you love? Why couldn’t you live away from me? He shoves her and says those were all incidents. I hate you. Devi says okay. I agree that you didn’t mean anything that night.. But it if you say that it doesn’t mean to me then i wont agree to that. You made me yours that night. You can’t deny that truth. She leaves.Adhi says I will write end of your life with my hands. This last time I will end your life and I wont stop.

Heera has arranged a pooja. Urmi says there is something? Urmi says Heera will handle everytthing. Don’t worry. Masa shows adhi how he will throw the chandelier on her and she will die. Masa says devi will die. Kesar and mukun will give me the heir of this house. no one will doubt during pooja.Kesar comes for pooja. Mikun sits next to her. DEvi is searching something on internet. Masa comes and says come downstairs. She comes. Adhi pulls the rope. devi comes downstairs and says I will do rituals of her sister. Heera gives her dia. She says keep standing here with this dia.

The pooja starts. Devi is standing beneath the needles chandelier. Masa says to Mukun you will give me a heir soon. Pandit ji says bring your younger son and wife in this pooja too. Masa says no they will stand. A woman says whats wrong with that? She asks devi to sit. Masa says stop. I want both couples to have separate poojas. Devi says masa is right. We will do it separately. I won’t be able to do either. The woman says why? Devi says in this condition a woman can’t sit in the pooja. Woman asks what? She syas I am pregnant.. Adhi leaves the chandelier. He is shocked to listen what devi sadi. The chandelier is about to fall on her. Adhi shoves and saves her.

A woman says you are right, if you are pregnant you won’t sit in the pooja. Devi says death is so weird it comes anywhere but there is one thing more powerful than it. Fate and destiney no matter what you do.. You can’t harm the one God saves. Kesar says this looks like a conspiracy. Devi says my husband saved me and might child. The woman says give her blessings Masa. Masa says what proof she has that she is pregnant? devi says you will have the proof in front of you soon. A letter comes for her. She shows it. Its the test report. Devi printed it herself. Devi says I went to hospital and got the tests done.
Masa asks Adhi waht is it? He says she iss pregnant. The woman says congrats masa. You will be grandmother soon. Masa grasps devi’s hand and makes her wear the thread in anger. Kesar hugs and congratulates Devi. Devi says in heart I am sorry God for this big lie.

Scene 2
Adhi comes to room and says to Devi what is this? Why did you say that? devi says aren’t you happy? why did you save me then when you arrange everything? i know you planned to kill me. That one night changed everything. Your baby is in my womb. Your efforts to kill me always fail. You tried again but God helped me. If you kill me you will kill your child as well. She is dreaming this. Adhi isn’t there.

Adhi comes to room and recalls the night when he was drunk. DEvi says aren’t you happy? may I know why? He says no I told you before that night doesn’t mean anything to me.. Devi says what? You were drunk? So is that my fault? did I ask you to drink and come close to me? Two good news came to this house Muukun and our child. Masa now knows that we re one in every manner of the phrase. He leaves.adhi sits down alone. He says is she right? i don’t know what to do? Devi says I am sorry God. Adhi says if she is right then?

Masa is very angry. She says Devi is lying. i know she isn’t pregnant. Bansuri says then whose child is it? Masa says that is someone else’ child. She is characterless. Urmi says we should tell everyone. Masa says whole sujanghar will know.
Devib calls Ambiika and says I am so happy. Ambika says I am very happy for you. Adhi comes. Devi puts his hand on her stomach. She says I wish my child is like you loving. Our baby is coming. I know you will love our child. I see a responsible father in you.

Devi is working, Kesar says you shouldn’t work. Devi says women is city work till the last day. Kesar says I don’t care but you won’t work. Devi says thank you. You are so nice. DEvi says to Kesar you should try to go ahead with your relationship as well.

Scene 2
Keasr comes to room. Mukun is changing. Kesar says Devi is so lukcy she will be a mother. She sits next to him. She says masa must be so happy. She puts her hand on his. He says where iss adi? He leaves. Keasr says he doesn’t even look at me.

DEvi’s baby shower starts. All the women give her blessings. Masa says adhi is not the child of this baby. This is not Adhi’s child. Ambika says what are you saying. Masa says this child is a sin. Devi says what are you saying. Masa says you people can tell who is the father? Go and find him. She doesn’t deserve to be adhi’s wife. Devi says this is your heir. Ask your son he will tell you my child is his baby. Masa says we have nothing to do with this sin. If you are right then walk on these burning coals. Everyone is dazed. Devi says if that makes you believe that this child is Adhi’s then I will take this test. AMbika says you don’t have to do this devi. We thought you would change but some people are not human. Devi says i will walk on this. Ambika says no. Devi goes to walk on the coals. Devi says this is just for Masa because my husband knows the truth.

There is no other man in my life. I know this is harmful for my child but I am ready to do this. DEvi is about to step on the coals. Adhi puts his hand beneaht her foot.

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