I’m on the edge update Saturday 20 August 2022

I’m on the edge 20 August 2022: Devi says adhi your hand is burned. she does his first aid. Adhi says this is my child. He is my blood. Heera says what are you saying. Adhi says thats true. I can’t explain you but he is my child. Thats my blood. That night in jungle I made this mistake. Devi says don’t call it a mistake. That was your love. I saw that love in your eyes. I saw love in your eyes. If you don’t wanna accept that love I will miscarry this child. adhi says thats my child. Don’t dare saying that. Thats my child you can’t harm him. He says to everyone lets celebrate. My child is coming. Distribute sweets everywhere.

Everyone congratulates Devi.Mukun calls his partner and says I am coming to Mumbai. You don’t have to come here. What you are here already? Kiran why did you have to come here? if people get to know my reality what will happen?Devi says to the rat what will happen when he knows he truth. I don’t know what to do. Please help me God.Devi does arti. Adhi comes and says you should take care of your health. devi smiles. He says I will do the pooja with you.

Adhi says this is my child. I know a doctor. We will go to her tomorrow.Abhi says you should take care of yourself. Devi says you will do arti with me? He says yes. He does arti with her. He says I know how to do all this. DEvi looks at him and smiles. The song rang dena plays. Adhi says you have eat healthy. And we have to visit the hospital today. I am really happy I will hear his heartbeat today.Devi saves baby’s heart beat sounds in her phone.Saradh comes home. The maid tells him Adhi is not home. Kesar says to saradh can you help me with something? She says can you bring me this sindur? He says in heart how do I tell you truth? He says okay I will bring it. Kesar says mukun is back here. He lives with us now.

Abhi and devi are in hospital. The nurse says you take your phone inside. One doctor checks you can take the phone. Devi says I will come when my husband comes. She says we will send him to hear the heart beat. Devi wonders what will she do now. Devi gives her phone and comes to the doctor.Doctor is with another woman. Devi says to doctor please keep a curtain here. Adhi puts on the headphones. Adhi listens and is happy.Devi has another woman inside her who was with doctor. Devi says thank you so much.Kesar says I hope he starts loving me. But I knew he would come back. See he did. Saradh wonders whats going on. He says why did mukun come back home?

Adhi brings devi home. He says you shouldn’t do any work. You should take care of yourself. I want my child to be very healthy. Devi says I will. Adhi says don’t climb the stairs. He picks her up and takes her upstairs. Masa looks at them and is angry.Adhi takes her to bed and makes her lie there.Urmi says this baby can unite them. Masa says I will kill this child. Urmi says but he is your heir. Masa says he has devi’s blood as well and i hate him. I will him.

adhi makes devi sleep on the bed. He says take rest. Kesar comes in. She gives devi milk.Urmi tells Masa that she mixed something in the milk that will kill the child. Devi takes the milk. Keasr asks Adhi where has mukun gone? Adhi says he went to meet a friend. Will be back soon. Devi saays she should spend time with kesar. Kesar says its okay. Devi says he should have taken kesar with him. Keesar says its okay. She gives devi milk.

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