I’m on the edge September 2022 teasers

I’m on the edge September teasers 2022: The series takes a new turn as Ahdi and Devi clear all misunderstanding leading to Devi’s pregnancy, but enemies abound…

Tuesday 1 September 2022

Urmi kidnaps Kesar so everyone will think devi kidnapped her so she can marry Adhi.. Adhi is dazed as Devi reveal her face and shoots himself?

Wednesday 2 September 2022

Devi disguises herself as Kesar to hide the truth. Kesar refuses to eat as Virat tells her Devi and Adhi belong together. Devi writes a letter to Adhi to meet to tell him the truth.

Thursday 3 September 2022

Devi realizes Kesar set her up. Adhi calls Devi to meet again but was stopped by Masa. Masa sees her face in the water while Kesar runs from the house she was kept to expose Devi.

Friday 4 September 2022

Kesar reaches the door but Virat takes her from there. Kesar tries to kill herself but Devi showed up. Devi promised to take care of her child with Adhi but Kesar claims Adhi is hers. Devi confronted her about her plot, Kesar realized her mistake and agrees to tell Adhi the truth.

Saturday 5 September 2022

Devi does Pooja with Adhi and plans to tell him the truth on Holi. Devi comes to hall and mixes bhaang in everyone’s drink. Devi applies color on Adhi’s face. Devi reveals the truth with Kesar help. Adhi asked Devi to shoot Masa and she shot her head.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Maasa woke up from her dream and swore to defeat Devi. Maasa planned with Urmi to remove Devi’s veil in front of Adhi when it failed she went to Kesar and provokes her against Devi. Maasa gets Devi kidnapped and brought Kesar back but Devi manage to run away from the thugs.

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Adhi was about to out Sindoor on Kesar forehead when Devi came and stop him. Devi makes Maasa reveal the truth and Adhi took her sides. Adhi goes out to will his property to Devi but Maasa goons stops him and Maasa appears before him and reveals herself to him. Maasa was about to shoot him when Devi came and push him.

Thursday 8 September 2022

Adhi asks Devi to run and save his unborn child. Maasa killed Adhi and buried him in the jungle. Devi was captured and locked up but Kaka rescued her. She delivered a baby girl but the goons throw the baby off the cliff. Maasa is finding it difficult to acquire Adhi’s wealth.

Friday 9 September 2022

Devika grows up to be a clever girl and looks just like Devi. She is industrious and helps her foster father while Maasa plans to use Dhaani to acquire back Adhi’s wealth. Devika returns to Sujangarh out of curiosity and came face to face with Maasa.

Saturday 10 September 2022

Maasa instructs Jaggu to find her and bring her as she looks more like Devi and intend to use her to unlock Adhi’s wealth. Devi goes to Rajawat palace to treat Maasa. All were shocked to see her resemblance with Devi. Maasa yells her to live in the palace as she is the owner.

Sunday 11 September 2022

Devika tries to run but Kesar and Urmi grabs her. Devika overheard Maasa plans and took advantage of it by having an agreement with Maasa. Devi shows talents like Adhiraj.Lawyer comes to peace prayers of Devi and Adhi, Maasa presents Devika as her granddaughter despite the resemblance lawyer insisted on a DNA.

Monday 12 September 2022

Devika runs away in fear but Maasa searched for Adhi’s turban and got his hair. Jaggu found Devika and kidnaps her. Urmi isn’t happy with Maasa plan and plot against her. Maasa comes home with a groom Uday for Devika as she can only get the property when she’s married.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Devika feels Uday is fooling everyone has she has met him couple of times as Varun. Varun claims to be a twin but Devika is bent on finding out the truth. Devika ask her foster parent if they really are her parent while Urmi makes a video of their conversation. Varun and Maasa plot a plan on how to convince Devika.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Varun is trying hard to convince Devika to agree to his proposal so he can make money from Maasa while Devika is also contemplating on his proposal since she’s also acting to make money. She decided to tell him the truth about her. Varun’s plan got Devika mesmerized and ghinaj she should marry him.

Thursdays 15 September 2022

Devika gets jealous seeing Urmi and Varun do Yoga together. Varun gets a call of a dance competition in Kanpur and left a note for Devika and left. Devika also left for Kanpur.kesar tries to send Dhani to Kanpur to get Varun but Maasa stops her and ask her not to get in her way.Varun and Devika practice for the competition.

More teasers to be added...



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