My heart knows update Monday 29 August 2022

My heart knows 29 August 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani thinking if Moksh has seen the girl here, then she must be here. She looks for the girl. Gungun is sitting on the tree and thinks Kallu is not that bad, she brings so many toys for Moksh. She thinks to go infront of her and thinks she will get her more toys as she is so cute. Just then Pawar comes there and tells Kalyani that they are searching the girl. He asks what will she do, if she finds the girl. He asks if she will send the girl to the orphanage? Kalyani says no, I will send her to her house. Gungun thinks Kallu is very dangerous and thinks not to go infront of her. She tries to get down the tree and a leaves branch falls down. Kalyani asks from where did it fall? Gungun hides on another branch of the tree. Kalyani goes.

My heart knows 26 August 2022

Asawari brings water for Kalyani and asks if you find the girl? She says you are searching two girls, but not getting even one. She pretends to feel pity on her. Kalyani asks her if she has done something with Moksh and warns her. Asawari puts the chimta on her hand. Kalyani feels burning sensation and then threatens to burn her hand. She says I will not do this, as when the girls come here, then I will make you do the aarti of the girls. Asawari thinks both girls might be one as Dolly has said that the girl is hiding somewhere here. Kalyani comes to the room and sees Malhar’s apologetic video on the laptop and then Ipad. She says I will not listen to you. Malhar comes there and tells that I know that you will close both Laptop and Ipad. Mehmaan bangaye plays….He holds her hands.

He dances with her and holds his ears. He promises not to doubt on them again and says you both are not only my family, but my life. He says we will search that girl altogether. They get romantic. Utara comes there and gets angry seeing their romance. She knocks on the door. Malhar asks how is Moksh? Utara says she has kept medicine on his table and asks her to give Moksh. Kalyani asks why your dress is wet. Utara says Moksh had vomited so she cleaned her sleeve. Kalyani asks her to stay there tonight. Malhar says we have guest room in our house. Utara agrees. Kalyani gives her dress to Utara. In the guest room, Utara promises Abhimanyu’s pic that she will take revenge for his bad reputation and death. She tells that today Kalyani’s mother is saved, but her husband will not be saved. Kalyani comes to Moksh’s room and looks at the medicine bottle.

Just then Utara goes to the electricity switch board and switches off the lights. Kalyani drops the medicine on the floor and bends down to take it. She thinks she will get it in the morning. Malhar is in kitchen. Utara plays the girl laughing audio in her mobile. Malhar comes out thinking girl is outside. Utara is hiding and thinks Malhar your death is calling you. Kalyani couldn’t read the medicine name and thinks to ask Utara. Kalyani sees Malhar outside the house and wonders what he is doing there. Utara is standing with axe in her hand and is hiding behind the tree. Malhar asks who is there, come infront of me. He is about to fall in the pit like grave which Utara has digged for him, when Kalyani comes there and saves him.

She says you would have fallen in it. Malhar says I didn’t see. Utara comes there holding the axe in her hand and pretends as if she is sleep walking.Malhar and Kalyani stop her from falling in the pit. Utara asks how did I come here? Kalyani asks if you don’t remember. Utara asks if I was walking in sleep and tells that she don’t go out due to her illness. She asks did I do something? Kalyani says no. Asawari looks at them. Later Utara fills the pit and tells that Kalyani has ruined her plan to bury Malhar. Asawari comes there and asks to whom she wants to bury? Utara walks towards her and pretends to sleep walk. Asawari asks for what you have come? Do you think me as Kalyani and puts burning coal on her way.

Utara stops her drama seeing the coal. Asawari asks her to tell why is she acting or shall I call everyone here? Malhar tells Kalyani that he heard a girl laughing and went out. Kalyani says my Pillu is not lying. Utara touches Asawari’s feet and asks her not to tell anything. Asawari asks why did you come here? Utara says I have come here to take revenge for Abhimanyu, says she is his wife. Kalyani tells Malhar that she will talk to Pillu, as he will only help her to find the girl.

Sarthak looking at his daughter’s sketch and cries hugging it. Anupriya comes there and calls Sarthak. She finds him crying and asks what happened, if you are crying? Sarthak says no, I got sweating. Anupriya asks him to tell whose sketch is this in his hand and asks him to say. Sarthak says this is our daughter and she is alive. Anupriya gets surprised and asks if she is our daughter. Sarthak hugs her. Anupriya asks where is our daughter, Sarthak. I want to meet her. She cries and is about to faint. Sarthak holds her. He wakes up and shouts Anupriya. It turns out be his dream. Anupriya asks what happened? Sarthak says he was seeing a dream and asks her to sleep. Anupriya asks him to sleep too. Sarthak looks at his daughter’s sketch and thinks until when he shall hide this fact from her, this is troubling him.

Next morning, Gungun sees Utara mixing something in Moksh’s milk and wonders what is it? Kalyani talks to someone and asks to send the sketch to all PS and everywhere, tells that it is her last hope. She comes to Moksh and asks him to take the medicine. Utara says she was adding medicine in the milk. Kalyani says I will make him drink. Utara shakes her ghungroo bracelet and makes the sound to hypnotize Moksh. Moksh gets shaken up. Utara asks Kalyani to go and says she will see Moksh. Malhar comes there and says Kalyani will not go anywhere. Utara says Moksh is afraid of her. Malhar says Kalyani is his Aai and he is not afraid of her. He asks her to go and attend her patients. Utara thinks she wants Moksh to have this medicine anyhow. Gungun hits the stone on Moksh’s glass using the catapult and the glass falls down and breaks. Utara gets upset and goes. Gungun hides. Kalyani finds a stone. Moksh tells that Gungun has done this. Kalyani asks him not to worry and tells that she will search this girl.

Moksh asks really? Kalyani says yes. She asks for his help and asks him to tell what is her favorite things? Moksh says her favorite things is money, as she wants to go from here. Kalyani says she needs money to go from here and smiles. Gungun prays to God to give her money from somewhere.Asawari is drying papads in the balcony. Kalyani brings the blanket. Asawari thinks both mother and daughter have gone mad. Kalyani says very soon you will be exposed and shows Gungun’s pic, says I have reached till here, will search my sister and will expose you, then Kaka himself will kick you out.

She asks her to help her to keep the blanket on the railing. Asawari and Kalyani keep the blanket on the railing and the money notes fall on Gungun. Gungun thinks God has accepted her words today. Kalyani gets a call and goes to side to attend it. Meanwhile Asawari is still standing. Kalyani thinks nobody came here to take the money and goes. Anupriya picks the money notes from the ground. Kalyani says she was not aware that money was in the blanket. Gungun throws stone at Anupriya and takes a note, runs.

Kalyani runs behind her. Anupriya tells Malhar that Kalyani saw the girl running. Asawari takes the girl inside the room and locks it. Malhar and Kalyani ask her to come out. Kalyani asks him to break the door. He takes the axe and tries to open the door. He finally opens it and finds a girl standing. Asawari is hiding and recalls seeing Gungun standing in the balcony when Kalyani goes to attend the call. Kalyani says I told that my son doesn’t lie. She says this girl has troubled my son very much. She turns Gungun towards them, but they don’t recognize her, as her face is blackened by Asawari. Kalyani asks why you was troubling my son since few days. Gungun faints. Anupriya holds her. Asawari recalls scaring Gungun showing the knife and threatening her to give her pain. She colors her face and body black with the coal kept there. fb ends. Anupriya calls her.

Kalyani says we shall take her inside. Malhar says yes, the girl might get scared. Asawari smirks.Anupriya looks at Gungun and gets emotional. She thinks if her daughter would have been alive then she might be like her. Gungun gains consciousness. Anupriya shouts asking Kalyani to bring the water. Asawari smiles and feels pity on Anupriya, thinks she will not get her daughter. Moksh says that black girl is not Gungun, I will tell my Aai. Asawari gets tensed. Utara comes there and makes Moksh falls down. She then asks him not to tell anyone. Moksh says I will tell my Aai surely and will also tell that you both are very bad. Utara hypnotizes him with the ghungroo sound and smirks, looks at Asawari. Asawari also smirks to play with a little boy.

Moksh walking on the edge of the swimming pool in trance while Utara and Asawari smirk. Gungun wakes up and hugs Anupriya, calls her Aai. She then says sorry and says I told mistakenly. Anupriya gets emotional and asks her to say again. Utara makes the ghungroo sound. Asawari takes Moksh to safety. Moksh comes out of the hypnotized effect and asks how did I come here? Utara threatens him and tells that today he is saved, but his parents won’t be saved if he doesn’t stay silent. Moksh asks them not to hurt his parents. Asawari asks him to do such a drama that the family members throw Gungun out of the house, else she will hurt his parents. Gungun says she will not trouble Moksh. Anupriya kisses Gungun and hugs her. Kalyani brings water for Gungun. Anupriya makes her drink.

Malhar asks Utara to see Gungun as she had fainted. Utara says I will check her. Gungun gets scared and hugs Anupriya. Anupriya asks her not to worry. Kalyani tells Utara that this is the girl who was troubling Moksh and says her son never lies. Moksh comes there and gets hyper telling that he will not leave Gungun. Kalyani asks what is this misbehavior? Moksh says she has stolen my food, made me wear her frock and troubled me. Malhar says she is a little girl and tells that he will take him out. Asawari signs Moksh. Moksh throws a vase on Gungun. Anupriya takes it on her head to save Gungun. Kalyani shouts Aai. Sarthak does her bandage and asks why did you interfere. Anupriya tells that she felt some old connection with the girl, don’t know why? Kalyani is worried about Moksh’s reaction.

She thinks who is she? She thinks why I felt that I saw her before too. Later Moksh locks himself in the car. Kalyani and Malhar ask him to open the door. Moksh asks them to send Gungun out of the house, and then he will come home. Suddenly the car starts. Malhar asks him to pull the hand brake. Kalyani and Malhar try to stop the car. Moksh panics. Kalyani cries asking Malhar to stop the car. Malhar asks him to open the car door. Moksh opens the door. Malhar stops the car and takes him out. Kalyani asks if he is fine? Moksh thinks I did what they asked me to do, now don’t do anything to my Aai and baba.

Later Kalyani and Malhar come to Utara and Moksh and send the latter out. Malhar asks why Moksh is getting hyper. Utara says he is getting hyper due to that girl and tells that she had diagnosed wrongly before, but the situation is more dangerous. She tells that his anger can be very dangerous and shows them painting in which Moksh has crossed on Gungun’s pic. Kalyani says nothing will happen. Utara says she fears that Moksh will harm her. Kalyani says my son will not do anything wrong. Malhar says he can’t take risk and will send Gungun to NGO till they find her family. Asawari comes to Gungun and wakes her up. She says you are sleeping as if you are maharani. Kalyani asks Malhar to think again. Gungun refuses to go anywhere and goes and hugs Kalyani. Malhar says we will take you to a good place. Kalyani says you will have fun. Gungun refuses to go. Malhar and Kalyani tell that they will come with her.

Moksh comes there and holds Malhar and Kalyani’s hand, says they are my Aai and baba and will not go with Gungun. Utara tells Moksh that they will not go anywhere. Anupriya misses Gungun and goes to see her. Kalyani tells Moksh that they will not go anywhere. Utara asks shall I take Gungun with me. Malhar says yes. Gungun refuses to go with her. Utara tries to take her forcibly. Anupriya comes there and asks what is happening here? Gungun calls her Aai and says she don’t want to go anywhere.

Anupriya is about to hold her hand, but Sarthak pulls Anupriya and says let her go, she is not our daughter. Asawari relaxes. Anupriya still runs behind her. Utara takes her forcibly and makes her sit in the car. She is about to drive. Gungun shouts for help. Anupriya runs behind the car. Utara sees her running behind the car and speeds off the car. She sees Kalyani coming infront of the car and stops the car. Kalyani takes Gungun out of the car and says until her parents are found, she will stay with us. Anupriya cries. Gungun hugs her. Kalyani thinks how to make Moksh understand now? She goes to Moksh and tells that she knows that he is angry with Gungun and don’t want to stay in her house. She says if you was in her situation, then how your Aai will feel, that nobody helped you. She asks him to leave his anger and befriended her. Asawari looks at Moksh and signs no.

Moksh says I don’t want Gungun in my house, else I will go away from here. Kalyani says it is enough, did I teach you this that we shall leave someone in their bad times. She says I have decided that she will stay here and asks them to end their fight right here. She goes out. Moksh looks at the door and finds Asawari gone. He says sorry to Gungun and tells that Asawari and Utara threatened him to send her out of house. Gungun says they have troubled me too and Asawari blackened my face. She says we will become friends again. Moksh says Doctor aunty and Asawari shall not know. Asawari hears them and thinks to tell Utara.

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