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I do 28 August 2022: Shashi Kapoor goes inside wondering about her connection to Ahil’s house. Shaad follows her. He searches for her and then goes inside a room when he hears someone coming. Ahil and Sanam’s photo is hanging on the wall there and he just misses it. Sanam-2 catches Shaad and instantly remembers meeting him in Pakistan. She tells him she knows who he’s searching for and asks him to come. Shaad wonders whether Shashi Kapoor found out about him.

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Sanam/Jannat hopes Shaad joins the function soon, so she doesn’t get bored. Just then Sanam-2 brings Shaad to her and she gets happily surprised. Sanam introduces Sanam-2 as Ahil’s second wife. After Sanam-2 leaves, Sanam tells Shaad that she didn’t think he would finish his work so soon. Shaad says he didn’t know his path to his goal passes from here. Sanam is confused.

Other hand, Saif introduces Shashi Kapoor as his sister to Ahil and Ahil gets shocked as he recalls Tanveer nightmare. He tells her that she feels like someone he knew. She tells him whether they look familiar or no, now they are relatives and she fulfills her relationship well whether it’s with friends or enemies. He says he believes in the same. Saif sees Sanam-2 alone and goes to her. He grabs her hand and says to meet his sister. Sanam-2 quickly releases her hand and goes with him. Sanam-2 also gets shocked seeing Shashi Kapoor as she recalls seeing her as an air hostess. Shashi Kapoor says she’s a politician so everyone must have seen her.

Then come Shaad and Sanam and they meet Shashi Kapoor. Shaad recognizes her. Shashi Kapoor says there is different in recognizing someone and knowing someone and it seems Shaad really wants to bring someone’s face in front of everyone which won’t be easy. He says he doesn’t like doing things that are easy anyway. She wishes him the best.In kitchen, Latif and Gazalla are confused about recent events in the house. Gazalla tells Latif to start preparing food else Sanam-2 will kill them.

The function begins. Nazia is brought down. She takes her place and all give her a gift. Sanam-2 comes first and says it’s from her and Ahil. Sanam comes then. She says she doesn’t know her choice, but she is sure she will like it. Nazia gets shocked. She hugs her and calls her bhabhijaan. All are shocked. Sanam-2 quickly interrupts and tells Sanam that Shaad is Ahil’s close friend and she is his wife, and in India they refer close friend’s wife as bhabhijaan. Ahil gets angry, but doesn’t do anything. Shashi Kapoor tells Ahil that there must be a celebration on this big occasion. Sanam-2 interrupts and says sure there will be. Episode ends.

Shashi thinks about the mysterious message on her cell phone, and then discards it away. Merrimwent and festivities continue with celebrations. a grand feast follows. Shaad and jannat are eatin, when ahil comes in and joins them. A passing bell boy attracts shaad’s attention and he asks for salt. He apologises that he is just a waiter and hence doesnt know. Much to everyone’s surprise, sanam tells the exact place of salt in the kitchen. He leaves. All are boggled, while sanam herself is surprised. ahil however is pleased. the waiter comes back with salt, and shaad asks how did she know. Ahil distracts him and changes the topic, and with shhaad’s permisssion, he takes sanam to try the famous biryani. The new bride is alarmed, that if sanam remembers the salt, she might remember everything else too.

She decides to do something. She comes to shaad, and tries to bring forth, how ahil, being a Nawab, has his philandering and adulterous nature, and eyes girls. He asks how can she say this of her own husband. She apoloogises and says that she has seen the bare truth of this havelu, behind the glamour. he is tensed. She says that his face shows his tension rightaway. She says that ahil wont eye anyone, who is married, and asks if they are legal;ly wed, ahil wouldnt even dare to eye jannat. He says that everything got burned in the riots. She says that they can marry yet again, to create new memories, if old ones are lost. he is visibly at discomfort. She says that if he cant marry, he should atleast propose to her. The new bride continues to instigate shaad towards expressing his love for jannat, so that she knows that he was, is and shall always be connected to her.

He is tensed and walks away, while she smiles evilly, thinking that he mightnt but she needs this desperately, and she knows hw to get it.Shashi expresses happiness to ahil, about saif’s marriage with nazia, and says that she shall herself plan the honeymoon. Shaad and jannat watch tensedly. ahil asks her not to bother. He asks latif to serve desserts. The new bride comes with a scroll, and says that they should now play, and reveals that the scroll contains an imp news, and, whoever it stops on, shall have to read it aloud. Ahil is hesitant, citing that its getting late. But saif insists, along with nazia, and the new bride complies. They start the game. The music begins, and the scroll keeps passing by. She deliberately stops it on ahil, who is alarmed. nazia asks him to read it. he eyes the new bride tensedly.

He opens it resignedly, and then gets upto read that, in a poetic manner, its actually a declaraation of shaad and jannat’s marriage, reading which ahil is shocked himself. jannat and shaad are alarmed too, while others are happy. the new bride butts in telling the reason of their remarriage, so that sanam can have new memories of her most imp day, as she doesnt remember the old ones. Ahil is angry, while she is amused, as she goes upto him, saying that its their joint decision. Ahil’s hand is held by the new sanam, as she says, that jannat and shaad shall get remarried, in the same mandap, together with saif and nazia, with all proper rituals. shaad and jannat are tened. ahil is furious. gazalla and latif are super excited, athey serve sweets. The new bride teases ahil that she loves him too. Shashi thinks that destiny has a reason to play this voice message game with her, and she has to find out the relation between her and tanveer, as she accepts the game. The screen freezes on her face.

Ahil has no option but to say yes. shaad and jannat get up. The new sanam comments that very few get the chance to love the same person twice. The new bride along with ahil, asks shaad and jannat, that few peop-le are lucky to have their love yet again. The new bride asks shaad if he accepts this. Ahil is tensed, as shaad pauses for an answer, while jannat looks back at him startled. he says yes. All smile, while sanam is a little taken back, and ahil is barely able to conceal his rage and frustration. Everyone congratulates them. Ahil passes by and just then, sanam goes sullen and blank too, boggled herself.

Meanwhile, shashi comes to shaad and congratulates him, that its a big moment of happiness, and taunts that his parents should have been here too. She says that she wont let him feel their disappearance. he says that he mshall miss when he forgets whereas he remembers everything. Sanam thinks that she is starting afresh with shaad, and she would be able to relive her mem,ories, but why isnt she happy, as she feels by marrying him, she would forever be away from her true love.

In his room, ahil is frustrated with the tests of time, and wonders how many more he has to give. he gets emotional, that even after they met, they stayed separated. he says that he sdtands helpless to express his love to her, that she is his wife, his love, Sanam. he is broken and distraught, as he cries incoherently.Downstairs, the new bride tells gazalla and latif, that she has called shaad and jannat, and saif’s parents back for dinner. she asks for a grand feast to be prepared. They ask why. she says that she is very happy, as she broke ahil’s confidence on his love. She says that ahil’s love brought sanam to bhopal from Pakistan, but now in front of his eyes, she shall make sanam someone else’s jannat. They comment how shrewd she is, and she doesnt mind.

she gives her bracelet to gazalla and latif, who are overjoyed. she says that love has been wounded, and hence there shall be pain, and that she has completely destroyed ahil’s dream, of throwing her on the road, and then getting sanam. they too continue to instigate her. But she remembers their double face, when she was in tatters, and takes the bangles back, saying that she would give them back, when they prove their trust and honesty. they are sad.

In the garden, saif is busy watching the new bride’s pics on his mobile, when shashi comes to him, and he gets startled and drops his phone. she reprimands him angrily, and then picks up the phone, and finds intimate pics of saif with the new bride. She asks him whats he upto, and if its one sided or two sided. he says that its double sided. She pretends to be angry, while he is relieved when she praises him for being so mature and handling many relations together, and that he has done a masterstroke, by keeping this lady in his hand. Emboldened by her response, he tells her that the new bride is pregnant with his child. She is ouraged at his shrewdness, and then praises him, and asks him to keep the new bride happy, by giving her gifts, that she shall sponsor.

she asks him to go in and celebrate. He complies happily. She thinks that she is getting to know the mysteries of the house, through the new bride now.Shaad proufsely thanks the new bride for the wonderful effort that she has taken to get jannat closer to him. She says that he shouldnt think that its in haste as they are already married. She promises that she shall make this day the most memorable and unforgettable day for jannat, in her life. He thanks her. As ahil passes by, the new bride intentionally speaks louder to shaad, so that ahil can hear, that she shall look into all the arrangements for their marriage, by herself. She says that she wouldnt want to cause any trouble especially to jannat, who she shall herself take care of, as she is his lovely wife after all.

Ahil is irritated. shaad smiles. She starts reminisecing her own marriage, and ahil is reminded of bitter memories of the deceptive marriage. She says that she thinks she would get happiness only after she fills otherss life with happiness. shaad gets tensed. ahil is angered. She distracts him, and then takes him aside for the marriage pics. Shaad leaves. the new bride eyes ahil amusingly, while he is in a rage.At the photo session, sanam and jannat arrive, and find nazia posing shyly. sanam thinks that they both are getting marrioed, but they have different stories. and nazia is happy but she isnt, that she feels the love that they are recreating isnt there at all.

he says that he knows what she is thinking, as he is very happy, that his heartfelt and genuine wish got accepted by the lord today, as when her memory went, he always wanted that he fills her life with such colours, that she doesnt want to remember her past. He only wants her to love him the way he loves her. he says that he always wanted to tell her time and again, but today finally had the guts and courage, and proposes him, that he loves her immensely. Sanam looks at him in bogglement, as the photographers turn to them, and start clicking. he is tensed when she doesnt respond. She thinks that a wife’s greatest happiness is in this, but she isnt happy at all, and god knows whats happened to her, that all of shaad’s words fall on deaf ears.

Shaad asks sanam why is she so uncomfortable, at the hasty decision of this marriage, or the fact that she doesnt want to get married to him at all for the second time. He says that if she cant tell, she cxan atleast write an sms and tell him, and asks her to get her phone out. He says that they shall sms whether they want to get married or not, and at the count of three, they shall send the sms. The screen freezes on her, ahil’s and shaad’s tensed faces.

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